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The Giants: Game 2-Low Hanging Fruit?

The Giants are having, record wise, a year not much better than the Redskins-only one more win-and Giants fans are unhappy.

"Low Hanging Fruit?" is the title of a thread on one of the Giants fan sites and the theme started out are the Skins a low-hanging fruit for a desperate Giants team.

The way they've played at times and from what some of the fan comments are saying, could they be low hanging fruit for a desperate Redskins team to pick?

Low hanging fruit.


No win in this league is a gimmie, but if the Redskins keep going the way they are. They just might have the Cellar in our Division locked



Don't sleep on anyone /jaguars


The Redskins DC must be soiling himself trying to figure out how to stop ODB.


If the Redskins are the pot, the Giants are the kettle...


Considering that the Giants blew a 21 point lead to the Jaguars, a team that the Skins beat, I wouldn't sleep on the Skins. Plus, it's a

division game and those are always tricky, especially in the NFC East.


I agree. They have just as much to prove as we do. The way we have lost games this year, unfortunately does not give me any confidence. We

have to play really well and smart.


We didn't give away the Farm for a Benched QB. There is no infighting in the Giants locker room. Our HC isn't fighting with the front office

and considering other job opportunities. And our owner doesn't have to fight the PC idiots over our team logo.

Mr. Nickels

Pretty sure if RG3 got to start he would have revived his entire career against us


You are correct. Watch the HoF game McCoy has on Sunday. I would bet he just carves up the Jints secondary.


What is the indication this will happen? I would think it just as likely McCoy doesn't finish the game.

Ten Ton Hammer

McCoy was able to beat Dallas so let's not start predicting wins just yet.


Somehow, I don't think it was McCoy, who actually beat the Cowboys as much as he didn't lose to the Cowboys. It was their defense rising up

to the challenge, especially their rookie CB, that won that game for the Redskins.

With that being said, I don't see McCoy doing much other than possibly getting lucky with a long pass or two to D.Jackson. And I doubt that

A.Morris will have a banner day either.

Ten Ton Hammer

He had a pretty solid game. 288 yards on 83% completions and ran for a TD?

And followed that up with a 31/47, 392 3 TD game against the Colts the next week, which the defense didn't rise up for.

I don't know what to expect, but McCoy seems to be able to competently play football.


The Giants are 4-9 and lost to the freakin' Jaguars after getting a 21 point lead...I wouldn't predict a win against anyone.


I'm expecting another easy win for the giants again. Winning streak to 2!


The Giants are hot right now... No stopping this team!


Either RGIIInt has a monster game against us or Colt McCoy pulls a Kurt Kittner.

I have a feeling we're about to see a painful letdown.


... the cowboys were already Kittnered by McCoy,if he plays they have a much better chance with him


There is absolutely no reason we should lose this game.

So.... guess were gonna lose


There is one reason, their D-line vs our O-line


Did our oline play REALLY well in TEN or was that just a bad dline from TEN?

Either way, I really think we're gonna blow them out. And I even expected a loss to JAX, so I think it says a lot. Although if this Eli injury

is legit and we have to run it 50% of the time, I think they could take us out.

Also, if the injury is legit, can we just rest him the 2nd half? Let's not **** up 2015

Brave Giant

Odell goes for 220 with 2 rec TD and 1 rush Td. Giants lose still 35-31


Sadly, I think we're gonna win

So, are we low hanging fruit for the Giants to pick or are they low-hanging fruit for us?
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