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The Giants game 1 Redskins Fear Factor?

Boy, it didn't take long for Giants fan boards to explode with threads and comments about Thursdays game.

It isn't all that surprising, though, given the numbers our offense and run D put up, even in a painful loss, it gets people's attention.

I also noticed Giants fans have a tendency to make longer posts than most.


I was also hearing from big blue interactive that OBJ might play this Thursday. but hoping hoping hoping its true. we need to shut Desean

jackson up


I have to admit they surprised me with their performance yesterday. A very pleasant surprise. Meanwhile Washington held McCoy to 22 yards on 19 carries. Their run defense will be a real test. In addition, Foles was knocked around severely. Yes, it's true that the Eagles OL is decimated with injuries but it does seem Thursday will be an interesting test for our own OL.

PS Even with the pressure applied by Washington the Eagles threw for 325 yards and won the game. Foles got rid of the ball quickly most of the time. Thursday is a definite possible W for us IMO.


Redskins aren't scary , they have no secondary and there quaterback can be easily rattled
They both some weak defense the last two games and lost to the texans jj feasted on rg3
Idk about you guy but if we head to washington and play as hard as we did yesterday I don't
See why we don't get the W ,what do y'all think ??

Adam K

I'm not sure, I think it will be a really tough game. Cousins is on fire and their defense is pretty serious. Jackson always burns us too.


He is was on fire against two sketchy defense
And he choked yesterday. And we crushed his ***
Last time we played him , like I said we play anything like we did
Sunday. They will not beat us .


i dont know if we can stop them from ball control at fed ex. i go to this game a lot as i have lived in NJ and now VA for some time. this has always been a hard game to win for us. its not that we get beat bad its that they seem to keep TOS and feed off the home crowd. it will be a big game for them. But ill cheer on and hope for the best.


Division games are always a toss-up, especially in the NFC East. The Cowboys had the worst defense in the league last year and they still swept the Giants. If the Giants build on their performance against the Texans then they'll probably beat the Skins.


Our Corners have been playing pretty well, but I'm a little concerned about having to cover Desean Jackson and Garcon. I'm sure Jackson is going to bring it on Thursday night football in his new home stadium. I just hope the play of Hankins and Pierre Paul continues. They are both tied for second in the NFL among Defensive lineman in both sacks and tackles. Is the Washington offensive line good?


I think our Corners actually match up with foreskins WRs perfectly. DRC is speedy like Desean and Prince can handle Garcon physically


While its always dangerous predicting win, especially with the Giants as you never know what team will show up, I'm feeling fairly optimistic that we can go to FedEx field and come out with a W and here's why.

Offense: Yesterday saw a great deal of improvement. Firstly our pass protection. We gave up one sack to arguably the best defensive player currently playing in the league right now. We created holes for Jennings who also managed to create holes for himself. He was an absolute stud yesterday. Really exciting where are running game is going this year. Vast improvement from last year.

DEFENSE. Antrel Rolle certainly gave us something to shout about. Players were quick to the ball. Our run defence was pretty good outside the long gain in the 4th by the Texans. I think it was the 4th it occurred anyway. While our offense almost shot themselves in the foot with the two turnovers which need to be addressed before Thursday game, our defense came up big with 3 INTs and JPP over the last two weeks has looked much better from last year. Probably would of had a monster game had it not been for the no holding calls.

Redskins: Their offence can certainly score points and DeSean will score against us. He always find a a way. However I believe we could contain their offence should our defence play like they did yesterday and hopefully they play even better come Thursday night. Lastly with our improvements on offence, we should hopefully expect another good performance with improvements. The Redskins defense was pretty poor last year and doesn't look like things have changed. While they have got Orakbo back, they have lost DeAngelo Hall to an Achilles tear and Jason Hatcher to a mild hamstring. With the short week its probable that Hatcher will also be out so their already poor defense is weakened. The Eagles put 37 up on them. Now the Eagles are a much more explosive offense than we are and were playing at home, there's no reason we shouldn't
aim to out up at least 30 against them. However somewhere around 20 points could win it for us if our defense plays well. A lot of ifs I know but I am feeling optimistic. A win Thursday puts us 2-2 which will be a good confidence booster. Hopefully we can go in a get a win! What are peoples thoughts going into this game? Am I being too hastely with my prediction?


Giants defense needs a lot of work in their zone defense. Stevie got benched after giving up two big plays.
Redskins offense is probably the best offense the giants have played to this point. Think they are a more explosive group than detriot, and they may well have a better QB too. Texans defense is really overrated, apart from Watt, they dont have much talent at all.


Here's where I stand this week on this game. We've looked really good on defense these past two weeks, but we've faced subpar (at best) opposition. Drew Stanton and a hobbled Andre Ellington when we faced Arizona, and Ryan Fitzpatrick with Arian Foster out against Houston. Washington on the other hand has looked great on offense the past two weeks, but faced Jacksonville and Philadelphia defenses, which are hardly imposing. These are two units that will face each other and both look good currently, but each hasn't been given a real test yet. I think this is the key to our matchup with them. Our defense needs to be able to show that their offense is a fraud, and not vice versa.

Captain Chaos

Thought after they made the adjustments our secondary gave up too much, Cousins is a much better QB than Fitzpatrick. They don't clean some of that up those Washington receivers will be feasting on our ineptitude.


