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The Eagles-1st time Around: Are the Redskins for real?

Beat an opponent, even a weak one, 41-10 and sack their QB 10 times people tend to notice.

Do it with your starting QB being injured early and your backup QB playing most of the game and people really notice.

Eagles fans did.

The threads and comments about their upcoming game with the Skins started even before their big MNF encounter with the Colts.

(8 threads on six fan boards with a total of 266 posts as of Thursday noon.)

Opinions about this game are by no means unanimous in Igglefanland even though most seem to think they'll pull out the win.

Griffin's injury, Cousins being the starting QB, our performance against the Jags, and concerns about Foley's recent performances were notable conversation topics. So was our DL, naturally.

Oh yeah, some other Redskins names popped up here and there, names like Kerrigan, Morris, Jackson (DeSean of course), even Meriweather.

On Cousins replacing Griffin due to injury, Philly fans are mostly more scared of Kirk than Robert with a few not caring.


Weird how he gets hurt, then they score a td immediately. I'd rather play the skins with Bob than Cousins


This injury gives the Skins a better chance to win. Cousins is a better player right now.


We'll see how he does after teams have a week to prepare for him.


I'm a better player right now. Cousins was horrible last year, people forget that.


I do NOT get the Cousins slobbing. How many games has the dude won as a starter? He's not freaking Peyton Manning.

And how is it a foregone conclusion already that he's miles ahead of RG3? Let's let the dude beat some good teams before annointing him as anything.


Sad to say, it may be the best thing that happened for Gruden. Now he can run his offense with a QB who seems to run it perfectly.

Sorry to see a talent like RGIII be so injury-plagued. Even though I don't think he's been a very good QB since his knee injury, he is still a talent.


Cousin's best games have come agaisnt teams who have game planned for RG3. Those guys are sort of polar opposites in terms of their mobility, arm strength, pocket presence and how quickly they get the ball out. For Cousin's there's also more and more tape on him. Last year was a good proxy to see how he does when teams can prepare for him.

Anyway, it's also a two sided sword. The better he does the team will naturally win more, but there's more pressure on RG3. The worse he does it validates drafting/extending RG3 and could provide higher draft picks in the offseason. Right now RG3 is under a microscope and unfortunately any success had without him will count against him.

One Philly poster with the cute name "fatbastard" seems to have trouble getting names right.


Some people here need to be reminded that Kurt Cousins is ....well...Kurt Cousins. If you folks watched the game on Monday night, we beat a QB named Luck (who had a good running game) on the road. With the 1-2 punch of Shady McCoy and Darren Sproles as well as the no huddle offense will wear out the Washington Defense. Eagles will win this game IMO and not give up more than 13 points since I dot not think the Washington defense is better than the Indianapolis Defense

Kurt?? Uh...right.


It doesn't matter which QB plays for the Redskins. Our D shut down Luck tonight, he had 69 yards through 3 quarters. When golden boy Luck had the ball and national media everywhere assumed Luck would lead a comeback, our D gave him a nice 3 and out

Redskins are gonna lose. Bad.

A very different view came from another thread with the ominous-for Eagles fans at least-title " Redskins Game Will Be Very Tough"


I have a bad feeling about this game.

Just seems when a player returns they have a great game and get their revenge. Reminds me a lot of the McNabb game when he first returned back to Philly.

Not that I miss Djax ( because I couldn't stand him and glad he is gone) but I think he will have a great game, plus Cousins will have a hot arm for the next couple of games and add in the struggles of Foles, our injuries on the O-line, the short week, and emotional last second win. I just don't see this as a win.

I hope I am wrong but I see this as a loss.....but we will beat them easily the next game


Only real worries for me are how the D holds up against a better run game this week and whomever is at RT vs Kerrigan.


It will be interesting watching our revamped OL against that Redskins front. Yes, I know the Jags suck but Washington had 10 sacks in that game, which is staggering.


Their front is active and will create isolated issues over the course of three hours but I am confident Kelly and the staff will scheme and coach up the new guys.

It's a division game and it's Washington which means unusual shit could happen. Our staff minimizes that in my opinion and I'm not worried about how "tough" a game it will be. Honestly, it should be tough and I hope it is from a growth standpoint. The tougher the better.


I think the Skins bring a four sacks with them and a power running game that will give us problems.

A real close game, a sweat it out 3 pt win.

Foles worries me. He just doesn't look comfortable. Hard to imagine him being comfortable with four sacks. If he was Foles of last year, we'd be overrun with legit Super Bowl talk.


Sorry, I'm not drinking the Redskins koolaid after they beat the Jags. The Jags blew their wad for the entire season in the first half of week one. They suck.

The Skins have issues of their own. LMAO at anyone thinking they are some kind of juggernaut. This is the same team that got run over by Houston week 1.

The Eagles need to play 4 quarters, and not spot them a lead, and it will be a tough game, but the birds should win this one at home.

Eagles 38 - Skins 24


Our D gave up 3 red zone TD's, two I didn't see a LB in the play on Bradshaws scores. How does that happen? I don't think the Skins are a good team, but I do think there are some match up problems, specifically OL vs their DL. Skins don't have much to lose they can play loose and pressure Foles, especially with how poorly Foles has started the last two games. I'd blitz all day long.


Not sure how much blitzing they should do with Sproles on the field. And Ertz too for that matter.


We're stretching our depth on the OL, if blitzing is effective McCoy and Sproles have to pick up LB's and will have no impact on the passing game. If there's a lot of pressure on Foles it takes those deeper seam routes Ertz is so good at away. If the Blitz doesn't work you get hammered. If you play it straight up you can't score with the Birds you lose. I expect the Skins to come out flying trying to get into Foles face force TO's and shorter fields. I don't think they can just sit back and let Kelly dictate or they'll definitely get beat. Its an East game I expect things to get weird, be chippy, and ultimately be close, we're a better team, but ya know how that goes, we struggled against Dallas last year too, and their D was historically bad by any standards.


