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The Cowboys-Part 2:Thanksgiving Showdown

Wow. This is a big game and the Cowboys fans wasted no time in posting comments about it.

The Cowboys are running hot and so are the Redskins and most Cowboys fans know it. I have not seen this much respect for the Redskins from 'boys fans the whole time I have been doing Redskins Recon.

In spite of the success they have had so far this season many Dallas fans are scared about this game-primarily due to Kirk Cousins and our receiver corps.

Some are confident, of course, but very few expect the Cowboys to just dominate.


anyone worried about this coming Skins game this thanksgiving thursday?
they have always given us fits when they come here ...they've beaten us last seasons.. we had all kind of trouble covering their speedy receivers in DC, and its gonna be a key divisional game.
it's defensive that i'm worried the most.


all divisional games are tough, and yes they worry me... this year their more worried than us... we have a cushion,but a win would be huge.


i wonder if skins will assign josh norman on dez where ever side he goes this time around,.... a change up from the one side only in the 1st game.


Them having to play the late game tonight is an advantage to us.


Only way we win this game is by winning TOP by a 2:1 margin or close to. Keeping our D off the field is the biggest single key to our success

It'll be fun to see two young QB's having great seasons go back and forth.

Cousins: 67.2% 3,091yds 17 TDs 7 INTs 98.8 PSR
Prescott: 67.7% 2,640yds 17 TDs 2 INTs 108.6 PSR

In their last 4 games:
Cousins: 67.8% 16 TDs 4 INTs 104.9 PSR
Prescott: 66.4% 10 TDs 1 INT 117.6 PSR


NFC Beast looks like it is back. Not a single weak team in the division. We're going to have to earn this division ourselves. At this point, I'd honestly expect 3 teams from this division to get in the playoffs.


Sure, the NFC East has quality teams. Any one of them can trip up the Cowboys if they don't play their best football.


Its not he end of the world if we lose Thursday. The skins would only be a half game out of the giants but they both still have to play each other.
However a win would be huge in winning the division/getting a bye. Not only would we have a leg up on the skins. But the giants would still be 2 games out (they'll beat the browns sunday) but going into the real tough part of their schedule.
It'll be a tough game no doubt. Skins offense is tough to handle. We'll see if were up for it.


I think if the team comes out hot, Washington will not really have much of a chance.

Maybe the Cowboys are due for a loss, but this game does not scare me what so ever.


Their D is better than ours and their QB is just as good as ours - we have a better OL but theirs isn't bad and we have the better RB. If this doesn't give you hesitation then you're probably not watching them much

Devin Kurant

How? Our defense is better in PPG, total yards per game, rush yards per game, and their passing defense only gives up 4 less yards per game. Not that I'm basing it just off those stats, but from watching both, I don't know how you can say their defense is better.


Statistically our D's are pretty similar by DVOA standards but our Offense's TOP is 1st to their 13th. Our Pass D is also 25th in the NFL to theirs at 14th and will be facing a very hot QB.

Their Run D is one of the worst in the NFL though and Zeke should get a heavy, heavy dose of carries. That's why I said our key to victory would be TOP. If we get 3-and-outs that gas our D early, it'll be a long game.


Divisional games always worry me. I always hate going against the Redskins because I live in Virginia too!
With that being said, I am not overly scared of their defense. Zeke should have a good day against them. You have to think, Dak was still learning the job when he played them last. He has gotten MUCH better and the playbook is open to him now. On top of that, they really don't have much of a running game either regardless of the three rushing TDs last night. I actually didn't realize Dallas is third in defense against the run.
The concern is their passing game especially with us missing Mo and Church although I think Brown and Wilcox have come in and done a great job. You cannot let them beat us on crossing routes with Jackson where he can run after the catch. Reed needs to be locked down as much as possible too which I know is easier said than done.
It will be a good game none the less however I think with us being at home and them having to play a night game then travel, it helps us out. I think this will be the same theme as most games. Keep it close in the first half then wear them down and beat them in the second half plus them being without Trent Williams is going to help.


The 'skins are playing well and offer some tough match-ups, especially with their WRs against our secondary as you mentioned. I expect a tough game per usual, but hopefully the fact they will be on the road with short rest after a Sunday night game will make it all the easier for our OL to wear their DL down so we can control the game with our running game. It would be huge for us to win this division game...gets us to the top record within the division and keeps us a couple games in front of the giants.


