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The Buccaneers: Opportunity Knocks?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having an awful season. 1-8, one win, eight losses.

You would think, if there ever was a matchup this season the Redskins should win...

Well, you'd get a lot of Tampa Bay fans to agree, not all, but most see a loss coming.


RG3 could have a record day


Best chance of a win is to ride Rainey. That blitz is going to overwhelm McCown. Gotta slow them down.


here is the emotional problem i have with our game at washington: i have no problem to lose out to secure the TOP QB pick.

however, something inside me wants to light up this redskins secondary so BADLY.

real bucs fan

^I'll be hoping for a monster day from Evans, but ultimately a loss.


I post a lot of "Suck for the Duck" and "Shameless for Jameis"....but really want the team to win whenever it goes out on the field. The track record for these highly touted college QBs has been weak when they get into the NFL. There are no guarantees....let the chips fall where they may. Bucs need OL anyway and DL and LBs anyway.......


Kadeem Edwards put on IR. Didn't play a snap so I guess he got hurt getting out of his car on the way to practice. Who knows.


Mental injury inflicted by Lovie Smith on a weekly basis since July.


Bucs lucking polar vortex to deal with Sunday.

There were a lot of score predictions-more than in most Recons I do.

I chose not to edit posts with this Recon, BTW, so there may be some name references that get some fur raised.

Super K

High profile politically correct agenda team 29

Bucs 13


***skins 27
Bucs 16


Bucs 17

Redskins 30


Washington 24

Tampa 16

mdb 1958

35 to 10 Bucs.


Bucs 20


Redskins 31

Bucs 22


Washington 0

Tampa -3

Sir Isaac Lime

24 Bucs

21 Skins

Don't know why but I am feeling win #2. Don't ask why because logically we shouldn't be able to get another W this year, but its a gut feeling.


Potatoes 38

Buccaneers 13


Yucs - 16
Redhawks - 33


No contest

Bucs 13

Skins 37


The Redskins had a bye week to prepare for arguably the worst team in the league. It'll show.

Washington 38
Tampa 27


I just picked up desean Jackson on the waiver wire for this game.

Skins 38, we have no one fast enough to cover Desean, 14 catches 250 yrds, 4 tds.

Bucs 28, McCown, 25-50, 3 tds, 3 ints, 2 fumbles.


redskins 17

bucs 31


Not picking the Bucs again. 1) We suck. 2) Even in games we should win, the refs seem to find ways to screw us (vs NO, ATL).

Redskins 29

Bucs 13


Refs have nothing to do with it. Skins are better coached, have more talent, and a better QB.
31-16 Skins
Desean - 160 rec yds
Kerrigan - 3 sacks


The band plays on....and on....and on as the HMS Lovie continues to sink in the lukewarm waters of Tampa Bay

Redskin Potatoes: 31

Leeman... Err Lovie's Bucs: 10




Washington [insert characters] 31

The Jack Thompson era returns 10


Washington Injuns 17
Tampa Bay Kemosabes 23


Another week another game I'm not liking our chances.

This and the Panthers game are the only games left this year though that I think we at least have a shot in.

Final score:

Bucs 20
Skins 27


I'll second that. This is one of the games that worries me because it's winnable. The good news is, just like Atlanta last week, the Redskins are coming off of a bye so we are playing another rested team. I see this as a 17-17 game going into the last few min of the 4th quarter. Hopefully McCown will do what he does best and throw some picks at the end.


Lil' Shorty

A number of games seem winnable as we are in the last half of the season. However, our defense will always get burnt worse than the team's we are playing. DeSean and Morris will kill us.

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