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The Giants: Third Time The Charm?

The Giants, coming off an improbable win over the Saints, now sit at 2-0 and the Skins, after stumbling to an inauspicious 0-2 start come to visit amid lockerroom turmiol, ex-player recriminations and fan dismay hoping to right the ship before it runs aground.

Giants fans haven't been ignoring the seemingly chronic hullabaloo surrounding the Redskins in its latest incarnation but they have their own worries and concerns about the game mostly dealing with deficiences in the Giants play. Most think they'll win but uncertainty seeps through the cracks among a lot of their fans.

Score prediction. seem to have become a "thing" on fan boards now


21-17 Giants


31-20. I think they get it together and start to turn yards into points.


19-17 Giants.

1 TD and 4 FGs.

Rater surprisingly, there are dissenters who are still worried about playing the Redskins.


Wow. I love the confidence.

The Giants are improved, but the Redskins are a desperate team. I am not as confident as everyone else here. Don't forget they are still a potentially great offensive team with 5 good receivers and a better o-line than the Giants. I also expect them to pull out some stops and change things up from the first two games. Also, they have no way to match up with Reed, and D-Jax looks healthy and is a Giant Killer

Got to get a passrush or Cousins will dink and dunk all day.

34-31 Redskins


Giants-27 Redskins-10


Cousins thrives on play action, but the Giants are going to stop their running game and render PA useless. His numbers PA vs. non-PA are night and day. Sunday is going to be a bad day for Cousins IMO.

Boy Cord

Cousins, the defense, Joe Barry. All getting killed in the media and by fans. Reports after Dallas loss that players are unhappy with Cousins. Former players throwing dirt on them (Alf and Keenan Robinsin) - and the majority of the pundits in DC think they are on the money. Now word comes out the Skins didn't move Norman out of fear of offending Breeland. Tail wagging the dog. Desean Jackson in street clothes at practice today. Can't wait to hear what that is about. Que the Benny Hill music.

The amazing thing is, this will all go away if the Skins beat the Giants. The narrative will be nauseating. This season has barely started. Skins can turn this around with one win and the Browns up next. There is one thing in their way: The NY Giants.

Home game. Vastly improved defense. Giants are 5-1 vs. DC the past three years and beat them up in NJ. Time for the offense to fire on all cylinders. Cousins doesn't beat winning teams. Actually, it's a team effort as they lose by two TDs or more. Screw Josh Norman. Avenge last November's sloppy game in DC and the Skins empty division title.
it'll really implode


I have not felt good about this matchup. Redskins are desperate as a loss means they have almost no chance to make the playoffs (historically at least). They've played the Giants tough the last two or three years. However, I did read this morning that the Giants have beaten them by 11 or more points in each of the last three years at Metlife Stadium. So, while the Redskins have won the last few in Washington, they haven't been very competitive in NY. That gives me some hope. Also, I read that the team, for whatever reason, is ready to turn on Cousins. I find that strange because hes' a good quarterback and he's lead them well since taking over at QB. Plus, their backup is Colt McCoy who is not a starting caliber quarterback. So they have no other option really.
What this all tells me is that the Giants MUST get a lead early and force the Redskins to quit. They know that 0-3 means they have only a major longshot at the playoffs. If they are down 14-0 or worse at the end of the 1st quarter, they will probably give up. And if the rumors are true about them turning on Cousins, that could happen as well. But....if the Giants do what they did last week, and turn the ball over or make drive-killing penalties, or drop touchdown passes, then it'll keep Washington in the game and could blow up in their face. So I think its imperative that the Giants go for the knockout early. Come out, score a touchdown or two in the first quarter, and stuff them on defense. Make them feel helpless.


Agree. Is there any match up that we'd feel good about? This team doesn't blow people out. DeSean Jackson always gets a big play against us. That said, I really like our Secondary and believe it now has the size and speed to compete against any set of receivers in the League. The key will be to get pressure on Cousins and rattle him. His confidence is shaken and an early interception could tear that team apart. The other key is the freakin Offense has got to get into the end zone. Odell has to keep his head and have a big game. This is a must win for a desperate Redskins team, but it's also a HUGE game for us, with the Eagles playing like they are and the Cowboys rookies maturing quickly.


