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The Cowboys-The Trail Downhill

Cowboys fans, aren't their normal selves it seems. Usually brash, bragging, especially when ther upcoming game is against the Redskins.

Not this time. This time the tone is different-worried, upset about the team's failings, and not at all assured of a win against the Redskins Sunday.

The Redskins are at one of the lowest points they've hit in a while and Cowboys fan are worried about losing the game.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.


I am astonished that Vegas has Dallas as 3 point favorites on the road in this game.


That is our only chance on defense.Its what we should be trying to do on every single play,because it motivates the D to tackle better as well.

Sean Lee 50

That's what is good about Cousins.

He will look like Montana on one drive, but is prone to throw INT's and fumbles.


I'm just afraid that our defense is so depleted, so exposed, so susceptible to even the most mediocre offense that we will have to score 40+ to beat even the 'Skins. I would bet that we will be extremely run heavy but if Washington has any rythym & consistency we will hit the panic button again. And early.

And we know how that goes.


If we lose, I'm not going to be able to turn on a tv, radio, or my Facebook page for at least a week. Living in the DC area, I can tell you that this is the Super Bowl for skins fans. One win against the Cowboys, especially if it knocks them out of the playoff race, is enough for most skins fans to consider the season a success. After the last two Cowboys losses, my FB feed was full of skins fans laughing at us. I was like, "Um, didn't your team just get butt raped by the Chiefs yesterday?" All they care about is the Cowboys. It's bizarre really.


Kirk Cousins said this is a big game because they know Dallas needs a win to save their season and they want to win this last home game for London Fletcher. Fletcher said he can't end his career with a loss to Dallas and the way they lost to Kansas City at home didn't sit right with them or the fans.

So it sounds like Washington will be fired up for this game and treating it like its a damn Playoff game for them.


No excuses, we don´t win against a 3 team win playing for our playoff lives, we shouldn´t be in the playoffs and Garrett shouldn´t be coaching.

Big D

Right, they very well could pull it off. Shanahan for all his faults is not above attacking a teams weakness. With the way our defense is looking I won't be surprise to see whoever lines up in the skins backfield get 200 yds rushing on 35 carries while Demarco get his customary 12 carries.


I've always hated playing in Washington. I remember struggling so bad with Troy even there. A late season loss that made Jimmy explode and a blowout loss to open the 93 season. Even the 70s and 80s games seemed bad there.


prediction: kirk cousins is going to light us up for at least 30 points. Having a hard time seeing us win this one unless we don't abandon the running game and its working.

This next poster...well...his name bothered me since it belongs to one of my favorite Redskins fans. It just seemd wrong.


For some reason, Cousins concerns me....I do think we will bounce back though, at least against the Redskins.

Fingers crossed.


Absolutely. He can kill us for sure, but on the other hand the Skins have a pretty bad offensive line. Maybe we will even lay a glove on him once or twice.


After watching their offense Sunday against a better defense than ours Sunday we have no chance of stopping them especially if reed plays.

They will get a few stops though and that is the difference


with our linebackers, we have no shot at stopping their run game. this will be their super bowl and we'll lose. hopefully i'll be too drunk at the gaylord to care.

KMY Amber

Cousins is going to light us up. 400+ yards, Morris runs for 150+, we stay close for a half....and then we lose all composure in the 2nd half and literally almost just give up when our defense can't really stop them.

We lose 44-21 (the game worse than the score sounds). We officially become a laughing stock of the league...and the last game of the season against Eagles becomes meaningless, as a massive letdown ensues in Dallas.

Then, JJ announces that changes will be made in the off season. ALL COACHES are on the hot seat. And players and trainers will be gutted everywhere.

And JJ officially sends the scouts out to find the "hot new young QB" to replace Romo in the draft.

We draft a young QB....Romo, feeling the pressure of the youngster holding the clipboard, hangs around for a few more years (with a new head coach and coordinator of course)....and OMG!, HE FINALLY WINS A SUPERBOWL....behind a consistent running game, a good head coach, new trainers (who keep people healthy on both sides of the ball) and a solid defense. (you heard it here first LOL just be patient, it's all a process :ph34r: )

There is some optimism, if you want to call it that.


what's probably going to happen is we win in washington, the bears beat philly and then
philly comes here on primetime national TV and end this very horrible nightmare we the
fans are all living through....

that was such an emotional loss, but we are still right in the thick of things....unbelievably


I smell a 27-24 WIN....and it will not be easy. If they lose this one its officially the offseason.


I think the Cowboys will win in Washington, but there is no good end for this season. The lack of proper depth on the roster gives this team no chance.

It's time to rebuild the whole defense. Start with the line please!

Cowboys 27 Washington 18.


We're gonna treat Cousins like any other backup quarterback. Like a winner!

Majestic Bluez

This is easy, whatever's working that gains us a sizable lead, we'll abandon in just enough time for the Redskins to win.

So let's save all the suspense and move on to the Eagles pre-game thread.

This one probably summed it up best of all.

Texas lizard

This is going to be an EPIC game between two teams on a downward spiral. The Redskins are probably thinking they've got a real shot at this one. Should prove interesting with Vegas odds. Anyone's game.
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