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The Browns: Hope against Hope

The Browns. What can I say?

If things get too sad, angry, down, or unproductive in Redskinsland all I have to do is visit a Browns fan board.

What a dismal state Browns fandom is in. A lot of them aren't even angry anymore.

They act resigned. This is a sad fanbase.

There weren't very many threads directly aimed at the upcoming game with the Redskins, mostly being about problems the Browns have-and they are numerous.

There are, of course, optimists who look for reasons to hope for a win but for most of them their outlook is muted and not filled with braggadocio.


Well, it's been a three week roller coaster ride with this team. Browns rank 16th offensive and 25th defense in total yards. Skins rank 5th offense and 29th defense. Opening line was 9-10 and now 7-8.5

Skins passing attack looks tough, need Haden back this week for sure. Their running game has not been too stellar. Browns are gonna have their hands full, but with creative play calling we should be able to move the ball. Need better OL play, skins have 7 sacks thru 3 games, only 3 for the Browns. Some injuries on the skins defense will help. I'm bored and let's go Browns!


So we have an Average Offense (16th) and they have a Very Bad Defense (29).
Could be a good day for us.
Sadly they have a Very Good Offense (5th) and we have a Bad Defense (25th)... so it could be a good day for them.
**** it, Browns 42-Redskins 35. Let's have a Wild West Shoot Out... that's no where near the West.


Living in Virginia this is one of my favorite games, and it comes around every 4 years. *Hopefully we can win, because it will be so much for my friends that are Skins fans. *And, if we lose? *What can they say? *We suck? *Well. *Yea.


Brownies will put up some points. TP running the read option. Kessler hitting some key passes and sprinkle in a little running attack. 27 pts. I just don't know how many the skins will have.


I think the down side to this is how will Kessler ever get into a rhythm being replaced as often as he was?

This s one the longest posts I've seen in a while but in the most comprhensive fan analysis I saw so I included it.


There is an interesting dynamic here, both are similar in age, but took very different paths. Jay Gruden has never coached in College and has never been a position coach at any level. He was a Star QB at Louisville and then played some years in the Arena and NFL Europe leagues respectively. He comes from a football family in Ohio, his father Jim Gruden was Born in Cleveland and went to school there. Of Course his Brother Chuckie…errr…John Gruden is the most excitable dude err to come to Monday Night Football LOL. Jay has had a distinguished career at the UFL and Arena League levels, even serving as HC and GM for the Florida Tuskers. Hue Jackson was QB at the University of the Pacific in California, Hue did not come from football family, he’s very private person and not much can be found out about his past. He started out as a graduate assistance, and coached his way up the ladder at the University of the Pacific, coaching RB, WR’s, Special teams Coordinator, QB’s, sometimes holding multiple positions (i.e. RB coach, WR coach and Special team’s coordinator all in one year) he is use to wearing many hats. He has been a position coach or Coordinator (or both) at the Small College, Power 5 Conf., and NFL levels, including having personnel control. Both are 50 years old.
Advantage: Cleveland

Coaching Staffs: Browns vs. Skins
The Redskins have a deep and strong coaching staff, with the likes of Greg Manusky (former D.Cord in Indy and SD), Perry Fewell (Former D.Cord Giants and one of the best DB coach’s in the NFL), Matt Cavanaugh (we remember him as Baltimore OC the year Jamal Lewis went for 2000…and like 400+ came vs us in two games….Hard times), Bill Callahan (one of the finest OL coaches in the NFL) and Whiz Kid Sean McVay, TE coach and up and coming young genius. So while some may not be impressed with their HC and D. Coordinator…that staff is deep, talented and Experienced.

Not to be outdone, HueJack has put together a top notch staff also, with the likes of Robert Nunn (Giants SB winning DL coach), Ray Horton (Should already be an NFL HC), Up and coming Johnny Holland at LB’s (I think he’ll get D.Cord looks after the season) and then two of my favorites Kirby Wilson (Should already be and OC) and the “Mad Scientist” Al Saunders (IF you follow NFL history, there several “Coaching Tree’s” one of the main ones is the Don Coryell inventor of the “Air Raid” type of offense and has MANY versions run in today’s NFL…..Well Al Saunders is a DIRECT connection (Generation 0) to one of the roots of football, serving as Air Coryell’s WR coach and Assistant HC…..feel me people…that’s like having one of the original 12 Apostle’s being a deacon at the Church you attend!!!). Up until a year ago when Pep Hamilton was scapegoated in Indy, he was considered one of the up and coming Whiz Kid, and he did a great in game job with Kessler last week.
Advantage: Push

Offense: Browns vs. Skins
The Redskins offense is built around a features are VERY deep and talented group of WR’s, they lack a true #1 WR, but more than make up for that with having an array of some of the best #2’s in the league. Don’t get it twisted D.Jax is still one of the Top 5 deep threats in the league, and that is bolstered by having a TE in Jordan Reed that from an offensive standpoint can be considered a “#1” pass catcher for an offense (much like Jimmy Graham). But as much as he helps in the passing game, he hurts them in the running game, as Jordan Reed is a complete liability in the running game as a blocker for the skins who currently rank 29th in league in rushing. The skins RB’s Matt Jones, Robert Kelly and Chris Thompson are not considered by many to be a very threatening backfield. Kirk Cousins is a streaky QB, if he gets hot….Houston we have a problem. He is does have a tendency to throw big INT’s in crucial spots and when pressured, but he is more than capable of throwing for 300+ and 3TD’s. Their Oline has some talent on it, Trent Williams is not in the Joe Thomas/Tyron Smith class, but still an elite LT (Top 10), they also feature ex-Brown Shawn Luavou and Top 5 pick (over Leonhard Williams….but I digress) Brandon Scherrif, along with Morgan Moses at RT and Kory LItchenstieger at C. Their Oline is coached by Bill Callahan who is one of the best in the business IMO, so what they may lack in talent, they even out in coaching.

