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The Panthers: Fans of few words.

My apologies for this Recon being late but the subtitle says it all.

Panthers fans had-and still have-very little by way of commentary about MNF with the Redskins.

Weird...and frustrating.

Anyway, here's what I was able to scrounge up.


I feel sure we're the better team; no, I know we're the better team but I think we find a way to lose this one. Shula will get conservative in the 4th and DeSean Jackson will blow by Worley & Coleman for a deep bomb to win the game


I think this team would love to play spoiler against JNo and not allow him to get to the playoffs, especially Gman lol... Yeah, we match up well against this team so I don't see how we don't win. Our team is looking good, too far too late, but I think we have our squad back. Thieves Ave is back and our pass rush is actually there with Addison back (we have to get him on a new 3 year contact!).

These days I'm so conflicted when watching the games... It's like I root for them but get confused inside if I really want them to win or not at this point... *sigh*... well, hope they win, I guess... KEEP POUNDING


I feel certain the Panthers are the better team; in fact this Panther team is good enough to beat anybody, especially when healthy. We got some guys out but there's not a big fall off in talent or not enough to cause us to lose this game. However, I think Washington will want it more, therefore they'll prepare better and find a way to win.

I just don't think we'll want it bad enough to go on the road on Monday night against a team pushing for the playoffs. However when ya look back at our game vs the Skins last year the Panthers were pretty dominate and there's not much that has changed.

We could be looking at some of the young guys and at this point it could be more about staying healthy than winning so I'll put it this way. If the Skins don't win they don't need to be in the playoffs. IMO They'll face much hungrier teams in the POs


Would love to light up Josh Norman


I'm about 99.8% certain Josh will have a pick 6


I like the match up compared to others games like Seattle. I think the biggest test will be our young secondary against Jackson & Crowder. Both speedy receivers but with Addison back if we can produce pressure like we did against San Diego then I like our chances.

The next 3 games we will be looking to play spoiler to 3 possible playoff teams and I know with one loss in the next 3 games Washington's playoff hopes essentially goes down the drain given the standings.

I think we have the advantage on the defensive line. The big thing will be can Washington's defensive front produce enough pressure against our make shift line where most of our injuries have made the biggest impact.

If we can run the ball to any level of confidence like Dallas did then we stand a good chance of upsetting the Redskins.

If Luke can go this week that will give the defense an additional boost. I do believe they will play him this week and release him from the protocol given he has been on the field practicing the last two weeks.

While the Norman thing is a fun story line to tell. The rest of Washington's secondary isn't on a Norman like level and have been picked on throughout the season and can be exploited.

Plus while a match up with Norman and KB probably favors Norman. I won't be surprised to see it be Norman vs Ginn. In training camp last season Ginn was doing a lot of what Jackson did to Norman in training camp for the Redskins this year.

If we get that match up I won't be surprised to see them test Norman with Ginn's speed. Since like I said Ginn beat him a lot in Training Camp last season. If Norman is matched up on anyone but Ginn I expect them to shy away from him. Norman should have no problems covering KB or any other receiver.

I like our chances in the next 3 to play spoiler. I expect us to officially be eliminated from playoff contention Sunday before our game but if we can't make the playoffs I would sure take joy in ruining the moods of 3 other teams down the stretch.


I hate losing but come draft time I'll be saying I wish we had lost the last 4. The difference in draft order is huge imo. Just beating San Diego took us from the 7th pick to the 11th pick if I counted right?
I think we'll be eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday and we play Monday night. If so I'd rather get a look at some young players than win and there's several on the PS I'd like to get a look at. If eliminated I think it's more important to stay healthy, look at guys for next season and enhance that draft order,lol

Maybe we can get more commentary by beating their behinds on Monday Night. :smug:
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