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The Falcons: Spy vs. Spy

The Falcons. The 4-0, just escaped a close call with the Panthers, Falcons. Spoken of at the same level as the Texans as being one of the best teams in the league right now. And they're coming to FedEx.

In past years they would have made a few snarky, giggling comments about the inevitable roll-over of the Skins and then talk about the next upcoming "real" game.

Not anymore. Not since Robert Griffin III has caught the entire NFL's attention with a near-unanimous "Holy Crap, this kid's good!"

We're getting respect...finally. Even from the powerhouse 4-0 Falcons fans.

Being brought back down to earth by that near-loss to the Panthers probably squashed a lot of over-confidence too.

Some are predicting a Falcon's blowout...but the majority think it will be a close hard-fought battle.

A few even entertained the possibility of the Falcon's first loss happening in FedEx.

Yeah, they are most definitely not overlooking the Redskins.

The sheer number of threads and comments about this game on several Falcons fan boards let me know the Falcons fans are taking the Redskins-and RG3-very seriously indeed.

Respect....and even occasionally fear.


Oh, by the way, RG3 isn't the only Redskins player getting noticed either-for both good... and bad...

Defensive better be ready, this team is a juggernaut and Alfred Morris looks damn good.
I watched it today. Morris is a beast. Their Oline was opening some holes too.
DeAngelo Hall plays for the Redskins.

At least one Falcon receiver is putting up 100 next week.
(There was a D. Hall-hate thread but it just isn't worth showing)

Here are the quick observations:

Redskins are running a lot of screens/draws.
Redskins DL starts strong but tires VERY quickly...especially the DTs.
Cundiff...may not be kicking for them next week.
RG3 looks like the speed of the game is a little quick for him when things get tense.
Redskins like to show the zone blocking in one direction, and have RG3 roll in the opposite direction with run/pass option.

We are the better team but they do match up well against us. I'm thinking we win a shoot out 34-31
I need to go back and watch tape, but from just looking at the numbers, Washington's offense is nearly on par with ours. Their defense is weak due to a poor secondary, but they have a pretty good run defense.

So this game has the makings of a shoot-out.

I think the key will be for us to get pressure on RG3. The Bengals did a very good job when Jordan Black replaced Trent Williams at LT, and RT Tyler Polumbus has struggled all year long. Williams came back this past week, so he should be a little bit better this week.
It's rare something gets past Nolan twice. I'm confident that he can draw up an effective gameplan this time, and if not... Ryan needs to do what he did on Sunday again. Redskins averaging 30/g..
They're giving up 30 pts a game too, though. I think we can stop them before they can stop us.
They should just stay in the nickle because D.C. loves the playaction. Just let the nickle corner spy on RG3.
if we can contain RGIII in the pocket to pass, i'd let him try to beat us with his arms all day! their receivers aren't better than our DB's
Will Washington have trouble containing mr2? Is perhaps more of a question
Some posts were almost uncomfortably ironic.

This week should be a good indicator for Nolan. If he is what we hope he is, then the defense will adjust and we should look much better against the read option. If he is just another average DC (still better than Van Gorder), then we will struggle much the same but more importantly there will be no apparent adjustments.
I think this is going to be a case of the Falcons simply having a superior offense vs. a broken defense. I would expect some early exchanges up and down the field but the Falcon defense will be able to take advantage of RGIII being a rookie and making mistakes.

While the Falcon defense hasn't been terribly stout this year they have been opportunistic. I would expect a couple INT's and maybe a fumble recovery against the RGIII's. That is what gives me the confidence for this final score: Atlanta 36, Washington 24

The only thing that really concerns me is that the Falcon offense seems to be disappearing for long stretches in the 2nd half. Is this the same old Falcon coaching staff that is unable to make halftime adjustments while the opposing team is able to compensate for short comings in the first half?
I think he's gonna be a headache. Vick Jr. prototype but with better game skills, mindset, and passing game. Thank gads they have a suspect D esp in the secondary.
flush him to his left and hope he's as retarded as vick was to his right.
Sadly I've seen him getting chased left and he usually seemed to do just fine.
ray edwards nicholas and spoon will have to play sound contain then and mo's gonna have to be aware of the middle =)
Magic Man
Griffin is a nightmare, as most mobile QB's are, but I also agree with the wisdom that's being trotted out, that this team no longer has that "NO ONE CAN TOUCH US" mentality. We took it in the kisser from the Panthers for 60 minutes, and were able to gut out a win. I think the O-Line re-emphasizes the pass protection, and the D comes out bloodthirsty.

Falcons 32
Deadskins 14
**** yeah were gonna have a hard time containing RgIII, just like 31 other teams are gonna have a hard time. It's rare in today's NFL that you shut down a team. You have to decide what it is you want to prevent. PIck the lesser of 2 evils. If you plan on solely shutting down RGIII, you'e gonna be vulnerable in the secondary. Smitty won't allow that, so you're gonna see the same D you saw against Carolina.