The Browns offense is a collection of youth + Vets, but our offensive leaders (HueJack, Saunders, Wilson and Hamilton) can script an offense around whatever you got…and thank the Lord for that LOL. Our offense is not devoid of talent, we are currently on our 3rd string QB, 3rd round pick and Rookie Cody Kessler, who looked like a solid Game Manager, poised, accurate and adept at changing protections and throwing the ball away, last week. I have no idea what we are going to get out of him this week. IF we can get another 64% completion 200+ yard game with no turn overs, I think that is a winning football formula for us. Our Running game is currently ranked 4th in the NFL (only 0-3 team in the top 10), and the Duke and the Crow are both showing up and showing out this season, I expect them to have a big game vs. the Skins. Our Wr. Core WILL be a good one, but currently shorthanded, with Coleman and J.G. both out, we will be relying on TP, baby Hawk and our young pass catchers, anchored by Barniage at TE and bolstered by Duke out of the backfield. Our oline is starting to settle down in the run blocking game, which it has been solid the last two games, the real liability is at RT where it almost feels like were playing with only 4 Olineman, I feel VERY strongly that Pazstor needs to be moved back inside to OG, he is not an NFL tackle, we will have to use scheme to hide his weakness.
Advantage: Skins (+QB, +WR/TE, - -RB, Oline-Push)

Defense: (short and sweet)
The Browns and Skins are ranked 25th and 29th respectively in defense, so neither team will remind anyone of the 85 bears vs 2000 Ravens. The Skins have star power in the secondary with Josh Norman, some Skins fans feel they have another star in Breeland, so they have some players on the corners. The Safeties are a question, especially with D.Hall going out with a torn ACL for the season. The Skins Linebackers are anchored by Preston Smith and Ryan Kerrigan, both can get to the passer if coverage holds up, but were not facing Von Miller or Kalil Mack. Their Dline lacks top talent such as facing a Fletcher Cox or the line in Miami, so prayerfully our Oline can hold its own (and of course Joe Thomas is going to ERASE whoever they put over on that side).
Our secondary is in a state of flux, we need Haden healthy this week and Kindred to continue to step up his play. Our secondary cannot match the Skins Wr core man for man, so there will need to be some scheming and blitzing done. Our Linebackers are starting to come on a bit with Demario Davis and Kirksey playing better and better each week and we are getting contributions from the young Ogbah (who has been VERY solid, while not making a lot of splash plays yet), JoeScho, and two kids I was very high on coming out of the draft Tyrone Holmes (his pressure lead to the pick-6 last week) and Cory Lemeniour (sp?) out of Auburn (fell in draft because of injury). Our Dline would be as bad as Skins had it not been for Danny Shelton (currently rated the #1 run stopping DT in the NFL behind Damon “Snacks” Harrison) starting to play like the man we saw at the Univ. of Washington. I fully expect Shelton to Dominate Litchensteiger this week. And hopefully we get Mr. Nassib back, he’s the best pass rusher we have on the Dline.
Advantage: Browns (+Dline, + LB’s, - Secondary)

Special Teams: (Very Short and Sugary Sweet)
Dustin Hopkins is a solid K, and Tress Way is one of the top 3 punters in the NFL, and they have weapons in the return game. We do not have a kicker, we have a random Colquite brother as a punter (but we did get a 4th round pick for ours!!!) and a bunch of designated “Fair Catchers” on punt return. I just pray that our ST units don’t cost us another game.
Advantage: Skins (++K, +++P, +KR, +++PR)

We could be 2-1 right now if we had a decent kicker and a Non-Menstruating Ref call a fair game in B.More…but were 0-3 right now…we are on the right track and getting better each week. If we played the Skins in week 10, I would be a LOT more confident in a possible win. But as it is, were on the road for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, nursing a lot of injuries, and starting a rookie QB………..


That was the most thorough GDTs I've ever seen. Awesome job really liked you going through the run down.

After looking at what you've put. I think a big key is going to be containing their receivers and getting turn overs. We don't have to focus on stopping the run for a change their game isn't built around that anyway. We're going to have to be opportunistic on 3rd down and be prepared to cover as long as we can.


So the Redskins have a bunch of no-names at RB. A very Browns thing to do would be to give up 120 yards to Chris Thompson and 80 to Matt Jones.

Anyone got a bet on what we do to lose this week? Maybe we try a fullback pass with the lead late in the game that goes for a pick 6? Accidentally kneel it down in the endzone up by 1 late in the game in victory formation?

Of course, there are always optimists.


Guys I've been preaching about faith and belief that this organization is heading in the right direction.

I believe the Browns will win a stunner in Washington this week, and I'll go one step further...

Parkay will kick the game winning field goa


If there are any games I think we can win this year it's this on and the Titan game. If our defense can hold then I think we have a shot .I can see Kessler throwing for 250+ and and Crowell having another good game.


Kirk cousins is going to have what is affectionately known as a slump buster playing the browns secondary this week.


Good thing Shanahan is not their play caller. Browns D needs to shut down DeSean Jackson, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed at the same time. Not an easy thing to do. I think this will be a close game but unless the Browns play lights out D they lose in the end.*

Okay, Skins time to even up our season.
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