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The "Oh Yeah" game

A few weeks ago, I wrote this blog about Griff vs Luck, and the burgeoning rivalry they may have. It's possible I was off a little. Maybe it's Griffin and Russell Wilson? How great would it be to have a rivavlry in the same conference, with these two teams playing multiple times in the playoffs over the next ten years?

(as long as the Skins win all the games, I think it'd be REALLY great, actually)

So let's look at this game today. Griff was the best rookie in the league for the first 75% of this year, but Wilson has taken the mantle from him since then. Since Griff's injury, he has been a pocket passer against the Eagles and a decoy vs the Cowboys. In either game, he did not resemble the player we say before his injury.

And as a result, Wilson has gotten the press. And deservedly so, he's been fantastic down the stretch.

You think Griff hasn't noticed? You think he didn't enjoy being the talk of the league for the first 75% of the season? Sure, he's enjoyed winning more, but the individual accolades are undeniabley nice.

Now he has a chance to win AND get the individual accolades. The Seahawks are going to be focused on Morris and the run game. They will not be playing the same defense Dallas failed with last week, dropping two safeties WAY back off the LOS. Griff will have opportunities with the deep throw, and he will have opportunities with misdirection plays, fooling the speed and aggressiveness of the Seattle D.

This is Griff's game, guys. He has taken a backseat in order for us to enjoy this awesome 7 game winning streak, because that's what's best for the team. What's best for the team today is for him to step up and dominate the ball, running everything through him.

You know what I think? I think he knows that. I think he WANTS that. And I know he will deliver. Be prepared for an epic game today from our young QB. Be prepared for a dominating performance that reminds the rest of the league WHY Griffin was considered the best rookie for most of the season. Be prepared for him making those media members who picked against him for ROY to be writing apologies on Monday morning. Be prepared for everyone to say "Oh yeah" as they watch.

I'm thinking 300 yards passing, 3 TDs, 75 yards rushing, 1 TD. Redskins 34, Seattle 21.

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