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The Cowboys: Stumbling out of the gate

The Redskins and the Romo-less Cowboys, both coming off opening losses both desparate for a win.

And both loaded with a fanbase full of angst, worry and whistling-in-the-dark hope about how the rest of the season might go.

Dallas fans are worried about substitute QB Dak Prescott, worried about a shaky pass D-and to a notable extent not at all impressed with the job Jason Garret

is doing at head coach.

(Sound familiar Redskins fans?)

There were a loty of comments-maybe a bit more than might be expected this early in the season.

There are three main themes that I found running across several Dallas fan boards:

1.)Score predictions

2.)Matchup analyses

3.)Garret is doing a sucky job of coaching.

The Vaquero

i give it to washington , but only barely. could go both ways.

Jason is currently at 2-13 since week 2 last year, when romo was playing and killing all the plays called.

J Garret has been 9 years working as a coach for the cowboys.

It is pretty clear that Garret will never be held accountable for this team, the jones family are destroying this franchise & they dont even care.


We WILL win the game going away. No sweat whatsoever. Gonna say 31-17.

Skins are just bad against the run


Cowboys 24 Redskins 17
13 rushing attempts Alfred
50 penalty yards (we're always bad with penalties.)


Washington 27 Dallas 20

Morris gets 13 carries
Dallas has 65 yards in penalties


Cowboys 27
Redskins 24

Morris with 9 carries
70 penalty yards


I'm looking forward to the below matchups:

1) Dez vs Norman. Both had poor week 1 showings. I think Norman will shadow Dez all night. Linehan will look for ways to get Dez open early and often.

2) Byron Jones vs Jordan Reed. Byron been practicing vs Witten and has learned a lot from the HOFer. He's easily our most versatile defender. Reed is probably a top 5 receiving TE.

3) Mo vs DeSean Jackson. Mo had a good 1st week. He helped our secondary hold Eli to 207 yards. Jackson is always a threat vs us.


With our anemic pass rush our secondary will be tested, big time.
I think Cousins will go airborne more than ever, and that is not good.
Safeties need to avoid the blitz and shore up the flat and long ball defense.
Worst case scenario: the ***skins use a 2 TE aligmment, making our awful corners to go one on one with their WRs. Disaster!
Don't get cute, coaches. Safeties and LBs should hang back, all day long.


I hope dez is moved away from Norman TBH it's about matchup' not proving he's better.

Morris and EE And the entire run game

Dak another effecient game which turns into a W

I also want cousins blitzed, pressured and hit


With all due respect, lad, our pass rush will not put Cousins under duress.
I would love, love, love to see the blitz, but the card that has been dealt to us is a lousy defense with a lousy pass rush.
I say load up the passing routes with safeties and LBs.
But we shall see, good lad.


I agree with what's been said. Dak needs to learn to read the defense a bit more. We could also do some designed reads from Dak where if they don't stack the box we can check into a running formation. Do that once or twice and then go play action. We need the run to set up play action shots to Dez. Definitely can't expect Elliot to run successfully out of the shotgun.

Pittsburgh ran all over Washington. We should be able to as well. Pittsburgh also lined up Brown on the left a lot because Norman only guards the receiver on the right side of the formation. We should also use Dez to pick on Breeland. Our defense will probably give up a healthy amount of yards and scores, so we need our offense to actually score touchdowns this week. I think we will.



I'm more interested in our DL and LB corps. I'm higher then most with our defense but our front 7 has to do better including Lee.

I'm also watching OL against Washington front 7. We should bully them with our running game.

Coaches need to do a better job with play calling. Stop playing not to lose and play to win. If they stack the box make them pay in the passing game. Same thing last season guys open downfield but we are going short passing game.

Matter of fact I want the coaches to think it's preseason and call plays like we did in those games. Dak has a arm, let him throw


If we struggle to run the ball against a DL with Ziggy Hood, Kendric Gholston and Chris Baker as primaries, with an average LB crew behind them, we just need to pack it in and wait until April to figure out something else to do.


Dallas will not beat them with Defense. That is a given. Run over their shaky run defense. Use the clock and keep our defense off the field. Cousins is average and will suffer coming from behind. Get the lead and run the ball. Garrett for Gods sake. Run the flaming ball!!

