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The Giants: Fear and Loathing in The Big Apple

Well, Giants fans are pissed at Tom Coughlin. Again.

They're pissed at Eli too. Again.

Not to mention their OL, LBs secondary and a few other things.

An 0-2 season start will do that to you.

Especially if you set an NFL record by being the first team in NFL history to lose your first two games by blowing a double-digit

lead in the fourth quarter.


Now they play the Skins Thursday night and are terrified of going 0-3 and some Giants fans are unsure if they'll pull off the win.

Some exude confidence, and some are hopeful because the NFCE suddenly looks loke a divisional train-wreck in the making and

open to anybody taking it-even a team starting off 0-2.

I'll start off with probably the biggest optimists I found.


We're fine, we led for most of the game against two decent teams. Without Preston Parker we win both of those games and he's about to be replaced by Cruz. Jon Beason is a pretty big missing piece right now and he's coming back soon. We'll probably get a pro bowl DE back on the team at some point this season.

Losses like these hurt more than blowouts but if you look at it realistically, we were right there each time. Mistakes are a lot easier to fix than having a shit team. The rest of the NFC east looks like shit now too. The rest of our schedule looks easy. I think we end the season 10-6 and win the NFC east. I think in the next 14 games we beat the skins (twice), 49ers, Cowboys(probably won't have Romo or Dez), Saints, Bucs, Dolphins, Panthers, and Vikings. We'll lose to the Patriots, split with the Eagles, not sure about the jets and we're bound to lose at least one of those games I said we would win.

The Giants will win the division this year.


The NFC East Sucks...Don't Give Up Hope Yet. Romo and Dez are both out and the Cowboys will begin to struggle. The Eagles are a dumpster fire. The redskins know how to lose like no other.

Although 0-2 is an ugly start don't give up hope yet. We started 0-2 in 07 and we all remember how that season ended.

Thursday is gonna be huge. If we can take down the Skins at home we can right this ship.


The test of improvement will come against Washington. They too are a unit that is growing into something more formidable then most expect. Their pass rush is middling, but getting better. If our team can improve against them, we are on the right track, IMO.

Also, good thought on throwing time. Hopefully Coughlin gets this as well and drills the team to more smooth passing plays/pass protection.


Can we take step by step and first beat the Redskins please? Everyone here said we gonna beat the Falcons too.. I will be optimistic if we go 1-2 next Thursday


Let's pull a Seattle and win the division at 7-9. It's completely possible given the competition.


I was just saying this exact thing to another down and out Giants fan. NFC East is crap, no one knows what's going to happen. We'll come back from this.


Considering the first two games were must wins and the Giants blew the lead both times in the 4th QTR, Washington is a must win not only because it's a Divisional game but now Tony Romo are out for a long period of time and the Eagles look like chickens with their heads cut off.

It's time to strike Giants. There's a chance to win the NFC East yet.


They can't just win they have to DESTROY Washington on national TV to even begin to wash away the stench. They need to go for the jugular and not stop hitting OBJ because they insist on the nonexistant running game. When you need to win you need to do it with what is working.


I'm more working towards just getting the win and finishing off opponents. We should be 2-0 looking at 3-0


Actual CT you might be right. The Redskins beat the Rams and the Rams beat the Seahawks in week one.

Originally I thought Washington Redskins is an easy matchup but we should be cautious. I'm optimistic that we will win but we can easily lose as well.


Where does the faith come from that this team can win the next game? Can they stop the run? The skins have 2 pretty good runners who are producing. They have a TE that can get open down the seam. Who is going to cover that guy, Beason who can't get on the field or the inexperienced Unga. I like his play but he can't cover either. If they don't get to Cousins he can pick them apart, be careful what you wish for. Damn shame if this team could have won week 1 they would be n first place with a decimated Cowboy team, a very confused Eagle team and a huge question mark Skins team. This division is/or was ripe for them to take it. Now what? Lucky to be 8-8, win some games late to save jobs. Win some games late to hurt draft position. Can't clean house cause you just re-upped the QB who can't use a play clock or remember time outs. So angry right now.


I have to admit, the skins looked legit last week. If Dez/Witten/Romo are all out for a long time and Philly keeps stinking up the joint, Skins beating the Giants could actually propel them to a division title.

I have to admit, I found this next poster's name hilarious.


I have to admit, the skins looked legit last week. If Dez/Witten/Romo are all out for a long time and Philly keeps stinking up the joint, Skins beating the Giants could actually propel them to a division title.


Washington will be put in their place. Trust me.


Who wouldn't give the Giants a real battle at this point?




We've been pretty good at run defense so far Two games, 136 yards, 3.2 per but this will be a much tougher test.

Not good, great in run d so far. 3rd in ypa allowed at 3.0 per carry. We are still talking about a ridiculously small sample though and opponents who either have a running game in transition (dallas) or just outright not that threatening (atlanta). Thrusday will tell us a lot about whether this is a mirage.

If they lose this week the season is done even with the knowledge that the division blows


They ran well against Miami and the Rams, two teams with excellent defensive fronts. They have a good OL combined with two sledgehammer RBs in Morris and Jones. Morris is especially tough to bring down, and always seems to fall forward for an extra yard or two. He wears out teams, and will be even fresher now at the end of games because Jones can take some of the carries. Jones ran for 123 yards and 2 TDs yesterday against a very good run defense.

All of this of course helps Collins{ he meant Cousins}, because teams will have to commit more resources to stopping the run. He will therefore have less pressure and better throwing lanes because there will be fewer defenders against the pass.

We might have to use Jenkins in combination with Hankins and Nix on certain plays. Stopping the run is even more important than pressuring Collins. We also have to be sure to cover Reed, maybe even with a safety. I wouldn't mind handing that responsibility to Taylor.
And a few score predictions:


27-24 Redskins. Of course the Giants will be winning 24-13 to start the 4th quarter.

Generation Eli

the washington team tries to feature Jones a bit too much, not realizing we cant actually stop morris

spags will gameplan for both however

giants win by 14 points, despite the washington team looking better than the rest of this lousy division

although, it would be awesome if the game ended on a goal to go for the win and we stop the RB from scoring


30-10 giants


That would be great, I'd settle for a 2-0 win. Just win a damn game already.


end of 3rd Q Giants 24 Wash 14. Then Eli and TC start with their game management calls and final score Wash 27 Giants 24

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