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The Cowboys: Picks Or Pride?

The Redskins are in the playoffs, the Cowboys are at the bottom of the NFCE, and Dallas fans are wondering if they should try to win or go for the highest draft pick possible.

Bleu Star

Do not (I repeat) do not go out on Sunday and make any attempts to beat the Skins. The ability to trade down for value from a top 3 pick is so much more appealing than #7 or 8... We should be resting anyone of value that does not require further evaluation. Guys like Showers should be dressed and ready to take a half of football. This should be treated very much like a preseason game. What do we have to gain here against the Skins? ZILCH!

We already beat the Skins this year when it mattered. Winning this game would suck and I have no doubt Jerry would throw up a little in his throat if, at the final bell, the Cowboys are ahead of the Skins. I would even venture to say some of you will too. Let the backups battle it out for early slotting next year. This isn't tanking 101 here... This is one game with one outcome that has already been determined.

For once coaches, go with a winning strategy.


The Redskins are going to mail it in also.


absolutely! i have a lot of faith in our ball club to loose another game they will try and win. no fear. organic tanking.


Could be the best of both worlds for the Skins. They win the division AND lose to us to play spoilers for our draft position.


You just know that we will beat them.

The only time we lose to Washington is when we're pretty good.


Beat the Skins? LOL this team couldn't beat a High School team.


Nobody in the Cowboys team will try to lose this game. They are professionals who are paid to win every single game, and going into the offseason with a win feels much better than losing for draft positioning.
Besides, there really isn't much difference between #5 or #8, in the previous drafts there hasn't been any extreme advantage in picking #4,5 versus picking #7,8.

I say we go out there an beat the crap out of the Redskins and sweep the season series, any other mentality or losing preference deserves no place in a Cowboys locker room.

Kal-El of Krypton

Top 3 pick you taste so good.


I wonder if the Redskins are gonna try to do to us, what we did to them last year.

Play the starters the whole game and win the gam


the skins don't need to win and can rest all their players....I doubt Dallas loses next week unless they try and throw it and in this case they should for the higher draft pick.


I have never felt this emotionless for a regular season game... even a meaningless one. I was more excited for that McGee win against the Eagles back in 2010.

It's like I want the Cowboys to win, especially since it's the Redskins... but the Redskins don't have anything to play for besides adding a win to their head-to-head matchup against us (which doesn't matter more than a good draft pick right now) so it would feel like an empty victory.


Just watch... Some how the Cowboys will win this one and mess up the draft pick.


I'm skeptical that even if they lose, they'll screw up the draft.

I did hear however that if they do lose, they have a chance at possible the #2 spot.


can we just call Kevorkian now??

Team Cowboys

Gotta finish the season with a win at home. Beat the Redskins just for fun


Backup QBs kill this team. I don't think we'll have to try to lose.

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