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The Eagles: Not Flying So High

I have not in the entire time I have been doing Redskins Recon ever seen the Eagles' fans like this.

They are depressed, despondent, not very fond of Chip Kelly right at the moment and, most unusual of all, not at all confident about winning the game against the Skins this weekend.

It's weird. There is a level of respect from a normally dismissive, contemptuous, degrading fanbase that I'm not used to seeing.

Oh, there's the normal posting of cute hater nicknames lke "Foreskins", Deadskins, and the like but what they're saying in the comments isn't brimming with the arrogant confidence I have gotten

used to seeing from this bunch. A few optimists of course predict a Philly win, but the rest...

Makes for a strange feeling, at least to me, when you read the comments.


we might have a chance if Bill Davis is able to scheme a full game and Chip is willing to alter his thinking this is the NFL not college


I have no doubt that the Eagles will beat the Skins, and the Vikings will beat the Giants. The weird one to figure out is the following week, Dallas/Washington. It sure would be nice not to have to beat the Giants in the finale - rest for Peters, Ryans, and the DBs.


The pitchforks and torches will be out if DJacc torches the Eagles




I hate his offense. I truly hate watching it, esp when it's getting its dick kicked in by a physical team like Arizona.

The receivers were absolutely bitch slapped the entire night.

Stings the nostrils. Pretty sure it'll all be over soon.

Big Little

The Foreskins are not as good as this bored makes them out to be

If Rex wasn't such a ****ing dumb ass they would have won that game yesterday!!

How do you not get Watkins involved early, often, and always!?!??!


The Eagles aren't that good either, unfortunately. And I think the D is running on fumes.

Maybe they'll nut up, maybe not. If they do somehow win the division and get Seattle in first game it might be a tough watch.

Big Little

Oh no the Eagles are definitely not good, but I can't stomach watching the ****ing Foreskins winning this division.

It's just not right


When you lose three straight to complete disgraces like Miami, TB, and Detroit you deserve to see a team like Washington take the division.


I don't think it is arguably the biggest game, it undoubtedly is. Obviously, if the Eagles win then week 17 becomes to the biggest game, but this is a must win.

Fans on this board are laughably pathetic though. Rooting for a pick that would be like 5 picks better instead of your team in the playoffs. Even if the Eagles get stomped in the first round, it is better than having to watch the Redskins or Giants play in the playoffs.


Lets say Rowe and Maxwell are out, do we just leave Thurmond deep the whole game? There is no way we leave Biggers or Watkins on D-Jax 1 on 1, he will kill us.


I'm predicting Sam Bradford is handily outplayed by Cousins


The way Bradford is playing he will not be our downfall. Our shoddy o-line, stalling running game, and anemic defense will be.


We are who we thought we were, a much lesser team than Arizona.

That doesn't change the fact that we have a divisional foe, who everyone and their mother thought was inferior to us and quite frankly, better be shown to be inferior to us Saturday night.

Win that game, and we can talk about the playoff possibilities.

Lose that game and we face harsher realities than ever pondered.

We need this team to win, if for no other reason that we cannot get into Phillies, Flyers and Sixers mode yet.

We need to beat the Washington Redskins for at home crissakes. We are fortunate to be in that position. 75% of the NFL would take advantage of that. We need to be as good as 75% of the NFL to have the right to think of the playoffs for another week.

Let's kick the Redskins Ass Saturday Night!!!


If we can't beat Was at home, we are in much worse shape than I thought.


I have no idea what you guys are watching, but Washington looks like a more complete team than the Eagles from what I'm seeing.

Our OL has morphed from a strength two years ago to a total liability now. The DL could be dominant but is inconsistent. The WRs are a #2, three #4s and a rookie who's playing like a bust. The LBs have talent but are inconsistent and the DBs are unreliable. The RBs are good enough but without an OL opening holes they're a non-factor and the TEs are good enough but without WRs or a running game can be contained. Bradford is starting to get there, but nobody knows if he'll either have the weapons to take the next step or if he'll even want to come back. There is no depth.

