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The Falcons-Drama, meet Despair

Two of the most disappointing teams in the NFL facing each other. So what are the Falcons talking about concerning the upcoming game?

How they suck, of course.

Plus the soap opera known as the Redskins.

Mike Shanahan once in a while.

Shanhan sitting Griff was a major topic of conversation with a couple of interesting comments.

And Kirk Cousins.

Cousins worries them, and some of the comments say the least.


Think about it, if they are concerned about RG3's health and safety, why bench him against a team (Falcons) who can't get to the qb?

Im sure they know we have a terrible defense and a knack for making young inexperienced qbs look like Montana mixed with Marino.

Could this be their way of marketing Cousins to the rest of the NFL?


I think so, they got us then the cowboys god awful defense. Kirk Cousins stock is on the rise.


RG3 has been sacked 24 times in the last 5 games. Just think about that for a second lol.


I think even when Cousins plays, he going to gash us. Not like he won't have receiving options, and our pass rush is god awful. He'll be a statue hitting targets


Now with cousins starting, we might actually lose this game..


We will most certainly lose to Cousins, and simply because our coaching staff will be out coached by Old Man Shannahan. Bank it!


No sir we will win this Sunday easily.

Swift DA GOD

Cousins will be there Matt Schaub


Smart move, Cousins will be more effective then an injury hit RG3 plus if Cousins does well one of the teams contemplating drafting a QB may go for trading for Cousins and giving the Skins their 1st pick who traded a lot to get RG3. Also it saves RG3 from serious injury because the Skins OL has been let him get hit! Big Question, if Mike Shanahan (who is considered a very good Coach) can sit RG3 to save him for next year because the Skins have nowhere to go this year then when some on this Board suggest benching MR or some of the others and letting some of the young unknowns play to see what we have for the TOO IMPORTANT NEXT YEAR they are criticized?????


I traveled to Washington D.C. last year from San Jose, CA and was in the second row at the game. After RG3 got knocked out, I was really impressed with the play of Cousins. Good Pocket Passer who drove them down the field. He forced some balls towards the end when trying to stage a comeback, but we have all seen what he is capable of when taking over for RG3. With our defense, he should put up Ryan type numbers. Alfred Morris has a decent game. We lose by 6.


I actually like Kirk Cousins, he is a lot better than RG3. I just have a bad feeling that he is going to go off and pull a Nick Foles


what game is out there to suggest he is better than rg3? Obviously nothing.

He is better than Matt Ryan though

There was some optimism floated by Falcons fas, but not a lot.


Vegas had opened at 4 pts but has now climbed to 7 pts because RG3 to sit I imagine.


Surprised it's not 10.


I'd bet a prop bet that Cousins schools our D. Is there really any reason to be optimistic that he won't?


As long as our D-backs play tight coverage and not leave so much space as they have been we should do ok. When I see receivers run free and our coverage jogging behing with their thumbs up their azzes it pizzes me off. Regardless, we will jump out to an easy 14 pt lead, and have a sizeable halftime lead. Then ....... the second half has us taking a proverbial dump and win by less than 10 points.


so we'll lose by 8 then


Lmao that is what I felt too. I see us dominating the game until the 4th qtr. Then we all the go stagnant and lose the game in a strange manner.


Wow!! You are actually giving the routine second half collapse to wait till the 4th? No way we go through the 3rd without collapsing. It's impossible, lol.


I see it close. 3rd vs 4th is irrelevant. We'll put up a fight and not so mysteriously lose in the end.

Interesting comments about the current Redskins drama showed up, of course.


I was a believer when RG3 and Cousins were drafted that Cousins would end up being the guy you want as a franchise QB. He's struggled at times, but I put that mostly on the fact that he doesn't have the playing time other guys get. He's shown that he's got a great arm and can make some real good throws. That's no knock on RG3 either as he is equally great. I just have to believe that Cousins will end up being the guy before long, or he will be traded and find a permanent home elsewhere.

At any rate, Shanahan is as good as gone this coming off season. No way does it happen before the seasons end. The Skins' locker room is just dysfunctional right now, you can pick up on it in interviews with the players, especially RG3. And if Mike Shanahan goes, obviously so too does Kyle, right?


I don't think the Redskins benched RG3 because they are looking for the future. I think it's a desperate attempt by Shanahan to prove if they win these last games it's RG3's fault and he hopes it saves his job

Dem Birds

Shanahan is trying to get fired

Redskins fans will get a kick out of this response.

Julio Pwns

So can we get Kyle to come run the offense or is that a bad idea?

The snarkiest comment I found was this one.


Mike Smith would be a great fit for the Skins....

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