Not sold on the Cousins hype train yet...this is a guy who managed to outsuck Curtis Painter last year. The Houston team that is suddenly terrible because we beat them...beat this Redskins team(albeit with Rg3). The key for us to not to make dumb mistakes...we look like the keystone cops sometimes. If we can cut that out we can win this game...and when we win people will point out that the Skins were a terrible team last year and Cousins is a second stringer. lol


Stop Alfred Morris, put a safety over the top of DJax not named Stevie Brown, and poound their DL into submission


Watched the Skins on my t.v and the G-men on my computer. They hit Foles a lot! Maybe not a lot of sacks, but he was on the ground many times. They run the ball very well and Cousins is very good. Poor specials by the Skins, would love to see our #1 pick get on the field. Could be tough on the road, but Eli looks great in the new offense, and if we can get our linebacker back, maybe we can slow down their run game.

Ed Vette

The approach to this game has to be different than it was for the Texan's game. The Skins Defense boast the league's second best pass rush. I would utilize a lot of 2 TE sets and/or a FB/TE offset I left or right. They are also very good against the Run but their not so weakest link is the secondary. The Offensive Line is going to have to establish early on in the game and remain stout as their front seven is very tough. The Giants will have to have a more balanced mix of Run/Pass and try to keep their substitutions at a minimum with some no huddle.

On Defense, the Giants should be able to handle their run blocking with the front seven and keep the Safeties in Cover 2 and in Zone with the Linebackers. Cousins gets off the pass fairly quickly and he completed 50% of his deep passes (12) for 230 yards in the limited appearances he has had, which is 4th in the league. Thus the Cover 2. The Giants need to keep the ball in front of them, wrap up the tackles quickly and not allow too many yards after the catch. At some point if the Giants can establish a lead there should be some opportunity for an interception. This is a winable game but as tough as the Lions were at QB. At least they get to game plan Cousins who is a very underrated QB. Giants 27 Skins 24


I missed today's game but was overjoyed we won and put up a bunch of points. That being said, we play the Redskins Thursday and after seeing them the last two weeks, I expect a shootout. Seems they can score and now it looks like we can too. Hope Fewell and the boys have some tricks up there sleeve to stop Cousins and crew.


I have no confidence in them winning this game. Washington's offense is dynamic so far this year, especially the passing game with Cousins in there. Desean Jackson has always been a Giant killer and you know he'll do damage in this game against us. The Giants secondary has been average this year, which is immensely disappointing, and the linebackers have been very pedestrian. The pass rush seems hot or cold so we better hope it's hot on Thursday night. The Giants offense is not on the same level as Washington's as it is still a work in progress. Just because it did well against the lowly Texans doesn't mean it has arrived.


I dont think we need to be mistake free to win. I think we need to force the Redskins to make mistakes to win. We ripped Cousins last year playing aggressive. We need to do the same again. And we need to limit DJax cause that little turd always tourches us. I think the biggest thing we need to do is stop their run game and force Cousins into 3rd and longs. Also, the Redskins have an even worse STs than we do somehow. We need to take advantage of that as well.


I don't think we match up great with Washington. I was thrilled with our performance against the Texans, but that was a mix of us playing better and the Texans playing worse than they have this season. Washington's d line is a lot better than what we saw against the Texans, and given how much our offense was helped by a great run game that's going to be a key. Cousins is a better QB than Fitzpatrick, their targets are about even. With a new offense I think the shortened week is harder on us than it is on Wash. It'll be a close game, but I wouldn't surprised if we're 1-3 after it. He's hoping I'm an idiot.


We have a home win, now it is time to go back to road warriors mentality. 34-20 Giants AND HERE IS WHY
I don't like to make predictions about score, but I really feel the Giants can dominate this game. Our offense has gotten apparently better each game this season and it doesn't appear that the improvements are done. The defense has also gotten better each game and I can expect that they will come to play against Washington. First of all the only reason why they are seen as good is because of the performance that they just pulled against the Eagles. I think the Eagles are overrated, because they are, and also the Redskins were playing the wounded dog scenario everyone was betting against them because they were hurt, so they played lights out ball which I doubt they will repeat. I can't see our offense doing worst against a worst defense then we played last week and theoretically our offense should have had 40 points last week. Honestly this is a win for me. Although the game has not been played yet and anything can happen so don't take my word for it.

Blue Bleach

I think it comes down to the D. Can we stop Morris???? Helu had a decent game yesterday as well.
Jackson is going to come out with a chip on his shoulder with that last loss. Must hit him EVERYTIME off the line to throw that timing off. We MUST get to Cousins all day. From that hit last game, he's a tough S.O.B
Take him off his feet every chance we can. Do we have the players to do it.......Hell Yes


CDN_G-FAN ... I disagree with you on Texans it's not as much as they played poor as they are tailor made matchup against us & agree with you on Washington not being a great match up for us (thats not to say we cannot win but we NEED to be 100% mistake-free & that will be tough without the running game as Skins #1 thing they do is take away opposing teams run) So if we can eek out 45 to 60 yards in the run game & play a field position/mistake free game. We can win but saying it & doing it #2 different things!


This is a division game, so virtually anything can happen. Cousins has shown that he can put points up, so Eli and the offense are going to have to keep pace with the Skins' offense. The Giants defense is going to have play like they did against the Texans and force some turnovers. I hope the Giants get a win and don't lay another egg in prime-time like they did against the Lions.

One Giants forum has a poll going about Thursdays game-here's the early results:

Giants win 4 votes 50%

Redskins win 4 votes 50%

Kinda sums things up for this game, I think.
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