I'd love to see a shot down the field on the first possession. Even if it doesn't work, it will force the defense to respect the whole field. Someone said in a different thread that the reason a team has to run the ball, even when its not working, is to force the defense to respect the run. Well, the same can be said of throwing it deep occasionally. It forces the defense to watch out for it and can make it a little easier to run shorter routes or run the ball. But I think every single one of us will admit that the strength of this offense is Eli throwing to Beckham, Shepard and Cruz. I'd like to see that combination used heavily on the first drive and a touchdown as a result so that Washington is immediately behind the 8 ball. The Giants need to keep the pressure on them so they crack and give up, not keep the game close and try to win it in the 4th quarter, which is how they've approached both games so far this year.


They are having issues on Offense and defense and now Desean Jackson might not play. As long as we stop their TE's from running wild I think we win big

Giants-27 Redskins-10Giants-27 Redskins-10


DJax might not play?


he missed practice with knee and ankle issues today and Gruden said he isnt sure what his status is for this weekend. That doesnt sound very encouraging.

this was the tweet I saw on ESPN home page

"Redskins coach Jay Gruden said receiver DeSean Jackson missed practice because of a knee and ankle issue. Jackson felt pain in the third quarter vs. Dallas. Gruden said he's not sure what Jackson's status is moving forward


he is a dangerous player man. A little streaky tho.


DJax is pretty much always held in check by DRC. In fact I think for the one TD he had against us last year, DRC was taken out of the game the play before.

We need to figure out how to contain Reed or this will be a nail biter. I dont think our o line holds up well, so I expect another low scoring game for the giants offense.


This is a huge test because it's the type of game we lose. Winning would be a huge statement and going 2-0 in the division to start would be massive.

I think this game will be very tight but I think we pull it out 21-20.


The game will pivot on whether the Giants can control the LOS on offense. If Wash disrupts Eli and stalls the running game, they can win.

I have a hunch that this will be the game where the Giants defense breaks out the sacks and turnovers. They're too good to have zero at this point.


Based on the first 2 weeks the only expectation I have is that the D maintains the level of performance.
I hope the O turns up at last.
I think Cousins will have a reasonable day so we will need turnovers on D.
My bold prediction is OBJ outplays Norman & we score > 30 for first time this season.


OBJ torches Josh Norman, who then gets into a fight with Deangelo Hall, getting both players on the same team ejected.

Kirk Cousins gets benched at halftime after throwing two consecutive pick-6s, Colt McCoy comes in and gets sacked 5 times, 4 by JPP.

At the post game press conference, Jay Gruden does not appear, we learn later because he was fired on his way to the locker room by Dan Snyder.


Giants need the front 4 to start getting some pressure and start forcing some turnovers or it's going to catch up to them. Beckham Norman will be the media storyline. Hopefully Beckham keeps his sanity Sunday and ends that.


The Skins are converting on 36 percent of their third downs while giving up 57 percent. Cousins has only thrown 1 touchdown in their two games. They've given up 5 rushing touchdowns. Their OL has allowed five sacks through two games. They've rushed for 68 yards pers game while allowing 124.

The Giants should be able to make Washington a 1 dimensional team. I think we'll get our first turnover this weekend as well... The Norman stuff will be a non factor if Beckham's hands can hold onto a football.


Hold onto the ball and get up early. Make the skins pass the ball and turn this into the early Washington game in 2014. Cousins is awful.

Of course there was talk about the Beckham/Norman matchup thing-one fan board devoted a whole thread to it

Ten Ton Hammer

They are already putting in qualifiers Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman will follow New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium, a Redskins source told ESPN's Britt McHenry on Wednesday.

Norman will go "anywhere Odell goes ... except for slot," the source said.


Honestly this is not what I wanted to see and it's not because OBJ can't beat Norman, he can. It's that I'm not sure that either one will keep their hands clean. The refs will be watching them like hawks so both will be nothing more than a distraction. I do wonder if they give Norman safety help or not. I bet they will, Eli will go to Cruz/Shepard, and the story will be that Norman locked down OBJ. It's a no win situation IMHO. Even if Norman single covers OBJ and he torches Norman for over 100 yards and 3 TDs Norman will just claim the refs were letting OBJ get away with everything.

Hell with it. Just play OBJ in the slot all game long.

Montreal Man

More catches for Shepherd and Cruz Shep's shown that he can do the job and Cruz can too. I don't care if ODB doesn't get one pass thrown his way as long as we win.


Why more catches for the others? If the plan is to put Norman in man coverage with no help on Beckham then this is the matchup we want.

It's a surprising move. They didn't do it vs Brown or Bryant. I expect Beckham to light him up and expose the guy.


The Giants other receivers should do well. The Giants should worry about Jordan Reed, they will have their hands full with that guy.

I hope it's more than just Reed that spills out of the Giants hands.
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