Risen Star

Two teams desperately trying to avoid 0-2. The Redskins are the play. They just lost at home. A bounce back seems likely. But I picked the Cowboys over the Giants so....


We are starting a rookie QB that did not throw the ball down the field last week. The Redskins will do the same thing the Giants did. They'll stack the box more times than not and make taking the run away first priority and make Dak throw the ball down the field. I'll be looking at how our offense fares against that defensive mindset.

I'll be at the ballgame. I'll be keeping my eye on seeing how many one on one matchups our receivers get and seeing if they are up to the challenge because last week they were not.

The only hope I have for the defense is that they are opportunistic. If a ball is on the ground, fall on it. Pick the ball off! Turnovers can make a bad defense with little talent look better. That and I will look to see how we play the run. Our linebackers have to find a way to shed blocks better and our front four need to win one on one matchups a few more times.

The biggest matchup in this ballgame is between the head coaches. I've about had it with Jason Garrett. I'll be interested to see if he can have a better gameplan dialed up than Gruden as well as whether or not he has our team ready to play because even though it's only week 2, this is a big ballgame.

Big D

If the skins get Desean matched up with Oscan we're in trouble. I'd like to see us start the game off by running sweeps to Dez's side. Send the convoy and let him rough gordon up a bit before he has to deal with Dez's 20 or so deep routes.


OK it's time to look at the Redskins and how everyone feels about going into RFK and beating them.
I see Cousins as a decent QB but no one that scares me into thinking he is gonna light us up. Jackson can be scary but if we do what we did against the Giants and control the clock but finish our drives I think we can win this game perhaps easily but I'm gonna say 24-17. I know it's a division rival. I hope Garrett and Linehan wake up this week and if Zeke just doesn't have it going early on, save him for the 4th qtr and use Morris to tire them out. Maybe then Zeke can run amuk on them.
Uh..RFK? Keeping up with current events is apparently not cowboyish's main interest. LOL!


I do hope we walk out of there with the win but I do think Cousins still gives us problems.
I don't need to sit here and run every player or coach down seeing as we all are obviously disappointed in a loss, but we've had trouble with QB's that haven't been great in the past.
The lack of a pass rush gives any opponent a legit shot at giving us trouble. I think we can win this game and hopefully many others but I don't have confidence to say going into any game that we will get to the QB and give him trouble.
Maybe with Lawrence back in a few weeks we get a nice boost there. If Gregory can contribute at some point this season we can hopefully have two young DE's who can give us hope in the near future.


It would be great if Alfred Morris got a ton of touches as he will be motivated to scorch his old team. That said, I see our secondary struggling and our conservative coaching staff settling for field goals. I hope I'm wrong, but I believe we walk away with another L


We are heading on the road to play a team that is better than the team that we just lost to at home. We do nothing but lose without Romo. I see no reason to expect a win. The only upside is we seem to play with a little less fear of losing on the road and I am excited to see Dak play again. Hopefully he snags his first TD pass.


this is a toughie. Skins looked like shit last night, but they need a win as badly as Dallas. and the smart money is always to bet against a rookie QB's first start on the road.


4skins. U kiddin me? Again, close game that the Cowboys figure out a way to **** up. And you can best believe they'll make Cousins look like Tom Brady along the way.


Normally, I'd say Cowboys, but Garrett is getting flack for too many runs, which means it'll be 75% throws on Sunday. A lot of 3 and outs.


Cowboys, decisively.


Hope we win, but don't see it.

I suspect Washington wins by at least a TD


They got handled pretty well by a team that wasnt coached by Garrett


We have Garrett and they don't. Win for the Redskins.


I'm afraid Pittsburgh might be that good


I don't know how this shit defense is going to stop Reed, Jackson, Garcon, Doctson with no pass rush.
I hope Dallas some how wins but I don't see it. If we can get our offense rolling, it might be a shootout.

I'll go with Skins.


Well, to reiterate my opinion - since Romo went down last year Garrett has only won when the other team forced the issue by being bigger idiots. That does not happen very often, and is almost impossible to predict when that is going to happen. Therefor, until I see Garrett actually coach a win without Romo, and over a team who does not give the game away stupidly, then I must keep picking the Cowboys to lose every single game. Even if that odd gift wrapped game happens every now and then I will still be correct in my predictions probably better than 75% of the time.

OK, Skins-it's the Cowbums. You know what you're supposed to do.

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