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The Giants Part 2: In With A Win...Practically...

The Giants are in the playoffs, the Redskins could be too. Giants fans are filled with questions and opinions.

Try to keep the Skins out of the playoffs and risk an injury to a starter?

Rest up for the playoffs, let the Skins win and go into the playoffs with a 2 game losing streak to division rivals?

And what about playoff momentum?

Giants fans have lots on their minds.


Injuries are alway a concern in a game like this

My biggest concern is josh Norman vs ODB round 2

It wouldn't surprise me one bit for Norman to be extra ghetto in this game. What's the best way to get Odell. Cause a big fight both get ejected and a 1 game suspension. Norman gets his next year. Odell in his first playoff game.

Mac needs to have a extra talk to Odell. And if things get bad out there pull him


I hope the Giants rest as many of the starters as possible.


Maybe I'm in the minority, but can we afford to just hand this game over withough fighting?
You think we would be ok going in with 2 straight loses?
Is it all but a given we won't play our starters to win?
Just curious, I'd be ok with it, but don't like that momentum going in.


Starters should play a half at most. Can't risk it for "momentum" especially with the possibly of it being a short week, although I believe we are playing the Packers on the late game


I would rather knock the Redskins out of the playoffs than rest the starters.


[I[]Washington's offense is dynamic and ours sucks. They can score on anyone, even us. Imo it will be quite a battle.[/I]

Frank in Silver Spring

Pretty please, beat them. Have Eli march down the field, throw a fade to Beckham with 20 seconds left to win 31 - 28. It will make it the most memorable moment of 2017 to me, pretty much no matter what else happens for the other 364 days


As Joey aptly stated, our players still have to play. And as good as the Skins played last week against the outmatched Bears with Barkley throwing five interceptions, they stunk it up against the hapless Panthers.

I think we'll win this one and knock the Skins out of the playoffs.

Big Blue Blogger

The Giants will dress 46 players. The inactives will probably be defense-heavy, for three reasons:
1) More injuries on defense (Pierre-Paul, Jenkins, maybe Harrison, Goodson, Robinson, Casillas and others);
2) More over-worked players on defense (most notably Vernon, also maybe Hankins and/or Collins);
3) The defense has earned a rest, while the offense needs work.

That means the defensive players who do dress will probably play a lot. Expect a heavy workload for backups, rotational guys and special teamers like Wade, Sensabaugh, Bromley, Thomas, Wynn, Okwara, Odighizuwa, Sheppard, Herzlich, Skinner and Pinkins.

On offense, just about everyone will dress, including all eight linemen, so Sullivan will be able to substitute more liberally than Spagnuolo. While they might not start (because the 1s need reps together after Pugh's extended absence), I think we'll see a lot of Beatty, Newhouse and Jones. The team might even find room to activate Gettis for extra depth so another starter can exit early.

I would expect Eli to leave no later than Richburg and Pugh, and quite possibly before them. Similarly, the top 3 WRs will likely give way to Harris, Lewis and King - around the same time Eli calls it a day. Johnson has taken far more reps with the backups anyway, so keeping Cruz and Shepard in the game might not help him much. (Beckham is in a different category: he could come in off the street and help any QB; but there's no way he stays in for more than a series or two with the 2s.)

In short, hope the offense gets in some quality work in the first half. After that, what happens, happens. The Lions and Packers put themselves in this position by losing too many games. And they both still control their destiny: win and in. It's not as though the integrity of the League, or even anyone else's fate, rests on how the Giants handle Week 17.


Play to win. Redskins will be pressing(mistake prone) if we can get up on them late
in the game only then would I take my foot off the gas.
I hate it when teams lay down I want momentum show that
we are the better team and not let them off the hook
like early this year .


I dont get the rest crap. It just so happens we were dealt a hand that locked us in the 5th seed early. 5th SEED. We dont need or deserve a bye. We beat ALOT of bad teams(barely), got beat up on the road vs the good teams. The great 2 game defensive streak against the boys n lions at home is why were here. Thats not good enough, especially since a game right after those, we saw the same crap road play. This team has come out flat in MORE than half its games. Even in Cle. browns had almost a season high in yards. The bears treated our D as if it was last years D the 1st half. Being healthy wont mean shit if were not ready. Especially since practices r so limited. I keep seeing phrases like "magic eli" or "playoff eli" haha, seriously? Like it just happens? I love Eli to death, but if that was real, He would of scored a TD that last drive like he use to. Its not magic, its streaky! Hes always been hot n cold. Hes been failing in those situations for a bit now. Both SB yrs, he got hot b4 the playoffs, it didnt magically happen. Its been like that since day 1, not just playoffs. Go look at giants game logs during his tenure. all streaks! Win 5, lose 4, end up 9-7. Those streaks is what he did in the playoffs, he stepped up n got hot in the best moments! We also went in losing 3 outta 4 n ended up one n done. We havent seen signs of that Eli(yet, i hope)) We waited all yr for one of those streaks, it may be broken. Even in 07 there were moments we scored 30 plus. Remember, Eli had a horrid game 3rd to last game, got hot n took it all the way. U gotta use this week to at least try, I do not think hes washed up! cant go into playoffs with the failure in philly looming. Do to the skins what the chiefs did to the broncos. Lets get hot, our D hasnt been amazing on the road either, 24 they giving up in all our losses. O didnt help. We need to fix this shit! Perfect scenario, good offensive team on the road playing for an extra week! Crush that hope, make those fans have no interest in Sunday nights game. Give them the feeling of wanting to puke when they see lions/packers fall to 9-7![/I