I agree that we're a much better team but they are as well, Cousins is playing extremely well right now. Washington has very good receivers and a great TE, this is likely to be a shoot out.

Our ability to manage clock and keep their offense off the field will be key. We're going to need a big game from Zeke.

The one thing I was a little disappointed in regarding the Ravens game was our pass rush, we're going to need to be able to get much more pressure on Cousins.


I never worry about the offense -I never worry about Zeke, I never worry about Dak. in fact, he's even showing that he is mastering the 2 minute offense.
it's about the defense and special teams and Skins tendency to play well here in Dallas. we're playing with less solid than we were when we had Mo and Church, and I still think Scandrick is in struggle mode, and Brown is still going to thru the burns and learns of a rookie- and he has got to learn to get his head turned around to play the ball in the air. That's what scandrick was going so early in his career.
Wilcox is a mixed bag- he can knock the snot outta a ball carrier, but those bad angle habits still come to play and the Skins passing offense is more dangerous and speedy than what we saw in Baltimore. And what gets me is we simply couldn't get to slow azz Joe Flacco for a great deal of the game. and there's some issues in the run defense. but we've never met a team that was truly committed to keep running the ball, I think opposing teams are so panicky about keeping up with our offense, that they will put the run aside and try to out-shoot us by the pass.


Was exactly where my head was at. Unless WASH or the NYG cool off I could honestly see a situation where we can sit anyone in week 17. It's very likely we'll have a 10-12 win team not winning the division


At this point, 9 wins with 6 games left, two that we absolutely must have are this week and the NYG game.

They are MUST wins.

If we win those two plus 1 other game, we all but clinch the NFC east and a 1st round bye.

The Skins and Giants have to play one another as well as the Iggles on the road.

If we were to win both of those games that puts them at 4 losses each and the best Wash can do at that point is 11 wins.

The Giants would have to win 5 of their remaining 6. Not impossible but certainly daunting.

It all begins this week.


During the Cowboys Super Bowl runs in the 90s, the NFC East teams were always competitive and they always had above .500 records, so as for me I like it that the division is competitive, And Comr Thursday Dallas is the better team and that will be displayed before a national audience. Cowboys win 28-24


Every Redskin-Dallas game scares me. I don't care who has the best record it's a scary game. When we were win less the year we won one game it was the Redskins. The year we won the Super Bowl guess who beat us? The horrible-that year-Redskins. But both teams have a good record this meeting so maybe all of that can be thrown away.

Regardless our offense will score points and so will their's. Neither defense is anything to write home about. So it'll probably come down to time of possession. Whoever wins that probably will win the game. Dallas will probably run more with Washington taking more deep throws. If our pass rush can't get to Cousin then it may be a long day for us. Don't have a good feel yet as I usually have but as of today I'd say slightly worried.confused But as I always say-we're going no further than the defense takes us. And "yea" that scares me a lot sometimes.


This game scares me as much as any game this season. We just cannot give Cousins all day to throw because he will pick us apart.

Man Carr up on Garcon, and Byron up on Reed. Scandrick and Brown can then take (I hope) DeSean Jackson and Jamison Crowder.

It'll be ugly, but I think we pull through at the end.

31-27 Dallas.


This is such a odd game... frankly I wish we were playing anyone else right now.. even the giants... A win here practically wraps up the division and that is tough as Wash will come out like it's the end of the world.

Keys... well frankly play a similar game to the Balt game.. be patient.. trust that things that have worked will work. EXCEPT.. don't wait two or three drives tell you wake up Defense.. start the game with some fire and keep it up...... We need also to do a better job getting pressure on Cousin's then we did Flacco. Cut down his time to throw.


Cousins' performances and the 'Skins have been on the upswing lately but I'm confident that Dak and Zeke should outplay their offense. I'm hoping our pass rush will be at its best and do enough to hurry Cousins sufficiently to make him falter now and again. We shall see. I'm expecting our Cowboys to outscore them by about 10 points or thereabouts.

Their defense is solid but they haven't had to cope with what our offense will throw at them. They'd better be ready for what we can do. Dak might get off to a slow start but by the time the game gets well underway, he'll have them wishing they were playing another team. In the meantime, Zeke will likely attend to making his job much easier, just as he has all along.


This will undoubtedly be a 4th quarter game. One of those "last team with the ball wins" type.

Okay Skins. You really want to make the NFL stand up and take notice? Knock off these Dallas suckers in their own house.
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