He throws a lot of short, underneath passes, which is why his comp% is so high. Just like Cam, he's gonna pick up yards rushing, but as long as we don't give up 30+ yard plays, we'll be ok. They can score 21 on our D, but their D cannot prevent us from scoring 28+. That's the key to this game. Their D is sucks, and bad. Julio's hand will be better, so he'll play more of a role than just a decoy. Roddy should continue his dominance since Washington's secondary sucks.

Their front line cannot get pressure, so Ryan will have plenty of time to pick them apart. If Smitty stays out of the offensive playcalling, we can put 40 on them. If he gets involved, and we go conservative, we'll score less than 31. Between the couple of takeaways well get, and their bad D, we should easily win this game despite anything RGIII does. I say that in all seriousness.
RGIII is going to have a 79 yard TD run on us. Missed tackles galore.

I'm confident we'll be able to come up with a few different looks to neutralize RG3's running ability. He will be a phenomenal QB in this league, but he is a rookie, and I'm sure Nolan will cook up a number of different looks that will confuse him.
RG3 will break a few good runs, but Atlanta should win by at least a touchdown. Their pass D is awful. They won't be able to keep up unless their defense has a collective career day.
His yards per attempt is higher than Matt's. So whether its underneath or down the field he is somehow getting more yards per pass than we are.
Going against the Saints and the Bucs has a tendency to boost your YPA
The only NFC team with more Touchdowns than the Falcons is the Redskins(with one more TD). RG3 can put points on the board. The offense is going to have to control the game. I hope they can get Turner going early again. ]
I think it will be easier to gameplan for RGIII than Cam because the Redskins actually run an NFL style offense and not a college based offense. That's because RGIII is a much better passer than Cam and doesn't have to run nearly as much.
You do realize how many rushing touchdowns RG3 has right? And the fact that he has 209 yards rushing before todays game? He doesn't run as much as Cam though?
I watched 2 of the Redskins game and didn't realize he had ran that much. I just know that he's a better passer than Cam.
I couldn't help but smile at the next commenter. :)

He's also more classy then Newton.
The armchair DCs were out in force.

Sunday we pretty much got trounced by Cam Newton and his MV7 style of play.

This week we will face a smaller and faster version of Cam Newton in RG3.

When Vick was here, the one division rival that had the best rate of success neturalizing this type of threat was Monte Kiffen, DC of the TB Bucs who used the Quarterback Spy.

Granted that RG3 is going to get some yards on us and probably a score.
The idea here is to contain him as much as possible or in order to keep the damage to a minimum roar.
Couple this with Mike (Rat Boy) Shanahan we are likely looking at a high probability of a loss this weekend.
(Rat Boy is one of the best game planners in the NFL)
and By Gawd he will be bringing it and a bag of chips.

I hate bringing this Topic up because his staff will be seeking any bit of info they can including skimming this forum.

So Who is our QB Spy or are we just SOL?
Including skimming this forum. In that case Ray Edwards is the man for the job. Let em game plan for that.
Spoon spy RGIII. You can't stop him but you can contain him.
Dharma Initiative
Bob hasn't seen a defense like ours yet. He had good games against the Saints and Buccs....who aren't exactly stout defenses
Ah, BS, I agree RG is the real deal, but he no better than either Manning, Rivers, or even Cam at this point, he may bend us over on a couple plays, but he wont break us, and this is a defense Ryan will carve into pieces...
not uncommon to rotate the spy from multiple positons in the Front 7 and nickel, including the DT spot if you have an athlete there. Could see some interesting looks with 3 DEs on the field on passing downs for speed. If i'm not mistaken that may have already been a look we've shown this year. May have been with Kroy in the amoeba D
Quite honestly we don't have anyone on our team that can Spy RG3 straight up... we can contain his running but not stop it.

We also should not use the same guy each time, switch it between Moore, Spoon and Nic...
Decoud, Samuel and Robinson are too important in coverage
It's gonna be heavy blitz to one side with a role out player covering the inside gap on a delayed blitz. That's what I would do to confuse and force throws as we haven't used that type of coverage yet. We may save that for ykw
Some posts were. well, head-scratchers.

Yea , I think the struggles with Carolina opened some eyes. The coaches and the players better man up. Im looking forward to this one. RG3 is such a anomaly. Im ready for a great game in the rain!
Complacency? Not this time.

They won't take RGIII lightly

My only concern is the Skins are long overdue for a home win. They have lost their past 7 home games
Sun Tzu 7
Nah, Mora's Falcons could definitely have that problem but Smith's Falcons have been really good about taking teams seriously.

Let's not forget Carolina was a desperate/highly motivated team with a coaching staff that had extra time to prepare for us.

That being said the Skins aren't going to be a cakewalk either.

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