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The Drive

Something's happening here. And what it is, is EXACTLY clear.

To me, anyways.

Since the Saints game, I have been patiently telling myself that this season is a learning season, the expectations will come full force next year and every year after that. This season is one we can sit back and enjoy, because there are no expectations.

Thank God Robert Grifin III doesn't listen to me.

(and while you're at it, thank Him that Alfred Morris doesn't either)

I know "The Drive" and "The Catch" are reserved for truly exceptional playoff performances, and to use that kind of terminology for a mundane regular season Monday Night game is... silly.


But that drive in the 2nd half, the 12 play, 86 yard TD drive was masterful. And it changed my view on THIS season. That drive that evinced memories of the Hogs and Gibbs' Riggo drill, was the most fun I've had over a 7 minute stretch this season so far. Don't get me wrong, everyone loves the lightening quick 50+ yard TD tosses to Robinson, Garcon, etc. But this heavy dose of Morris and Griff throwing short passes to keep the clock running was masterful.

When Morris fumbled in the third, in the red zone, you could see his anger in his eyes. Some guys will come out and try to press too hard, they try to get it all back in one play. Morris stayed within the confine of the plays. He took what the defense gave him, and then ran over people.

After the fumble, his next four runs went for 10, 16, 7 and 5 yards.

In fact, after the fumble, Morris had only two runs go for less than 2 yards the entire game, and that's including the Skins running out the clock at the end of the game.

That drive was masterful. At least partially because Morris wanted redemption.

(and I don't know about you, but given how he played while searching for redemption, I don't think I'm willing to give it to him yet. Maybe next year, kid)

The Drive was our team imposing their will on another team. It was perfect football. As soon as they started crowding up even a little because Morris was gashing them, Griff hit them with a play action pass that went for 10+. Once they backed off for fear of Griff's arm or legs, handoff to Morris for a big gain.

We punched them in the mouth, and they didn't respond.

So yeah, I'm calling it "The Drive". I'm excited. Sue me.

Those 7 minutes are enough to convince me we can win. And even win in the playoffs.

Yeah, I said it. Reread it if you need to.

Listen up, NFL: we can beat you any way you want to be beaten. Want a quick, demoralizing strike to our burner? OK. Want our QB to run 76 yards for a score? OK. Want a demoralizing, time consuming ground attack that culminates in a TD? OK. That's what playoff teams do, folks.

Before the drive, we were an exciting team that no one wants to face (particualrly in the playoffs) because of our explosiveness.

Now, teams have to realize we can be methodical as well. Our D needed a break, and Mr. Morris gave it to them. Our attention has been focused, justifiably so, on Griff all season long.

But here's a heads up to the rest of the league: we have TWO rookies who can beat you.

Have fun gameplanning THAT.
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