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The Eagles: Grudging Respect?

Not really a ton of game commentary but what there is is kind of interesting in some ways.

There are some surprising similarities between Redskins fans and Eagles fans going on.

Right now, Chip Kelley is about as highly regarded by Eagles fans as Jay Gruden is by Redskins fans.

They ain't delirious about their HC either, in other words.

Bradford and Cousins are pretty similar in fan regard as well; actually Brafdord looks to have fewer defenders than Cousins.

One notable difference I have been noticing emerging lately, however, is the decrease in straight-out disrespectful, anti-Redskin

hater snark showing up in opposing fan boards-Eagles fans included. There is more recognition of the Redskins improved areas and we seem

not to be as lightly regarded as in the past.

There is something to be said for an outsiders perspective....

Dubbed 17

While the Eagles have some ongoing injury concerns on defense, Washington are dealing with injuries on both sides of the ball.

On offense, guard Lauvao is likely OUT, and DJax still remains questionable. Tackle Moses is also dealing with an injury.

On defense, DeAngelo Hall is OUT, with Riley's status still unknown.

Bradford still hasn't demonstrated anything in the way of consistency or reliability, so going forward I'm still concerned about our passing

game. The run blocking was significantly improved however, and Sproles and Mathews were able to finally move the football against the Jets.

Like others, I am very confused as to why Ertz and Celek have been silent and completely underutilized in the pass game. With Bradford still

trying to establish himself and the receivers not yet showing significant production, the TEs should be major targets.

Alfred Morris had very few carries against the Giants, however the Redskins still have a strong running game. Without DJax, Jordan Reed has got

to be our main worry as he's been effective so far this season and we have shown in the past that we struggle against NFCE TEs! D. Hall injury

weakens a secondary already missing a starting safety. Riley's status will be important through this week as their defense will struggle to

manage without two veteran playmakers.

The Eagles will have to wait to see the severity of Thornton and Kendricks' injuries, but even more important for this Sunday's game may be the

status of Riley and DJax.


Interesting, but the Eagles could not even take advantage of half a Dallas team for nearly half of a football game of football. So nobody is

going to get all amped about who is in or out.

BTW...the Skins may be the most complete team, outside of how QBs look so far, in the NFCE. They can lose to the Skins easy if they don't play


Stephen 1

yeah, the skins have an improved OL, good backs, even without DJax Garcon is pretty good...the defense does not suck....problem is the

QB...depends on which one shows up....the Eagles are good at forcing turnovers.....Cousins is turnover I think the Eagles should be



Who will suck less? Bradford or Cousins?

And Agholor needs to make a damn catch. He has yet to get one reception. Granted he should have a few but hes had some bad drops. Really all of

our wrs including our RBs have had really bad drops. Im hoping that Chip is going to work on that this week in practice.

But I,like our chances. Washingtons D isnt bad at all but our defense is a top unit and we should have no excuses at all if we let them score

more than 17 points really.

This is a big game for us. We win and were back to 2-2. Itlll also depend how we look. The defense needs to prove that it can continue to be

consistent and the offense needs to make a big step forward especially the passing game.


Need Jordan Hicks to do a good job on Jordan Reed.

I'm assuming DeSean will play, but won't be 100%.

Two Gap Penetrator

For as long as I can remember, that team always found a way to f*ck us up. We always had the Vagiants number, but not the 'Skins.

art vandelay

this game does worry me though. week 3 against the redskins last year wasn't easy. made kirk cousins look way better than he was. they also

have a strong D, and our OL is in similar disarray to what it was at that point last season.


Both OL/DL will be tested this week.


Mychal and Demarco should be back? With a small chance of Kiko returning?

I think Kirk Cousins is worse than Fitzy. Just take away the 3-step drops and quick throws, and make him throw downfield.

As for our offense, just score.


Rush 3, drop 8, send Barwin occasionally, send Hicks occasionally as he looks like he has some giddy-up.

The Cousins of the world are not supposed to beat you if you are a legitimate playoff team.

Interesting game.

Washington blows on offense. And if they can't run the ball, they are really cooked.

But defensively, they could give us some issues, at least up front. Hall is out so if there is a week for Bradford to start putting his shit together, maybe this is the week.


Kiko is definitely out. He's getting a second opinion on his knee whether or not to get surgery and be out for the year. He'll be back in

philly Friday so we'll know then his forecast. However, even its its optimistic, he'll need some weeks for rehab. 2-3 maybe?

I think we'll be fine defensively as long as the line plays as well as it did last week.

Who knows with the offense? I need to see some consistency in the OL to make any predictions. Obviously, if we establish the run game I think

it's a win. But, it's a big if. I have no real confidence in the offense. Gotta take it game by game with them.

Love the D as of now against average offenses. Optimistically, I'll say 20-14 birds.


Washington's defense looks pretty good this year, but the Eagles D should be able to contain the run force enough turnovers to make life

easier for the offense. Bradford makes less mistakes this week, Agholor gets his first touchdown, Mathews and Sproles get some good production

out of the backfield, Birds win 27-17


Bradford is gonna check-down the hell out of the Redskins. 284 passing yards. 34/47 completions.

The possibility of Joaquin affecting the game got a mention or two.


I don't gamble, but this is fascinating: your fun stat of the week - since the Thanksgiving Day game, the Eagles have killed Vegas - 0-5 as a

favorite since then, and the wins they've had are when they were underdogs (Giants/Jets). this week? Giving 3 points to Washington.

Considering the predictions of a lot of rain (I think the hurricane isn't supposed to hit land until Sunday night/Monday morning, but what do I

know), Dino is right in that weather will play a factor. Combined with the sloppy field conditions of FedEx and that both defenses are actually

kinda good, and it's gonna be a slog to watch, let alone participate in.

Even beyond that, both teams haven't matched their expectations thus far, and the scary thing is whoever wins this is in 2nd in the NFC (L)East.

Eagles will break this streak while keeping last week's one intact.

Sounds of Philly 13
A Go Go 10


If we're playing in heavy rain, it'll be a bit like the Detroit snow game. Basically, whichever team runs the ball better will win.


Skins have some injuries, heavy rain or not DL/OL that sets the tone wins the game.

Could be spot on there...

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