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The Eagles-Visiting Philly...again.

Eagles fans. What can I say?

Doing this Recon was like walking through a cow pasture-plenty of green grass but you have to watch where you step.

Mostly Eagles fans are confident but with some fans expressing concern, or even predicting a Redskins win-with a lot of mention of the home loss streak the Eagles have.


Yup were at home, mark another loss down.


Can wee request for the game to be played in Washington?


Skins 30
Eagles 24


Statistically these two are like looking into a mirror of each other but that doesn't reflect what we've been seeing with our D lately. Because of that Birds 31 Skins 20. Closer game then that score shows.


37 Eagles
21 Skins

I have a feeling Chip wont let his foot of the gas this time around


Eagles 34
Redskins 30


I look at the total offense, total defense, position ranking at, divide total yards by points, etc... and then take into account intangibles
This is a playoff game for the Redskins, this game at this point defines their season, so I expect some forced throws from RGIII and some runs.
However in the red-zone I think both teams run up some FG's.

dba042681 Is a loser

Billly curse is over


I predict a close game.


Eagles 35

Deadskins 14

Eagles D picks RGKnee off 3 times, one for a pick six.


I think the Eagles are a much improved team. But I have a bad feeling. Home-loss streak increases to 11. Defense continues to give up a lot of yards, but stops having success in the Redzone.

Redskins 38
Eagles 27


I'm going gang busters on this ****.

38-17 Eagles, with the final seven scored by Washington in garbage time. Defense blows everyone away...:p

Come on Eagles let's break the streak.


Eagles 31
Skins 24

At least this next guy's honest about how reliable his prediction is liable to be. :cool3:


Eagles 31

Deadskins 17 and RG111 gets a little banged up again. He be fine though. And the LOTTO numbers are 7- 7 - 7 - 9 - 3 - 1 - 1. :)


Eagles 41
Red Skins 24
Foles 4 TDs (ties 20 td mark)
Note this is my 66th post.. The best Eagles LB of all time also wore # 66 ... This must be a sign.. I guarantee a win for the Eagles


Eagles win this one big ...first home win in a dominant one. Foles is playing lights out and our defense is much better than in the beginning of the year. Eagles 41-17


Eagles win by at least 10.


Redskins 10
Eagles 28


Defense has a slight regression this week but offense will carry us to the win.

Eagles 31
Skins 27


RGIII has not been that great this year through the air

At this pivot week of the season I expect him to run. Probably the only opposing QB I will not cheer an injury is RGIII. Have some Foreskin fans under the roof at home and I can say that I like his attitude as he is "genuine" as a person.

I don't think Shanahan and his imp (kyle) did RGIII right last season allowing him to conclude that injury the way that went down on a muddy field.

They have a run game similar to Greenbay, hope we win early and that next season RGIII gets back on track. I hope he uisn't going to be similar to McNabb who never really got his footwork and legwork back after his knee injury, I stick with my prediction, we win by 10


Washington 31
Philly 17


24 - 17 Washington Football team

We are at home so automatic loss.

I ran across a few posts like this using a substitute word or phrase for the Redskins name, but most of them semed due to general "Redskins hate" and not a sincere positional stance.


dilluminati, on 14 November 2013 - 08:32 AM, said:

dba042681 Is a loser

Billly curse is over

Ok. I'll be here all of game day. Come talk to me then.

I predict yet another let down at a deathly quiet Linc with the usual smattering of boo birds. Redskins romp to get back in the thick of things in the division while the Eagles and Foles face more uncertainty about the direction of the franchise.

RG 3 turns in a 2010 Vick vs Redskins -like performance with two passing TDs and two rushing TDs proving that he is fully recovered from the knee injury. The skins defense adds a safety to make their score 30.

The Eagles get two rushing TDs from McCoy and one passing TD from Foles in garbage time. Henery goes 1 for 3 on field goal attempts with the two misses coming from outside 40 yards.


28-24 birds, i feel its going to be a close one down to the wire with us scoring the go ahead td with little time left


I got a feeling this one will be close!

Eagles 21
Redskins 17

Foles leads a fourth quarter comeback and he finally gets some national attention.


Eagles 17
Skins 21
RGIII leads a fourth quarter comeback and is all over ESPN once again....

Don Corleone

Eagles 33
Redskins 20

Both Shady and DJax crack the 1000 yard mark


Skins 30
Eagles 24


Washington has given up 30 pts or more in 4 of their last 5 games.
Philly hasn't given up more than 21 pts in a game since Denver spanked us 7 games ago.

Washington has scored scored more than 30 pts in 4 of their last 5 games.
Philly has avg 23 ppg in that same time span.

Washington's Offense is no joke. They will come to put it on us. Their offense hasn't been the problem. They will be the biggest test our defense has faced since Denver. Over their last 5 games, they have avg 28+ppg which would be good enough for 4th best this season.

Fortunately, Their defense has given up an avg 36+ppg over that same time period. Which puts them dead last in the league in points given up.

Now I understand that Philly today is different than Philly 3 weeks ago. But in the interest of fairness, If you use the Eagles last 5 games they are outmatched offensively only having scored 23 ppg to Washington's 28 ppg. So the big difference really comes in the defenses. Philly giving up 17 ppg over the last 5 games and Washington giving up that staggering 36 ppg.

This is of course not even factoring in Foles' groin or concussion. But just the Eagles as a unit... one that runs MUCH better with a healthy Foles than with anyone else.

All of this points to a dominating Eagles victory. We would have to collapse on both sides of the ball in order to lose... possible? Yes. Likely? Not really.


Kiss of death.


Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
Kiss of death.

lol I was thinking the same thing as I wrote it.... I am going to be blamed if we lose.... But dont worry I am eating nachos and making my dog wear a McNabb jersey... and that has worked the last two weeks.

John S
Originally Posted by The20thK View Post
lol I was thinking the same thing as I wrote it.... I am going to be blamed if we lose.... But dont worry I am eating nachos and making my dog wear a McNabb jersey... and that has worked the last two weeks.
Apparently, you have forgotten, they are 0-4 at home and have lost 10 in a row at home. This year they have lost to a bad Dallas team and to a really bad Giants team at home.


Home win less streak will be broken!Ugly defensive struggle,Eagles 10 Redskins 6!


This is the game that is going to define our season. Simple as that. Eagles win they win the division, they lose they aren't winning the division.


disagree. Dallas still has the tiebreaker on us right now so winning this game doesnt mean we will take the div nor does losing it mean we will lose it since we play Dallas again.

They are soooo confused. Maybe we can confuse them even more Sunday with a Skins win. :)
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