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The Cardinals: Flying Low

The Cardinals are in a downward spiral and like all teams their fans are upset, angry, and despairing.

"Fire Arians!" threads are showing up, laments over reported lockerroom dissension are in the news...you know, the normal stuff.

Not a ton of talk about the Redskins game but some-including things I haven't seen before.

I came across one of the weirdest game threads yet titled-"MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Redskins Game!"


Okay, we suck. But the banner must go on as it did during all of those dog years at SDS. As always, trying real hard to be positive and motivational but it is obviously challenging. Anyway, here's a few suggestions to start the thread:






"special" teams


'Tis the season

Some submitted multiple choice efforts.


"Make Arizona
Great Again!"

"Save the Season."

"Distance Cousins."

"Heart Time."

"Thin Skinned."

"Throw it to Fitz."

"The Legend: 11
"The Future: 31"

"All class"

"DJ's House Party"


"Get Your Paper Bags
At The South Endzone"

Some of the fans remember when the Cardinals were in the NFCE. Not too fondly, actually.


Many "wounds" from my old N.F.C. East days...dished out by the Redskins and their fans. I want this one bad...

Mark :)


I hate the redskins almost as much as I love the cardinals. I had tickets to this game. Very very glad that I'm not going to watch us lose live now.

jetstream Green

As a long time Cardinal fan, I really hate the Redskins and all the other NFC East buddies and truthfully I miss them sorry bastachades too


I never forgave Wash for stealing Ken Harvey.


Oh, to have Boomer Esiason back under center.

As usual there were score predictions-these have become a meme in NFL fanland apparently now.


Hey guys if BA thinks the Cardinals could do it so do I win 5 in a row I'm not giving up on the Cardinals until I'll see Arizona Cardinals eliminated from playoff contention. With 3 Games back in the west hey you never know My score what's yours. Redskins 17 Cardinals 27 (5-6-1)

McVCollum, Travis

23-17 Redskins.


Skins 34 Cards 17


27-20 Redskins. Just end the season already and get to the draft/offseason.


24/21 cards..................sorry can`t help myself


I've been consistently off the Cards and opponents' final scores by double digit points since game 3. When I guess high, the teams score low, and visa versa. This week, I'm going lower than Denny Green low. The Cards definitely know who they are by now.

Cards 10, Redskins 13. Sad.


We should win but don't just like all year.

Reign Blood

Cards 31
Skins 17

We throttle them this week I just got this feeling.


Hope so but I see Cousins picking us apart. He will throw for 350+.

Skins 38
Cards 17


They're going to beat us like everyone else does.

Reign Blood

The Skins are overachieving as we're underachieving. It all evens out and we throttle. Jobs are on the line right now and it will light some fires on some asses.

Such fond memories Cardinals fans have of their time in the NFCE shouldn't be spoiled-go get 'em Skins!

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