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The Offseason-Picks 7 through 12

Now come the fans of the teams whose draft slots are close behind the Redskins. The Jags, Dolphins, Panthers, Bills, Chiefs and Seahawks. Picks 7 through 12-these are the ones who might want to trade-up for RG3, or Luck, or maybe join the contest to grab Matt Flynn or possibly somebody else.

It would be more expensive for these teams to move up high enough to go after RG3, for example, but how desperate are their fans?

And are any of them looking at the Redskins?

There is one apparently seriously desperate group of fans but we'll have to work down the list first-and you'll see why I went to the #12 slot.

Starting with the Jaguars who just hired a new HC, Mike Mularkey former OC of the Falcons.

He's what they're talking about. Not the draft. Nothing about pick-trades or anything-not yet anyway.

(An aside; I found a thread in a Jags fan forum about how they'd love to have former Redskins WR coach Keenan McCardell as their WR coach. Interesting.)

The Dolphins at #8/#9 depending on a coin toss are talking about the draft and a few are looking at RG3 with a hint of longing but the realization that he's going to command a heavy price. The Redskins are seen as an obstacle.

I see more of a trade down for Miami. No Qbs worth drafting at that spot, so a trade down is more realistic unless some type stud falls.

show the fan base you're serious about winning and trade up 5 slots to grab RG3.

I would not mind seeing Miami trading up for Griffin, but not for the ridiculous bounty of picks that Adam Shafter is talking about.

You have to keep trying until you get it right. Miami needs to see if guys like Foles or Tannehill can be lightning in a bottle, but not with the 8th/9th pick.

Luck isn't going to be dealt. Griffin just seems like the cost would be too much but if he falls to 8/9 grab him.

I know a lot of people keep saying Washington will trade up for him. But what stops us from hitting first? Most likely will only need to trade with Minny to get him.

I think whoever gets RG3 will have to trade with the Rams to get him. The Rams have many needs on their team and unless they are totally sold on just one player in the draft, I see them wanting to trade the pick for a stock pile of picks from another team. Washington has shown in the past that they will do what is necessary to get the player they want. So it would not surprise me in the least if the Redskins don't make a better offer to the Rams than the Dolphins.

There's some Matt Flynn talk but mostly they're looking at the second and third round-doesn't look like they'll care much what the Redskins do. The rest of the talk is about the Dolphins HC search.

The Carolina Panthers definitely aren't in the QB hunt. And the talk on their fan forums is centered around trading down to get more picks not up to reach for a "superstar". Probably a smart way for them to go too.

The Bills fans at #10 are in a state of frustrated confusion. A lot are mad at Fitzpatrick, but only one or two even mention the possibility of a trade-up for Luck or RG3-and they're pretty much ignored. They're still debating what to do with no consensus on anything right at the moment.

The Kansas City Chiefs are at #11 (or #12, again, coin toss) and they aren't too thrilled with Cassel, or Palko. The Redskins do get mentioned in a conversation about scenario involving Cassel one fan posted.

I would trade Matt Cassel and a 7th round pick for a 2nd rounder which is possible because of the weak qb draft (barkley and jones both staying in college).

My Man Orton
No one would give up a second round pick for cassel and a seventh rounder. You would be lucky to get a 6th round pick

It was our seventh and Cassel for a 2nd round pick. I bet a team like the Redskins would.

My Man Orton
With that fat of a contract and horrible numbers this year a second round pick wouldnt happen


There is trade-up talk but the probable price is scaring some-but not all.

I would do two first (2012/21013), a 2012 second, a 2013 third to get into the top 3 to select RGIII without blinking an eye. If St. Louis or Minnesota countered, I would still be listening and would probably broker a deal. If it was three 1s and two 2s for the first overall selection, I could definitely come to terms with a package for the #2 or #3 pick. I would probably come pretty close to letting that exact package go to be honest.

Once again the Redskins are seen as the spoiler.

I think we all have to come to grips with the fact either Cassel or Orton is going to be the starter next Sept., regardless of what we do in the upcoming months. We got sold a wagonload of BS the last time we picked up someone's franchised player so I'm a little reluctant to do the same thing with Flynn. That whole Manning thing looks good on the surface, but what you have is a 36 (by the time camp opens) year old QB of questionable health. That's if he's available and would come to KC. I believe I'll pass. We're not going to get Luck and there will be a team that outbids us for RG3. Pioli may pull the trigger to move up, but you can count on some team like Washington to do a Ditka for him.
So what's the best option? In my book, it's to sign Orton, cut Cassel and draft a low 1st or high 2nd round QB. In the off season and during camp, let Stanzi and the new guy fight it out for the #2 spot. The problem here is that Orton will probably want a long term hefty contract and guarantees he'll be the starter. The second option would be to leave Cassel in place, work with Stanzi and the new guy and have an eye on dumping Cassel before the next contract year. If either Stanzi or the new guy doesn't get it by the end of the year, there's a lot of QBs in next year's class.

Desperation time.

Remember I told you I had found the most QB desparate group of fans yet? Well, here they are-fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

Jackson/Whitehurst. Almost as lovely as Grossman/Beck in terms of driving fans crazy.

Seattle fans are ready to do just about anything to get a different QB under center. Threads about trading up?

How about a poll about which trade-up scenario to use? Or whether to grab Matt Flynn from the Packers?


Four #1s for Luck? Wow.

There were a few posts indicating an interest in Kellen Moore the Boise State QB. His size is an issue-he's listed at 6' 1" 191lbs but I've read that that's an exaggeration by an inch or two.

They don't mention the Redskins anywhere in their speculations but they sure are anxious to have somebody else taking snaps.

Redskins fans can relate I think.

In the next edition of Redskins Recon: The Offseason I'll be perusing other teams fan forums for their take on the two most discussed names we've seen; Robert Griffin III and Matt Flynn. It may be interesting to read what other teams fans have to say. There's a lot of chatter about these two almost everywhere so this may take a few days to sort through and I may have to split it into two editions-one for each. I haven't hopped either guys bandwagon so I'll try to be as "disinterested" as possible and give a fairly representative sample of non-Burgundy and Gold opinions.

One more thing, among the areas of interest I plan on looking at are free agency and a special NFCE edition looking at what Dallas, Philly and Giants fans are hoping to acquire through the draft and FA. If there's an area of interest or something special going on in the offseason or some breaking news that you'd like to hear other teams fans opinions on just mention it in a reply to one of these Redskins Recon posts and I'll try and see if there's enough "NFL fan talk" to either include it in a "potpourri" multi-topic edition or its own separate one if the posts are popping up all over the place.

Once again...stay tuned, this is going to be one wild offseason to watch, IMO. :)
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