The offense needs players and the defense needs a new coach. I have no confidence this team can beat anyone on a given Sunday and when they do I wonder if they won or if the other team lost. A season that started with hope is ending with depression. This is a hard to team to be excited about.


Add to that the fact that Cousins is playing good football. He's a much more accurate passer than he is given credit for. Since getting trounced by the Pats in Wk 9 he's completed 75% of his passes 12 TD's - 2 INT . WAS has taken advantage of mediocre opponents, like we should have done vs TB and DET, and have gone 4-2 down the stretch (including a stinker in Carolina).

We might want to point at them and laugh, but we are in no position to do so. They are a divisional opponent and that generally means a close/tight game. With our QB's Jekyll & Hyde persona and his propensity for throwing bone headed INT's this game has disaster written all over it.


They look more competent in Washington, but they've continued to be bad on the road.

That's really our only hope in this one.


I'm rooting for the playoffs, I don't care if we get smacked in round 1/ lose a couple spots in the draft

Anyone who isn't rooting for us to beat the freakin Deadskins or Vagiants doesn't truly bleed green, c'mon bros

With that said, I hope we destroy DeSean on Sunday

I ran into something I haven't seen before-an anonymous fan forum on an Eagles fan site. Comments are posted without names, IDs, or anything else. Just the comments.

Weird, but some of the comments were good so I included them.

Do The Eagles Win Out to Win the Division?

Well, they would be idiots to strut around like they're hot shit when they're sitting at 7-7, heading on the road to face a division opponent whom they needed a last second comeback to beat in their first meeting.

As for the rushing defense, let's not pretend they've been getting gouged all year long. They completely shut down the Jets (47 yards) and held the Saints, Giants, and Dolphins to under 100 yards rushing. They held four other teams to under 110 yards rushing. They were torched by superior teams in Carolina and Arizona and an inferior team in Tampa Bay. Buffalo ran well in the first half and was then shut down in the second.

They gave up one long run against Washington. Otherwise, they mostly held their ground game in check. However, they couldn't do much of anything to stop Cousins, especially when it mattered most. Considering that the Eagles may be down to their 4th and 5th string cornerbacks, if Washington comes out running instead of passing and loses this game, Gruden should be fired immediately after the final snap.

Cousins is pedestrian on the road, but TBF, they've had to face the Giants (TNF), Jets, Pats, Panthers, Falcons (while they were undefeated) and Bears. The Bears game he looked really good, aside from a comeback from the Bears.

I think Washington will gameplan to run a lot, wear down the defense, balance the attack and take shots here and there with Desean (speaking of Desean, you could tell the difference in his play as of late - his cuts are sharp, and he looks like he's bought in to the offense - he really looks like a different receiver). Reed is a dangerous target, Garcon makes tough catches, and their offensive line has been playing well as of late. They're not as good as Arizona, but it's not like the Eagles have shown the ability all year to stop the run. And they can jump out to a quick lead. If they do that, and the crowd gets restless, it could get ugly.

The thing I'm reading down here, though, is that none of Washington's players are sniffing themselves - they've got a mentality that this is going to be a tough, brutal game and are preparing accordingly.

DC's not a top team. That said, they're got confidence, Cousins is playing quite well, and their defense is strong enough to keep teams out of the end zone. Plus, they are a physical bunch. Meanwhile, Mychal Kendricks comes out and says "We got something for Washington" mere minutes after getting throttled on national TV by the Cards.

It's going to be a slugfest if the Eagles show up. I'm getting flashbacks of last year, when they got beat by Seattle, looking ahead to a Cowboys team they thought they could beat, and got outclassed for 3 quarters. When you add how some players (LJ for example) feel about playing in front of the home crowd, it could unravel if they don't come prepared.

I'm not so sure about DC but I have them [Eagles] losing to the Giants in the finale. DC beats Dallas and makes the postseason regardless.

OBJr's suspension is for a week and I'm sure he's going to come back eager to get some football in, he'll ruin Philly.

I have never seen the Eagles fanbase so depressed about playing the Redskins at home. :untroubled:

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