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The Cowboys: Trouble at the O.K. Corral

The Cowboys are in disarray. Their fans are hurt, mad, and to a lerge extent confused-some think they can still pull out an NFCE lead while

others have pretty much given up and some want to tank the season for a higher draft pick.

There was even a poll among fans in one thread as to whether the Cowboys should continue to let the season tank or lose out for a higher draft position.

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I am betting I can guess who wont show up.

Dez and Terrance Williams.

This is the type of game Dez gets paid to lean on, I don't care if he is double or triple covered. He should be able to torch a secondary that is just awful. The oline should be able bust holes in that D line that DMAC can cruise through. These players should all be told they are playing for their jobs.

Im so sick of watching Dez under performing. He needs to realize its up to him and the rest of these receivers to make it easy on Cassel. Get some separating and catch the dam ball!


I think at this point, this team needs to commit to playing the spoiler and forget about the playoffs. 0-7 without Romo tells me that they're not going to win the division. Even with Romo they lost and lost big.

Signalman Chief

The season is over, there is no reason to be excited about any game left on the schedule. Every team they have left is over .500 or one game under and fighting for the playoffs. Plus I think some of the players have already packed it in, but they might not win anymore this year. Washington is 5-0 at home this year, and I think Dallas will be #nr 6, I just hope this game don't turn ugly.....

There are always optimists around, however


We ARE the better team... you'll see. Have a little faith. The skins are not that good. They beat the Giants for us, but look how awful the Gmen played. That game should give you plenty to be positive about. They are both beatable, and Cassel almost beat the Gmen in his first start, even after throwing those picks. WIthout Harris' lucky KO return at the end (how many times does that ever happen with Bailey kicking off?!), and Beasley's muff, we win that game.

Giants will be 5-7 after the Jets beat them Sunday morning... the Skins will be 5-7 after we win Monday night... we will be 1 game out at that point. Is it really a stretch to make up a 1 game deficit with 4 to play? Come on


I'm not going to officially give up on this team but losing to the Redskins will all but seal our fate. it will be virtually impossible to climb out of a 3 game hole with only 4 games remaining. Plus, we'd have to rely too much on the other teams losing their games.[/B]

G 2

It's probable that the season will come to an end. But there's still a chance. Unreal.


it would be pretty cool if the Jets beat the giants and the eagles lose to the patriots....then we beat washington and find ourselves 1 game back with 4 to this point, i am just hoping to keep our season going 1 more week, not ready to be back to watching games that dont matter...


Season is over

But can our offense look like a competent offense? No false starts, no picky holding calls, finish with TDs instead of turnovers or field goals?

Can this defense get some push up the middle and actually force the QB to take an extra step or more before the throw because he has to and not that he wants to?

Teams don't even need to do a playaction against us because the pocket will be clean regardless, just stand still and wait for a WR to get open.

Please just look like a PROFESSIONAL football team the remainder of the season, regardless where we stand when the regular season is over.


last week was also against a 10-0 team....this week is not....


I don't care about opponent records.

I look at it like Dallas just needs to do their job and not play like undisciplined losers. Dallas obviously didn't do their job, but because they were playing a good team their mistakes were further exposed. Same thing was exposed vs Patriots: Poor coaching, execution, and fundamentals.


you should because good records are typically indicative of a good well coached team where poor records reflect the converse.


I understand, was simply saying I don't care about opponent records because the only thing that should matter is Dallas' record.

Was stating how this team just needs to get their game up.

G 2

Carolina was the best team we played all season. We were beating plain and simple. But we're not 100%

Should be able to beat the Skins. Should be a good game.


Not so quick....i believe they are 5-1 at home and their qb plays lights out at home....we might get schlacked in thier place.

G 2

Yep, very tough at their home. But with all the bs hate/cut/fire threads out there, I refuse to be negative. If we lose we lose. I'm good.


if Cousin's isn't forced to leave a perfect pocket, expect us to lose any game when our DL fails

Dandy Don 52

Cousins nick name is captain kirk !! I find that amusing.

So can we beat captain kirk at home ??

Redskins should win this, at home, just got into 1st place, coming off the win over giants.

But they say they have a bad record on monday nite ??

They won the last one MN against dallas 20-17.

With a good effort and no pick six's Dallas could win this, but I think dallas is in disarray .

I am leaning toward picking the skins.

This poster was apparently trying to show off his literary prowess.


The fat lady is warming up back stage but she's having a hard time not laughing at this division. Looking pretty good for either the Boys or Skins because East teams can only beat East teams. We could have 16 game schedules only against each other and all end up 8-8 and send the tie breaker people into a fit.

That little angel and devil are on each shoulder now. One is whispering 'it's all about better draft picks' and the other is whispering 'it's the f'n Redskins, you idiot'. The real problem is I don't know which one is the angel. Could I have two devils?

It's easy to talk losing now. draft picks and what's better in the long run until 7:30 CST Monday and we look at the Boys and Skins on the field preparing for the first battle of 2015. Then it's George Allen, Theismann, Riggins in camo, Calvin Hill in a Skins uni, Snyder riding piggyback on one of his henchmen's back in the elevator after winning in the new stadium, Griffin telling Romo to hang in there, them knocking Romo out last season and all that what's good in the long run is gone, replaced by kick these aholes into shallow graves, saddle up and leave those thieven', kidnappin', rapin', murderin' savages to rot. In my attempt to remain socially conscious and politically correct, I refrained from using the offensive name of that team.

A Skins fan showed up on one thread asking a question and got an interesting response.


What's your run defense been like? Any chance we might be able to have some positive effect there, or are we going to continue to have none and have to rely on passing only?


You should be able to run on us. Alfred Morris always goes HAM against us for some reason. I think we sparked his season last year after him not doing so hot before playing us. In fact if the skins ground game is struggling, it might be because they haven't played the Cowboys yet.

Okay....I'll take that.
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