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The Falcons: Flying Too High?

O.K. it's official, the Redskins are no longer "the most disrespected team in the NFL" by fans of other teams.

As you might guess, Falcons fans are flying high at 4-0 with a couple of major wins, the second half demolishing of the Cowpukes and the butt-stomping they administered to the Texans. And, yes, they're pretty sure of a win against the Skins.

But, there were, perhaps grudgingly given, concerns about the Redskins as an opponent-something that for years I would never have expected to see from fans of a team on such a roll.

There were, as a number of fan forums have, a couple of threads set aside for smack talk, general snarky comments about opponents-this time the Redskins-but I skip those as not being useful.

The first few of these comments came from a thread titled "Don't Sleep on Washington"


Sorry I had to make this thread. Seems every game we played thus far, someone has made a thread of don't sleep on team "x".

So let's keep the trend going.


This was a feel good game for sure, but I don't want us to sleep on our next opponent.
We are flying high right now, but a subpar team always has the potential to knock you down.

Power I

I know who won't sleep on them. Kyle Shanahan might break records against his old team.


Their Defense is playing well, and their run game is good.


We kinda did sleep on Houston through much of the fourth quarter after the game was over. Woke up with a start for the last play though.


They're better than the Texans, but not by a lot.

If we can stop their run game, we should win by at least 10.

Of course, not everyone showed some level of respect for the Skins.


please, in the dome we should wipe the skins harder than a post-taco bell bathroom stinker


I think we'll be ready. Skins are better than I thought they'd be though.


It is not college football - its the NFL - if you have a bad week, you can lose. Redskins are an average team (not good/not bad) - if they had a QB, they could be good.

Falcons should win if they play their game - home game against average opponent - we should win - but I would say 80% chance Falcons win.....if they don't play well, they could lose - of course.


Kirk Cousins is garbage, and the Eagles made him look like Peyton Manning yesterday! Stop Reed, slow down Morris and Jones, the Falcons win by at least 3 TDs!


They are actually not bad. I agree with virginiafalcon they are a bit better overall than the Texans. Don't have to worry about a JJ Watt in the trenches. Matthews and Schraeder can handle Kerrigan. Cousins is better than Mallett but he runs hot and cold and in our house we can rattle him


He's going to be the key to whether this game is close or a walk-through for us. Cousins is capable of putting up points when he's hot. Our DL has got to keep him dinkin' and duckin' and put a serious damper on their passing game.


Their style kinda plays to our strengths. We are built to stop the run first. I have to go back and look at their games but I don't think they have that small shifty running back that always gives our teams fits. They have a good defensive front but their secondary is weak. And then there is Kirk Cousins. Their best offensive player is TE Jordan Reed who might not even play because hes in the concussion protacol. If we jump on them quick, that will take Morris and Jones out of the game since they will have to pass more.


After a quiet day yesterday, Julio is going to have a monster day against that secondary.


Just listened to some local sports radio in DC... Jordan Reed had a concussion against Philly and will probably be out this weekend.

They sounded pretty nervous to have to play us in Atlanta. Lots of respect for Kyle Shanahan.

Asylum Guido

Already calling this one. No way the Falcons lose at home.


Washing's defense is ranked 2nd in total rushing yards allowed per game. That sounds impressive on its surface. However, here are their opponent's offensive rushing rankings (total yards/gm)

Mia--31st (69 y/gm)
Stl--23rd (94 y/gm)
NYG--24th (93 y/gm)
PHI--30th (70 y/gm)

With a small sample size, you can argue that they are 25% of the reason that those numbers are so low. However, those teams are not running much in general. Another factor is that Washington leads the league in time of possession (we are 2nd), so their defense may not be seeing a high play count (I haven't checked it).

I'm not not going to completely sell that they are a good rushing defense. However, I am selling on the notion that they will shut our run down completely. We are the 13th ranked rushing offense. They haven't seen anything close to that yet. We may not light them up, but I think we can do enough to keep our play action passing game effective.


Yeah Dallas was #1, then they played us.

Clark Kent™

Redskins O line and D line are both legitimately good. I'm concerned with their rush offense. Not concerned with their run D because Ryan will just carve up their secondary if that happens, but their run game can be nasty.

(Yes, the little trademark symbol was part of this guys online name.)


Kyle should know exactly how/who to exploit that defense after his time there.

(Some of these fans were seriously into the alt-character stuff.)


Very well thought out post. I can't even combat it even if I wanted to. How can we affect their TOP may be a better topic to discuss.


Simple. Stop the run. That's how they control TOP. That's how we've controlled TOP.


Not that simple but I disagree. I think we have controlled TOP with our 3rd down conversions with the passing game as well as positive running in early downs. We have very long drives and that can only happen with balance.


Well, that's how the Redskins have done it. They're not going to try and put the game in Cousins' hands. If that happens, they're really screwed.


You control the clock by running because it doesn't stop after the play. An incomplete pass stops the clock. So typically the run game is the way to control the clock. Most good TOP teams control the clock on the ground.


zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...home game/NFCE sweep.

And finally, the best bravado award goes to...


With a win this week, we'd claim the NFC East crown along with our Texas Two Step Trophy. Only Glanville would literally stick a massive trophy in the sideline. That was a fun team.

We'll work more on the AFC South trophy as the year goes on. We might have to build a new case.

We shall see...
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