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The Eagles-2nd game-Secondary Issues

It's never a "pleasure" to visit Eagles fan boards-their fans are, to put it kindly...weird. Nasty to each other, I mean things can get "testy" here but we don't refer to each other as "Lardass" or "c*nts"-and this is posters referring to other posters-other fan board members, not even other teams fans, coaches, players or anything like that.

It makes me want to spray hand sanitizer on my keyboard during the Recon visit. Yuck.

Anyway, Eagles fans were taken down a bit after the loss to the Cowboys Sunday night.

Well, maybe taken down a lot-even at 9-5 a few expressed a concern over a possible loss to the Redskins-not very many, to be honest, but a few.

Eagles fans found time to comment on Jay G.'s public statements about the game. And DeSean.

And their secondary.

Am embarrassing Sunday night prime time loss can instill a lot of humility and frustration.

Jay G.'s public comments are noticed far beyond the Redskins realm, BTW.


He praised Jeremy Maclin's performance and not so much concerning Desean Jackson. He talked about his injuries and his blocking as a wide receiver. I wonder if this is going to hurt Desean's feelings. :D


Gruden is clearly trying to talk his way out of Washington ... he knows that place is so dysfunctional that he's better off getting fired.

E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles

His quotes about the greatness and professionalism of Maclin over the performance of Desean is a classic insult/motivational tactic. Little Gangsta is probably stewing away right now.

Call me crazy, but I'm not looking forward to Desean going all Dez Bryant on Badley this week.


Oh now it's a motivational tactic

that must've been lost on Griffin this season


The comments about Maclin seems like the typical praise that Kelly usually gives to opposing players.

And his comments about DeSean seem nothing more than a little frustration with the injuries he has been dealing with and not being able to go 100%.


This is the week where DeSean Jackson can get his revenge
and effectively end the Eagles' season.

Could you imagine that?

Dan Drives a Van

Against this secondary?

Yes. Yes I can.


We're all suffering a crisis of confidence IG. And DeSean may very well get a touchdown or two. The problem is he is on a team that doesn't necessarily have a QB who can get him the ball, a decent O-line protecting said QB and a defense. Deadskins are a cluster****. I know on any given Sunday and all that but... frankly I'm a bit more concerned about Odell Beckham. Eli still has his moments and can get that guy the ball.


Can't see a problem if Bob Griffith is starting.


If we don't make the playoffs, he will get the last laugh. If Jackson was still on this team, we would definitely be in.

Eagle Road


I don't care how good your rec, is, somebody still has to get the ball to him.


At this point nothing would surprise me. I mean we are talking about DJack lining up opposite Fletcher come Sat. Hell that could be TD #10 ,11 and 12 given up by him on the season.

Bradley Fletcher isn't ecxactly a "fan favorite".


Chip Kelly quote: "Bradley Fletcher has allowed the most TDs (9) and second-most yards (908) among all NFL cornerbacks this season, according to Pro Football Focus.

Asked why he’s sticking with Fletcher, Kelly said this:

“I’ve seen Fletch compete. I think he gives you everything he has, and the one thing I like about Fletch is that he’s going to compete out there."

Chip logic. I'll be the first to say I love Chip Kelly as our coach, but his roster and decision making have been really questionable. First you release your best WR and he lands on a team in your division and get NOTHING in return, your first round pick is healthy and riding the bench getting no experience and you'd rather have Casey Matthews start. Now you have him stubbornly, publicly, support one of the statistically worst CBs in the league? Come on Chip you sir have drove me crazy this year.


Chip isn't going to publicly denounce his players. Of course he's going to defend Fletcher. And the reason why he's going to start the rest of the year is because we don't have anyone better. People thought Sanchez was going to lead us to the Super Bowl JUST BECAUSE HE ISN'T NICK FOLES, the classic 'grass-is-definitely-greener' logic.

A couple of posters riffed of a DeSean quote to blast much-unloved-by-Eagles-fans WR Riley Cooper.


DeSean Jackson wrote:
"They’ve still got [Jeremy] Maclin. I’m happy for my boy. He’s been dealing all year. But it’s Maclin and that’s all they’ve got."

An idiot but I'm kinda glad he called out Cooper. Dude sucks.


Cooper is pretty damn terrible. I can't think of a worse starter on any other team. There may be some guys as bad as him, but not worse. No reason he should be getting more snaps than Matthews, Ertz, or Huff.


In a way, I can understand why Gruden us doing what he's doing (though I think he's gone a little too extreme) - the Shanahan's basically put Griffin on a pedestal, giving him special treatment and basically making him untouchable. Gruden is making an example out of the 'prized possession' of Washington to show all the players that they are accountable for their actions and no one is unbenchable.


Yes, but do that internally as opposed to publicly.
There is nothing to gain by attacking a 24 year old player by giving the media negative things to talk about.


Anyways, knowing our luck, RG tree will channel his inner Steve Young and go 300-100 on our pathetic excuse for a secondary.


This is either a morale booster or a trap.


Yeh, we really need a statement game here. Can't have a close game.


This game has no business being close if we're still the team we hope we are. Guaranteed if we put a thrashing on the Redskins it'll rev up the homers proclaiming we're a Championship caliber team and that Mark Sanchez has vindicated himself.

Our statement games were against Green Bay, Seattle, and against the Dallas in our second meeting where both teams had a full week's rest and both teams were in an urgent situation.

I think those who have a more realistic view of our team are expecting us to win these last two games... we're a good team that doesn't stoop down to inferior teams; we take care of business against the Washingtons and the New Yorks.

This is just my opinion, but winning by a mile wouldn't really be much of a statement, the only statement to be made is if we somehow find a way to lose to these terrible teams.
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