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The Eagles-Nick Foles time?

Michael Vick has yet another concussion, Andy Reid's seat seems to get hotter and hotter, the wheels keep falling off the "Dream Team" wagon and Nick Foles looks like the "heir apparent" in the attempt to right the badly listing ship of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now they're coming to play the Redskins-who are having, let's say, "performance problems" of their own and Eagles fans are at what might be described as a "low point" in confidence.

How low? I ran across one thread with the following title;

"I long for the McNabb days"

That low.

Slogging through Eagles fan boards was not the most fun thing I've done doing these Recon reports-some aren't too bad...but some...jeez! There was a lot of "***Reid","**** Vick", "**** (insert name here)","**** you!"-usually aimed at another poster on the same thread, "We suck ****(insert human or animal appendage)"...etc. Not pleasant.

Best case scenerio the oline does just enough to keep Foles alive and he puts up respectable numbers 20-39-220-1-1 but we still lose 24-13. I know if we try really hard we can get a top 4 pick.

Excited to see what the kid can do with a full week of practice with the 1st team.

It's good that he gets a chance to show something...but c'mon...there's nothing to look forward to here. The rest of the season will be a trainwreck, no matter what.

How have the Skins defense been looking lately? I haven't been watching them and just remember them losing Orakpo.

their secondary is horrible

There was some cute sarcasm once in a while...

Let's see Foles will go out there and throw for 400+ yards on the 31 ranked Washington Def, then another on the Cowboys.... Vick will some how get his job back and at the end of the season they can trade him for 2 first rounders to Arizona!!!!!

What was apparently a Skins fan showed up and didn't even receive a snarky response. Over 180 views and nobody "bit." Trolls have a hard time there I guess. :rolleyes:

Prediction: This place will love Nick Foles by 4:30 Sunday
That's no secret (Great phrase by the way IG)

I know you guys have been pissing and moaning about the state of this season, and it hasn't been any better in my neck of the woods beyond our rookie QB giving us hope for the future. I have a gut feeling that this "bored" will be singing Nick Foles' praises when the game is over.

That doesn't mean I think Philly will win. Hell, this is one of the few times in recent seasons where I think the Skins have a decent chance, but we (yeah, I'm a "we" guy) have one CB who is great in run support, always goes for the INT, and frequently gets torched (Hall) and another who is adequate in coverage but makes few big plays (Wilson). And our safeties are possibly the worst in the league.

I expect and am resigned to the fact that Foles will probably have at least one 50+ TD pass to one of your WR's, since they're much faster than our secondary, and possibly a second TD. He will probably go over 300 yards passing. Your TE's will probably catch at least 7-8 passes due to checkdowns and the fact that London Fletcher is noticeably slower than last year and can't cover nearly as well. Foles will probably throw an INT or two since he's a rookie and
despite our abysmal yardage stats, the Skins are somehow tied for 6th in the league with 10 INT's. But you will be happy with his performance.

Some "Rah-Rah! Go Eagles" posts weren't met with all that much enthusiasm.

How about an Alcoa fantastic finish?!!


Let's see what Foles can do as a starter. But I seriously doubt we'll beat Redskins.

Our Run D was bad in the first half, it got better in the second, but it need to play like that all game for us to even have a chance against Morris/RG3

Foles' first start - with Vick having a 'severe concussion', Reid now has a chance to save his bacon by making Foles look good. We will all expect a much more balanced game with lots of Shady, but will it be enough?

Bob Griffin vs. Wide 9 - a staple of the Shanny offense is to use a load of roll outs off play action pass. With Babin chasing the ball as much as Coleman (contain? Who needs to contain!), Griffin could be up for a load of yardage on the ground

Andy Reid vs. himself - Reid knows his seat is rather toasty now. Will he go full trolland and throw the ball 40 times (knowing the Skins are vulnerable in the rear of their defense) or will he bring balance to the force, sorry, offense and actually use McCoy and Brown


We should lose this one.

How many times does nick foles let the redskins defense score? limit it 1 this week?

I miss the days of Sexy Rexy.

We couldn't tackle Romo and Felix Jones, I don't see how we're going to fare well against RGIII and Alfred Morris. We're about to get our tails kicked in unless Nick Foles is the second coming of Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

I feel like we'll stop Morris, but an obscure Redskins back will step up and rush for 200 on us.

Helu is on IR

Tim is not on the team no more

Roysters a joke.

31-17 Eagles

Redskins have no defense the O has regressed every week while you add we have no otivation to win and we are 0-8 since 2006 against rookie QB's.

On one of the more obscure Eagles boards there was even a little more optimism.

I can't wait to see rook vs rook go at it, and what's even better about it is if it turns out to be a great game, it will be the start of a whole new rivaly that we'll get to see every year. And as these young guys grow to hate and or respect each other with every close brutal game shaping each others season by either keeping the other out of ther out of the playoffs being the reason the makes it in we'll be able to compare their careers side by side going forward.
I dont know guys but I have a feeling this could be the beginning of something special, what do yuo think???

I agree. RG3 as a big advantage since he has been playing all season though. I have a good feeling about this one. The Skins secondary sucks and I see Andy dialing up some bombs to Jackson early to catch them off guard

Both our D's suck so this could be a shoot out i would love to see a 34 - 31 type game that comes down the last drive all offense, let the defense stay on the bus i want to see these 2 guys really show the world what they have then do it again in a couple of weeks it could be like when ever McNabb played Eli,
you just knew it was going to be a shootout every year. I used to love those games.

Skins by ten.

I guess on the bright side if there is any,it will keep the Eagles in the mix for a top 5 draft pick.

Woo hoo top 5 pick........ too soon?

of course there isnt a rg3 or luck this year...dam wish johnny football wasnt a freshman.. haha

The road to the Bowl, starts with Foles.

Your Foleadelphia Eagles ladies and gents.

And there was one Eagles fan who did his best to paint a rosy picture no matter the outcome.

The second pick in the draft going up against the 3rd rounder.

The good thing is the Skins secondary is absolutely atrocious but we are the Philadelphia Eagles where we make anything that is supposed to be awful look great.

Lastly this is a win win situation for us.

If we win and the Giants on a bye were 2 wins back of the division title with one game still left against the Giants who also still have to face the Packers, Saints, Falcons and Ravens.

If we lose that means we will be looking really good draft pick wise. We eliminate another team were tied with who gets a win over us. The Rams and Jets play each other so even if they tie that is another team that moves up higher in the standings.

So either way as an Eagle fan its happy times and we'll be smiling no matter what.

P.S.-No matter the outcome, there will be a head coach who will be feeling wrath like he's never felt before, methinks.
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