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The Panthers: David and Goliath?

9-0. Now that's a heady place to be, something Panthers fans are not used to experiencing.

It will give you a lot of confidence, no doubt, but it doesn't erase in some Carolinsa fans minds the fact that the Redskins have been playing noticeably better lately and may not be the doormat bottom-feeder of recent seasons. Oh they expect to win but not all think it will be a cakewalk.


Special reasons to pull for the Panthers this week. My sister lives in Redskins country & I'd hate to think of what she'd have to face on Monday morning if something terrible happens Sunday.
I think our offense continues to control the pace of the game keeping our defense fresh and rested for all 4 quarters. The offense will score effectively & often (3 TD & 1 FG) & Defense will cause at least 2 turnovers leading to 10 extra points.
Panthers - 34
Redskins - 20


I see our defense wrecking havoc and the offense having a good day. 24-10 Panthers


Hopefully the Panthers have studied the films, come up with a plan and will be ready to take care of business this Sunday. The BofA crowd will be ready to welcome their Cats back home and the place should be rocking. We've got fans coming all the way from Germany for this one so dance Cam, dance.

Panthers 27
Native Americans 10


I keep thinking about a let down, i keep thinking about the missed opportunities we have as a team and how much we could still improve. But i cant pick against my Panthers this week, i think they get it done again and improve to 10-0.
Panthers- 34


I think we handle this business like the professionals we are, another panther day at the office. I look for the skins to really try and stop Olsen with a spy in the middle and a man on him, he will still get his though. I also look for Funch to get more targets this game after the last two performances he has had. He is quickly finding himself and building chemistry with coaching staff and Cam. I think the D will have a field day on the skins O we not the Saints.



at 4-5 with the Eagles, they trail the Giants by a 0.5 game. The NFC East looks like the NFC South from last year where it appears that the first to get to 8 wins gets the division. I don't follow their team much but it appears that their Defense is ranked around 21st in the league with yards allowed and 16th in the NFL with points allowed. Offensively their are tied at 17th in the NFL with 22 its per game. They are by all definition an "average" NFL team at this juncture but have a lot to play for given their horrendous division.


I think it will be a shoot out. Not like a 51-48 type of shoot out, but like a 34-28 type of shoot out.

We will run all over them and eat up the clock, but our defense will struggle towards the end of the game allowing them to answer with TD's and keeping uncomfortably close until they just simply run out of time to complete the comeback.

We match up very well with them and our strengths just simply out-weigh their's. Execute and we're 10-0


The Redskins secondary is weak, and they don't tackle well as a team. Their Running Backs aren't elusive, but run with a lot of power. The Panthers eat up power backs, it's the scatty guys that give them a hard time.

Now the bad. The Redskins have the best receiving corp in the NFL.

D Jackson, P Garcon, J Crowder, Andre Roberts, Rashan Ross, and throw in Jordan Reed at tight end. They are stacked. The key will be getting pressure on Cousins and playing tight coverage, because he'll get the ball out quick. A couple of hits on Cousins and he'll start to throw the ball away. Get a good lead early, and he'll start to force throws that aren't there. Let him get comfortable, and he'll just put the ball in the hands of his playmakers.


The Skins are ranked 30th in run defense, yet they've beaten 3 teams with top 10 running games (Rams 5th, Eagles 10th, Bucs 6th), while losing to teams ranked 19, 26, 15, and 27. Weird.

The teams are pretty much even in pass D, while they're 19th and we're 28th in pass offense.

On defense we need to worry about their passing game, and on offense we need to dominate time of possession like we did with the Titans. They've given up an average of 141 yds/gm. to opposing backs in 4 of their last 5 games (and that's just the leading rusher, not team total). We need to add Stewart to that list and run the ball down their throats.


We're getting everyone's best shot. I expect the Redskins to bring it.

Cousins can throw for 4 TDs or 4 Ints at a time. We can't allow him to get comfortable because his bread and butter is going to be those quick passes. If we can get a rush in his face and knock him around, that will help us a lot. We're going to run the heck out of the ball on them, and Cam is going to have to keep making plays.

If we do a couple of things aside from the usual take care of the ball, stop the run, run the ball, we'll be golden. I like where others have said, we are our own biggest opponent.


I don't think Carolina can, or will, take this game for granted. The Skins are a middling team overall, but show signs of putting it all together at times. RR will make sure they guys don't get overconfident, an issue for this team in the past (when Panthers have been favored, historically, they've underachieved). They'll get an early lead, then, as is customary, build it slowly and suffocate Cousins & Co.

Panthers 31

Redskins 17

Of course the confidence that comes from being 9-0 was in evidence as well.


We are to good to fall for screen, screen draw play 24-9

Ivan The Awesome

The general consensus from opposing fans is that our team is 'overrated'. Like by some form of luck we're 9-0. Don't get why respect can't be paid where it's due. Or at least take the team seriously.

Meh, I'm not counting out the Skins but they'll have a tough time winning. That's for sure.


We are going to have to lose the turnover battle by at least four to lose this game.


Carolina wins

59 - 7

Randolph Panther

At this point the Skins are probably the best in that division. Need to bring the A game to win.


I'd hate to lose the streak to the Redskins of all teams, but at this juncture of the schedule we are probably better on paper than each remaining team so the loss would have to come from a "lesser" opponent that gets hot late in the year and is alot more desperate than a Panthers team all but assured of the playoffs.

Redskins, Falcons 2x and Giants all fit that bill for now.

As for the Redskins, I see it much like the Titans game: team feeling good after a good stretch of play and while not overly talented they could cause matchup problems in certain areas.

Cut out that offensive lull between the 1st and 4th quarter from last game and we shouldn't have too many problems.


Throw out all the various numbers at this point.

The Panthers are undefeated, and every game they have will be against a "dangerous" opponent, so they have to be "up to snuff", and professional 'going about their business'!

Some Panthers fans were apparently doing some Recon of their own.


Seems like most Skin fans are picking the upset. Which I guess is a normal thought about your team.

I do think it will be a tough game. End of the day it is hard to argue that Carolina isn't better team and therefore I expect them to pull away late.

Panthers 27 Skins 16


I don't think their defense matches up well against what we do. They haven't defended the run well against RBs. So I don't see them doing well against the read option. As far as their offense against our defense, they absolutely have weapons. Jackson, Garçon, Crowder, Reed, Morris, and Jones are all legitimate threats. I don't think they get many deep passes. I'm expecting our pass rush to get to Cousins often. I do worry about Crowder turning short passes into long gains though. I think this game is closer than most think.

Panthers: 28

Skins: 20
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