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The Colts; Luck vs. RG3-Hype vs. Reality

Ah the hype....My God the hype. Everywhere.
Except among Colts fans-they're not buying into the Luck vs. Griffin hype very much.
Refreshing, if you ask me.

The 3rd preseason game is traditionally when teams start scheming for your offense and everyones 1st teamers play most of the game. I expect Luck will do just fine, but this is the first true game that BOTH teams will have a game plan for eachother should be fun to watch. (Besides it is 2 young future star QB's
I think this game is being over-hyped and that the Redskins are going to be very disappointed with the outcome, but I'm still excited to watch it and see us progress.
I'm not worried about the offense so much as the defense.So far the Colts defense has had it's way ups and it's way downs. We've had 5 sacks and 2 Interceptions. If we can keep those stats rolling, I think we should be just fine. We have to contain Garcon. That is the objective next week. Watch for bootlegs and screens.
LOL I am just talking about the prep the teams put in for each other. Be the first time BOTH QB's have a team preparing for them, be interesting see how both do.
Oh I agree, I wasn't really referring to your post with that statement. In general that's all I've heard from local and national media is Luck vs. RGIII and this preseason showdown. It'll be interesting to see how our D contains RGIII
Tark te Shark
I want Luck to throw for 300 yards and I want our defense to get 6 sacks and 3 picks against the Redskins.
Hungarian Colts Fan
I think this game is over-dimensioned.
Yeah, top 2 QB picks are face to face already in the preseason, but not this game would decide who is better Luck or RGIII, upcoming games, seasons, overall stats and SBs won will tell who is better.

So this will be an other preseason game, which contributes to building chemistry, confidence and helps gain experience.

Not to mention, that Skins' D-line is a ready product, whilst our D is just taking its shape right now.
For more, Luck will be playing about 25 plays again I think, so he likely wont pass over 300.

Still I hope, we will defeat them, but not this game will indicate whether Luck or RGIII is better prospect.
I know everyone was anxious to see how the Colts fared against the "vaunted Steeler D", but I'm with you, I think the Washington game will tell us much more about this team
I usualy hate pre-season games. The first qtr and half are OK but once the starters are pulled it is usualy like the Keystone Cops LOL. But this Colts team has a lot of quality young guys fighting for roster spots and several of them have impressed me greatly. There are some VERY HARD decisions ahead for Pagano, Grigson and the rest of the coaching staff. We are going to have a very hungry and exciting young team to watch this year. I feel a lot of gray hair coming though
I think Shanahan and Allen can empathize with that. Tough decisions all around.

One of my favorite comments came from TKnight85

I don't really care for this Game. Simply because the "Experts" are going to over-hype this. Then whichever team wins the game, they're going to start being dumb and saying one QB is better than the other. Failing to realize it takes a TEAM to win a game, not a QB. Football is a team sport.

Ex: Packers. A. Rodgers is good, but when you got the Worst defense, you're bound to pay for it.

Pierre Garçon got some convo-as you might expect.

I predict Garcon will get into a fight or at the very least he'll talk trash and get in someone's face. He'll come out with something to prove.

I really like what we've seen from our offense the past two games. I think we'll be tough to stop. So far, this preseason has been the most exciting preseason since.... I can't remember.
Did anybody watch the Redskins game against the Bears Saturday? Garcon still has a bad case of the drops
I hope garcon does another flip but this time its by mathis flipping him
I could see him giving our Corners serious problems, I havent seen any Redskins games to see if he is there #1 or two but if he is lined up against Powers often thats a win for Garcon just do to his blazing speed alone
He is their #1 from what I've seen. Haven't seen a whole lot of him blazing down the field for long catches though...a lot of screens and short routes off of bootleg play action.
There were a few "Luck's waaaay better than RG3" but the majority were like these.

This game is way over hyped.
Not really concerned about the outcome however I am curious how our defense handles a QB with wheels. For years our secondary would get blocked down field allowing huge chunks against the option and screen passes. I could be wrong but this is how I see an RG3 run offense. Washington does not have the biggest WR core. I would like to see us play man and attack the WR's. This should disrupt a game plan that involves getting the RB or TE in the flat on screen passes. RG3 may use this dink and dunk strategy and try to catch you off guard with a triple option or with a quick out to Garcon or Moss.
I'm for letting all the talking heads do their endless comparisons. I think RG3 is a quality kid and I hope he has a great career.

Whether he does or not has no bearing on how Luck's career goes. A meaningless preseason game means nothing in the long run.
I am very excited that I will be able to see the game this weekend here in Boston . . . and being the 3rd game of the preseason we might see both 1s teams for a good part of the game . . .

too bad they are in two conferences as they will only face one every four years . . . I think we fans of colts/pats have been blessed that manning/brady have played in games in 7 of the last 9 years (and our teams in 9 for 9) . . .

but ya the NFL are going to compare them and its going to happen, and probably for some time . . . we'll have to wait and see, but initially it looks like

Luck is the more traditional NFL QB, whereas RG3 additional skills are in his speed and mobility, which traditionally, have not been shown to be overly benefial on the NFL field, but perhaps RG3 will be the first mobile and speedy QB that is the best/top 3 of his generation . . .

we'll have to see it will be lots of fun to follow their careers
I believe the hype about Luck and RGIII is overrated. They both are good QB, they have different styles of play with that being said the game on the 25th is going to be the Luck, RG III show that everyone thinks. I feel the defenses are going to steal the show, the Redskins have a decent D and the Colts are building a D. So with that being said lets look for the defenses to step up. Both of these QB's are going to take there lumps. But I feel luck is going to put up bigger # in this game. Go Colts.
This game will be interesting...on several levels.

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