Excerpt: "The Giants have nothing to play for in Week 17, but the Redskins certainly do.

Therein lies the potential problem.

The Redskins' path to a playoff berth was cleared considerably on Monday night when the Cowboys thumped the Lions, 42-21, at AT&T Stadium. That means the Giants should have their hands full on New Year's Day at FedEx Field in Landover, Md., no matter how they decide to approach the game.

Washington (8-6-1) is more or less looking at a win-and-in situation. If they beat the Giants, they should end the day as the NFC's second wild card team and the No. 6 seed. If the Redskins beat the Giants, the only way they do not make the playoffs is if the Lions and Packers tie on Sunday Night Football in the de facto NFC North title game.

If there was a tie in that game, the Packers would win the division. The Lions would be a wild card team on the strength of their head-to-head win over the Redskins.

The Giants are locked in to the No. 5 seed in the NFC playoffs. Quarterback Eli Manning made his case Monday to play against the Redskins, but it's not clear what head coach Ben McAdoo has planned. He may decide to play the starters for a good portion of the game at the least, or the Giants could treat the game like it's the preseason and focus on rest.


"Playing their asses off" wont changed the fact that we have possibly the worst 2 starting tackles , Tight ends and Right Guard..

Effort cant hide the fact that ELI cant take a 5 or 7 step drop.

Play with Defense and TRY to run the ball 35x


The Giants job is not to keep the Redskins out of the playoffs; it's to prepare themselves for the playoffs. Players that are banged up should not be playing. Players who've had a long season nearly taking every snap should be spelled early and often by their back-ups. Guys like Collins, Snacks and Vernon should have a light day. Johnson needs to throw some balls. Rainey should get some extra time while Perkins and Jennings rest. Winning a meaningless game for the sake of winning it is pointless. The players on the field can still win the game; but risking further injury of banged up players makes no sense.


If you're interested in beating the skins: 1- don't throw the ball to Tye; 2- Use Perkins at RB; 3- Move Eli around a lot; 4- rotate the defense; 5- If Apple is playing poorly early; replace him.


I think we should play to win, Cowboys had nothing to play for last night and went out and destroyed the Lions

Wouldn't want to go into the Post Season on a 2 Game Losing Streak. Kinda need this win or a dominating half of Football At Least!


Guess no one gave Dallas the memo last night that they should have rested their starters & let Det have the game? I have no problem with giving some of the banged up starters On the D side of the ball get the 2nd half off, but this O has not earned the right to get a game off. They need to work on their season long issues & see if the can put up more than 19 damn pts! We already gifted this team the week 3 game, now you wanna gift them this game to not only allow them into the playoffs but to sweep us in the process as well? Wow!

Giants have to go all out to win this game, finish 11-5 & avoid going into the playoffs on a 2 game slide vs NFCE opponents & both rd losses. We need another quality rd win to finish 4-4 on the rd. Dallas win in their house has been our only quality rd win as the other 2 came vs LA & Cle. We need to beat the Skins as well to have 2 quality rd wins vs NFCE opponents. Eli & everybody else on this O that is not banged up needs to play the entire game.

Dallas O did not need to play last night, yet they still go out & put up 41pts! Yet some of you want this mighty O "rested" for the playoffs?


I want them to go after themy and knock em out of the playoffs in their own stadium in front of their own fans. Then I want Eli to moon walk with Odell at the 50 yard line.

Seriously though, skins win by 2 scores. I can see McAdoo taking this lightly and our players follow the lead.


Yeah, lets back into the playoffs with 2 rd losses to our div rivals while at the same time giving the Skins a double reward of a sweep & a playoff ticket to the dance. Amazing!


my fear is, if the redskins know they'll lose, they will try to "hurt" our players. one skins player got ejected for personal fouls. I wouldn't put it past them.

LakeO Giant fan

Sit Snacks, big play by Perkins, TE Adams to have his coming out party (Uh oh, D coordinators), and Bobby Hart to render Kerrigan harmless. Go Giants!

Game Time

I feel you cant go into the playoffs off of an embarrassing loss to the Eagles and then an "I dont give a crap" game vs the Skins. Two division losses going into the playoffs is a recipe for one and done IMO.

OK Skins, Wild Card time.
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