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The Giants: Fighting for First Place

The Giants are coming of a bye and are looking forwrd the this Redskins game for one big reason. We're one game behind them in the NFCE.

It's important for them. And the Redskins. And it could set the tone for how the rest of the season might play out for both teams.

There is a lot of confidence-especially from playing the Patriots a hard fought game-but there is also a lot of acknowledgement that the Skins aren't

just going to roll over either.


Where our Superbowl run begins! :yes:
Go Giants!


Everything is shaping up for this to be a huge game on Sunday for the Giants AND the Redskins.

- Both teams will know the results of the Eagles and Cowboys games on Thursday.
- A Giants win could put some distance between themselves and the division rivals.
- It is hard to believe, but the Redskins currently control their own destiny. They know how big THIS game is.
- A win by the Redskins puts them in a tie, but in position to win all tiebreakers with only one loss in the Division.
- This is the game that will likely determine if Cousins is the QB of the future for the Redskins, or not.

The extremes are notable. By Sunday afternoon the Giants could either be;
- two games up on the entire Division with Dallas virtually eliminated, OR
- in 3rd place behind Redskins (and Eagles) and needing help from others to move past Washington, OR
- somewhere in between.

This game sets up the remainder of the season for the Skins and Giants.


Prince back, Gmen fresh off dominating pats, nicks back in his realm.....Gmen hungry...

Gonna be bad...Gmen 41...skins 17


When did we dominate the patts?


I'm optimistic, but let's not overreach


Division games are always tough. We better come to play and win, we need a win


when will we learn the last game means nothing, teams match up differently. for some reason TC knows BB's style and plays him well. the fact redskins are still alive and at home gives them a shot. I'd like to think we are a better team with the better QB but anything can happen in a div game.


Totally agree. This is a game that we could easily lose if we don't play well, especially the defense.


I have no doubt that we would beat the tar outta Atl should we play em in the WC game. The Vikes are one dimensional on O, stop AP & force that 31st ranked pass O beat us. Same with the Skins, we can't let em run the ball. We have to make Cousins beat us


agreed...the NYG and TC know how to scheme the pats well...division matchups are hard to call... never thought the eagles would shut us down...i see another nail biter in washington...


washington is much better team at home than they are away.

that said,

we route them.


I'm just scared of Djax.


Let's be honest. We truly are to the Skins what the Eagles are to us. Their Daddy. It might be closer this time, but the Giants will win. Cousins will turn the ball over. We didn't even have a pass rush the first time we played them and they didn't do squat. I expect a healthy 10-14 point win on Sunday.


I have a good feeling about this one. Washington looked great against NO but so has everyone else. I think we can keep them under wraps.

Giants: 30
Skins: 20

Pretty close going into the 4th then Eli leads a scoring drive and Nicks catches the TD to ice it. His only catch of the day.


I'm expecting a bit of a shootout. Desean will get behind our secondary at least once. We will be successful if we can control the clock with the running game. Just don't see us losing this one.

Giants win 34-27.


If the Giants can't beat Wash, then they don't deserve to make the playoffs. But rest assured that TC will have them fully ready. JPP was not around for our first win over Wash. Prince is back, so DJax will have more trouble blowing by the defense. Count on it, the Giants will shut down the Wash run game, leaving the game in the shaky hands of Kirk Cousins. Skinz have no way, short of triple team, to stop OBJ. And if they triple team, Eli will find the open guys. Also, Trent Williams and Alfred Morris are injured and, if they play, will not be at full strength.


Redskins play well at home, but I have every confidence in the the Giants' offense to move the ball and score points. It's going to come down to the same thing as always, turnovers and bone-head mistakes that cost points. If the Giants' offense can execute I think the defense will do just enough to slow down a pretty pedestrian Redskins offense.

It's definitely a big game, because I think the odds that both Philadelphia and the Cowboys lose are pretty good. Followed immediately by two out of conference games against middling teams, the Giants can really put the division to rest if they take care of business over the next few games.


This will be a very hard game for the Giants, Washington 4-1 at home, they play better at home than on the road, Giants are also historically horrible after the bye week, Washington has a 50/50 chance, i am not confident about this game...


This is a winnable game , but lets not get besides ourselves and down play our opponent. The deadskins are still only one game behind us at 4-6, which means 2 things will happen, they'll be either pumped to play Sunday or still be feeling the effects of that A## whippin from the Panthers. Who knows?? I just know we need to put our foot on the gas until Feb 8th.

Joe Morrison

When is the last time we blew out the Skins in there house? Going to be another one that goes down to the wire and hopefully we don't give the ball away too many times.


I am going with Giants 34, Redskins 20. A decently close game with the Giants scoring a touchdown halfway through the 4th quarter to provide the final margin. A must win game, the Giants are coming off a bye week and will be ready to go. They have always had Washington's number and it continues here.
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