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The Colts: Quarterback draw

I remember back a few yers in 2009, when I started posting things opposing teams fans were saying about playing the Redskins-before Redskins Recon became an official part of BGO-and mostly it was ugly, contemptuous, snarky, the Redskins were a joke, we played poorly, the owner, FO, and coaching staff were under fire from everywhere, our HC gets his play-calling duties given to a bingo-caller and the team was an ongoing soap opera and and seldom did very many fans of whoever we were about to play express much fear or worry about the game.

Flash forard to 2014, the Redskins sit at 3-8, our franchise QB getting blasted for failure to live up to his assumed potential might be done for, the HC is catching tons of flack for dissing his underachieving franchise QB in social media as well as not doing a super job of coaching, the owner, FO and coaching staff are catching heat from multiple directions, the locker room is a soap opera and we're facing the 7-3-1 Indinapolis Colts and their fans are saying..well, nothing like what the fans back in 2009 were saying.

It's actually kinda weird. They're mostly confident, but there are reservations...some fears....not the same contempt that the Redskins faced just five years ago when we were considered an awful NFL team.

We're still not considered a very good team...but we are thought of as, I guess, dangerous..especially to a good team whose fans see some scary weaknesses.

Thre were a lot of posts about the Redskins QB sitution...some of which read like what you'd find on a Redskins fan forum.


....... We don't have a Pass Rush lol


Well I'm fairly certain that o-line is garbage so it should at least even out a little bit.


I was going to say put pressure on RG3....

But I see Washington has taken care of that for us!

Well, thanks for THAT fellas! :thmup:


this is so dumb. but a tleast its not a last minute decision where the colts prepare for RG3 all week


Dang. I actually feel we had a better chance with rg3 at center. Now are chances of winning are 80% instead of 90%


I'm stunned.

And I think Gruden is making a mistake, but it's his to make.

And I think it's now going to be an on-going question as to when Washington trades or releases RG3....


Not sure I follow. The draft picks have been long gone. This is year three and RG is not the franchise guy they thought when they drafted him.

Are they supposed to continue to play him just because? The goal is to win and McCoy looked very good vs Dallas a few weeks ago so I think they are making the right move now to see what they have in his kid and if he can be their guy next season.

It has been obvious from the last few weeks for anyone following the Redskins that management did not think RG was the guy. Gruden basically said as much when he ripped his game apart prior to last Sunday's game.


The Skins gave the 49ers a tough game in SF last week and probably would have won if they'd gotten any kind of quarterback play at all out of RG3. Starting Colt McCoy probably gives them a better shot this week against the Colts than Griffin would have.

RG3 is a hot mess mechanically, mentally, and emotionally. This is the second year in a row and the second coach that has benched him toward the end of the season. You don't do that to a guy you still hope will be a franchise quarterback in the future. He's done in DC no matter what the Redskins are saying for public consumption.


Here we go again...
Probably time for Colt McCoy's career game.


I have a bad feeling about this. I don't like it at all.


Yes it does they played very good football with McCoy at the helm . The big difference is the are effective passing the ball keeping drives going but there run game isn't as good with McCoy because the threat of RG3 running read option is gone.


I don't like this. I would have rather had RG who was struggling and had the weight of expectations on his shoulders. McCoy played a very nice game vs Dallas a few weeks ago and won. He will come in with zero pressure. I still think the Colts win but not as easy a win if RG had been in there.


McCoy isn't going yo put up points on the Colts either. Griffin has a bucketload of talent too. Their D is strong and they have so many weapons. I genuinely think Jay Gruden is just an awful coach.


McCoy, the thing he does well, is be a good game manager and not put the Redskins D in bad positions at least. He does not have too many negative plays.

Besides, he beat us as part of the Cleveland Browns during our 2-14 year, so I would not take him lightly. At best, he is a poor man's Chad Pennington. He won't stretch the field and will dink and dunk, mostly.

Now, Pierre Garcon is thinking "what was I thinking, trying to go and play with RG3"


Griffins struggled(His mechanics are awful) some but that O Line is a mess. I also think some of Grudens route concepts dont compliment each other, There was a couple times wr's wound up running to the same spot but Griffin has missed a wr deep a couple times. This could be a blessing for Griffin long term maybe if he takes advantage of it. I'd want the hell out of Washington if I were him even though Washington has the weapons for him to succeed


This feels like a trap game for the Colts. Alfred Morris just put up 125 yards against a good SF defense. Do you think they went over any tape of the Pats game this week? They are going to feature a heavy dose of Morris and Colt McCoy is not rookie at QB. He's faced some good defenses himself and as far more timely in the pocket and more accurate. Their offensive line is pretty not great but our passrush has sucked lately so Colt may have lots of time in the pocket to find the open man...especially if we're selling out to stop the run.

I don't feel good about this game. Pagano and Manusky better have this defense ready. They were pathetic against the Pats.


Come on man..anything is possible YES... but it's not the PATS. I'll bet you were more confident going against the PATS and then BAAAM!! confidence crushed. It's the 'Skins man...sure there are trap games but I don't see that as this one. Our team gets it done this week guaranteed (almost) :)


That Cowboys game that McCoy started says otherwise.


Sure, we do have to worry about Alfred Morris and now McCoy, but Washington has to worry about facing the league's #1 offense in Andrew Luck, T.Y., Wayne, Moncrief, etc....

I would rather be on our side of the fence.

TheVicster I was saying............another week of Luck getting abused because the word is out, our O line sucks. Send the house and pound Luck, because their O line can't block.

I swear to Christ, we had better blow up this line in the offseason. With the exception of Anthony C., the whole line needs to be replaced.

And Grigson needs to get his head out of his *** and FINALLY realize that you can't build a dominant O line by signing on the cheap, bargin bin castoff linemen from other teams.


The Skins have been bad but don't get it twisted...this one is no gimme. I was actually hoping RG3 would play. Colt McCoy seems like the kind of guy that our defense likes to make into a stud for a day. Skins will be inspired now that he is back in the pocket and Griffin has been benched for his poor play. Many in that locker room did not want RG3 to take back over from Colt. This game just got tougher.

Colts are soft defensively so Alfred Morris could have a field day running the ball.


I'm worried about the offensive lines inability to possibly stop Kerrigan. He's a pretty special player.


nah! We have to swatt the Watt twice a year, im sure he will be a problem that will be fixed throughout the game...


1. Protect Andrew Luck

2. Protect Andrew Luck

3. Protect Andrew Luck

4. Run the Ball

5. For the love of Mathis, someone get a pass rush going!

6. Hate to say it but we may need Laron this game to help with Morris. Tough kid to bring down

7. Don't let D. Jax beat us deep!

8. Bench Nicks

9. Start Shipley

10. Balanced Offense


If the colts can weather the spark that McCoy will bring to the skins offense, this game won't be close. Colts win 34-10


Here's a tidbit from an ESPN article...

"McCoy appeared in two games during Griffin's absence, replacing an ineffective Kirk Cousins. Washington won both contests, including a 20-17 overtime win against the division rival Dallas Cowboys.

McCoy threw for 427 yards and completed 85.7 percent of his passes in those matchups."

That's some good the article said small sample size but doubt at this time McCoy is far more capable in the Skins' system than is RGIII and Cousins....and to think someone

was shouting there mouth off before game #1 (some analysts I don't recall the name) that Cousins is absolutely a starter and should be in this league. He's had glimpses but that's all.

I'm beginning to wonder is any team we're going to face have a fanbase that just outright says we're crap and not to worry about?
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