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The Cowboys, split personality?

I had to do a kind of "quickie" Recon with the game coming up so fast but I did discover something-Cowboys fans are confused. They really don't quite know what to expect from their team.

I don't think anyone else does either.

Here are some Dallas fans thoughts on the upcoming Thanksgiving tussle with the Redskins.

The loss of Meriweather did show up in the discussions.

Wow, that secondary was pretty bad to begin with, this will make them awful. The question is, how do we give Romo time to pass the ball. I think we have to go no huddle the whole game so we can minimize less predictable blitz packages, too bad Garret will never go for anything that takes so much power away from him.

still thought we shouldnt have let bill nagy do this offseason. he was good for us last year. but i think Brandon being out will help our passing game out alot

Yea and Joe Haden being out was supposed to help us against Cleveland. We didnt start taking advantage of any of that until the second half when it was by necessity. And...Romo had to scramble all over the place, get sacked 7 times, and take a bunch of hits. This week...get them spread out from the beginning of the game. Get the 'Skins down into their 4th corner. Work the short passing game to give a little relief to the o-line. Try running out of those one back sets.

Our game Sun is going to be tough. Their D has gave us fits with a good offense. God knows how they will fair with us running on sea foam right now. Not to mention RG3 vs Ryan's leave the middle of the field and the flats open .

We need the win and they know it. Should be good.

Yea and the Redskins are looking to go on a little run of their own. We are going to have to play our arses off because RG3 is going to have a good game. He is from Texas and based on where hes from its likely grew up a Cowboys fan. This will be his first NFL game in Texas and he will have plenty of family, friends, and motivation for that game.

So we could be in first place at the end of Sunday..

We could be in 1st place around 7PM on Thursday!!

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Its possible, but let's beat the Skins first. This game is huge and its against our biggest rival.

Oh I know...I'm worried as heck about this game. I know the eagles have mailed it in, but still impressive win for them.

Some things are just hard to believe a Cowboys fan would ever post.

Boys 24
Skins 35
Sorry, I hate to think in these terms but we are trying so hard not to lose, we're going to pay for it eventually.
I think we're going to be chasing RG3 all day and since he's coming back to Texas, will be motivated to play above and beyond to show the world his talents. We have no pass rush and he's going to have a field day against our D. He will not be running out of bounds in this game and we just don't seem to show up until mid 3rd Q anyway.
Mike Shanahan will also pull all the tricks out of his bag since he knows Danny will let him coach another year if they sweep our boys.
Free and Dockery are the worst OLinemen since phil Pozderic.
Hope I'm wrong but...we are just hanging on a thread

Cowboys fans opinions went everywhere when it comes to predicting the outcome.

No way to predict anything with this team, except that they will make it hard on themselves.

The score will be in the twenties ... like today's game.

I predict we're going to bang our heads against the turkey table from some of the boneheaded plays we're going to see.

But I think we beat the Skins ... by less than a FG.

Welp, I have no idea what is going to happen. Hopefully some Dallas Turkey Day magic. One thing I am really concerned about is usually the Thurdays game works to our advantage, but only have a couple days to prepare for Bobby G concerns me.

I have a feeling this game comes down to how well our Oline plays and that is concerning with the injury situation.

I just dont know.


just like us you don't know which redskins team will trot on the field.....

if we won by 40 i would not be shocked if we lost by 40 i would not be shocked

As an early prediction

Skins 31
Boys 26

They have Pier Garcion back and their offense look like earlier this season when they used to score almost 30 every game

If we have learned anything this year, it's that this team is unpredictable.

Since most of our games have been close, I'll predict that it comes down to the last possession.

Depends on which Cowboys team shows up. I wouldn't be shocked at all if Dallas shows up to play and wins the thing by a couple TD's, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they lose a close one. They won't get blown out thought. As good as RG3 is, they're still the Redskins.

I think the Skins are going to feel as bad after the game Thursday as the Browns did today, and that is really, really bad.

Cowboys 27
Skins 16

Boys 35 to 28 in a shootout.

It depends on which team shows up in the 1st half. I expect Garrett to go back to his regular game-plan that does not work (and proven to not work) only to fall behind early with lots of 3 and outs.

If Jason actually installs a more aggressive approach at the beginning of the game, I like our chances. This team can't play the way they did today and expect a win, it will not happen.

If the skins get out to around a 14 point lead at half-time, I don't think we can come back from that against them. We have to set the tone and control the game from the first snap.

I want to see the desire and tempo we saw in the first game, if that happens, we win easily. Garrett can't play not to lose in this game, he has to be aggressive from the start. Learn from the past Jason, stop pressing your game-plan and up the offensive tempo.

If we come out flat again, skins win 27-13
If we come out aggressive, we win 24-17

I don't know though, this team is too hard to figure out.

We arent playing that hot but the Skins are worse.
33-13 Boys

If Rob only rushes 3 against RG3 we're screwed

We won the last three meetings by 3 points or less.

Cowboys 27, Deadskins 24.

Kai Forbath misses a 45 yarder with 2 seconds left.

If we couldnt get but one sack against Brandon Weeden, what makes you think we can muster up any against Griffin? He will shred us.

He got a convo started.

Because the Skins don't have Joe Thomas and a solid young OL. In fact one could debate all day if their line is any better than ours. We SHOULD be able to get to him some, but if we actually do is another matter all together.

No, but the Skins do have Trent Williams -- who is playing at a VERY high level right now. The right side is a mess though -- Chester is hot and cold, Polumbus sucks.

That being said -- Skins playing on Thanksgiving has never gone well for them -- 0-6 all time. Dallas wins a close one, 27-24

The Skins have never had a playmaking QB either. Those past games mean nothing, RGIII is a difference maker and I believe the Cowboys have a better shot at winning at Wash than they do at home.

Honestly, I think this one is a coin flip. We always play close anyway and both teams are wildly inconsistent.

I Like the picture and it does symbolizes the truth.

The Browns have very good OL and DL but sux at the skill players (except the running back). The Dead Skin have skill players but their sux at OL and DL. Looking at our strength and weakness, If I were to make a prediction, I think that the Cowboys strengths against the Deadskins weakness is better and that the deadskins without big plays are in trouble. If the Cowboys can keep the Deadskin running game in check, I would say that the Cowboys have better than 60% chance of winning. I do hope we get some players back from injury!!

One Cowboy fan made a comment I still haven't finished thinking about.

The sad thing is if the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Thursday, they'll be in a position to win the division, because I don't think the bye week is going to solve the Giants problems. The division could quite possibly come down to the last week of the season against the Skins, just like last year against the Giants. The NFC East is a joke this year.

I would personally like to see quarters 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Eagles game on Thanksgiving played out in the Jerruh's man cave. :)
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