Well it doesn't look like Kendricks will play this Sunday. Chip Kelly said it's very doubtful. If Kendricks doesn't play then the Skins will exploit us. I don't see how the defense can contain the Skins. It really does look like the Skins will win this game. Very bad. We will be 2-2 after the next 2 games. We will lose to the Skins then to the Niners. Not good. Not good at all. Good thing we lucked up and got 2 wins we very easily could have lost.


I tend to think we are more vulnerable to underneath stuff with the TEs, FBs and RBs. I think that's where they'll have opportunities against us.

My guess is they'll tey to prick us to death with the occasional deep look. Keep the chains and clock moving. We need to tackle on contact and converge. Limit the YAC on crosses and swings.

Who's their backup QB by the way?


Colt McCoy.

Their version of Matt Barkley.


Washington is going to have to score early and often in order to win this game and they are going to have run time off the clock. What the Eagles have shown over the first two weeks of the season and really last year is they are the best conditioned team in football and they will wear you down. I dont think Washington is a better team than the Colts, but they will be a big test as they are probably more complete than the Colts especially on offense with their run game.


Cousins isnt anything special, its just that rg3 sucks that bad. Alfred morris could be a problem, but the skins line is pretty subpar. And those corners could be worse than ours, if foles has a decent game we win by 28. I cant see a scenerio where we lose this game.


Definitely have our work cut out for us against the Redskins next week, but the coaching staff should welcome it. I think the past two games have been a little up in the air--I don't think anyone really knew what we were gonna see from the Jags or Colts for sure. You know what you're getting with Cousins and that defense, so hopefully Philly comes out swinging.


I'm curious what their defensive game plan will be? Obviously they got after Henne and that pitiful Oline but we're not Jacksonville.

Do they blitz like crazy trying to get to Foles?
Try to take away Shady in the run game?
Try to take away Shady in the screen game?
Try to take away Sproles in the run game?
Try to take away Sproles in the screen game?
Play Press man with Ertz, Maclin ,Cooper and Mathews?
Play zone and Prey?

They can't do it all so which poison are they going to attempt to shut down? This isn't Henne, Gerhart, Lee, Lewis and a UDFA WR.

Meriweather's return hasn't gone unnoticed in Philly either.


Redskins have cut Bacarri Rambo to make room for Brandon Meriweather.

He's returning from his suspension just in time to face us.

I know the Redskins have only played the Texans and Jaguars, but their defense has looked better than last season, especially as they weren't even on the field when Houston scored half of their points.

Few good young players in Kerrigan, Amerson and Robinson, along with vets Orakpo, Cofield and Hall. Replace Rambo with Meriweather (which is definitely an upgrade) and on paper it's certainly not a weak group.

A lot of the focus this week will be on the two offenses but I'm always intrigued by the defensive matchups and who we're throwing at and running over.

I predict another Merriweather suspension coming. This guy is the dirtiest player in the league. I honestly think he's a dumbarse who can't comprehend.

One board has a "Predict the Score" thread and most, but not all, predict an Eagles win.

Some just posted a score-others had comments to offer


35-23 Eagles. Foles has a strong showing Cooper and Maclin both get a Td.


Deadskins win it with a late FG, 20-17. They have been running the ball effectively, Eagles rush defense struggled last week, and coming off Monday Night is also a negative


I feel obligated to pick an offensive break out every week until it occurs. It's been there for the taking both weeks and we have shot ourselves in the foot.

Eagles finally come out sharp on O, the Redskins' pass rush is negated early on with the screen game, one of Sproles/Shady score on a long wheel route, and our defense has little trouble holding Washington in tact.

41-17 Eagles.


27-17 WAS

Foles will start off slow again. This time there won't be a comeback. Fans will start screaming for Sanchez.


Red Potato Skins make it closer than it should be: EAGLES 27 skins 24

And, as usual, there is one who just offers an overall analysis.


The eagles have looked shaky early in the first two game of the season so far but have found a way to rally after halftime to win both games. In fact they are the first team in NFL history to overcome to 14 point defecits to start the season 2-0. That however is not a recipe for long term success in the NFL.

The redskins just lost RG3 for an extended period of time only to have Kirk Cousins come in and look like a star against the Jags. Now the Jags are truly dreadful so that has to be taken with a grain of salt but which cousins we see this week will go a long way in deciding the outcome.

Keys to the game:

- Nick Foles needs to play better. He has been in a weird funk these first two weeks. Is it him missing having a true #1 receiver? Is it a little bit of discomfort with his starting OL down?

Whatever it is Nick needs to perform better, we know he has the ability from what he did last year he just needs to get it down better early in games.

- Protect Nick. I don't think the Colts actually sacked Nick last night, but still there were some pressure issues on the right side of the line. This week we aren't facing a team with an inept pass rush. Ryan Kerrigan a great pass rusher will be lining up against our third string RT. Chip will need to game plan more to try and keep kerrigan off Nick.

- Feed the beasts. McCoy and Sproles are the two most dynamic players in the NFL right now. Get them the ball early and often.

- Stop making mistakes. Penalties and drops were killing us last night. Can't expect to do that a lot in games and hope to win.

- Defense needs to be more stout against the run this week.

Well this is the first NFC east bout of the season. Hopefully we go out there and prove what ever talking heads thinks. The eagles are the only good team in the division and the rest are just there for us to walk all over.

That last line-the one about being "just there for us to walk all over" makes me look forward to the Redskins providing a bed of hot coals for that stroll. Hail.
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