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The Big Trade Part 2-Other Opinions

There are other teams whose fans thoughts about the Redskins trading for the #2 pick and apparently getting RGIII at QB I thought would be of interest-the Browns, Rams, Colts, Dolphins, and Jaguars in this case.


Geeze, you're whining because the 'Skins haven't had a franchise qb since Theisman? Boo-hoo. The Browns haven't had a true honest to goodness franchise quarterback since Otto Graham. Kosar was close, but didn't have enough good years to qualify in my book, and got trumped by John Elway a couple of times. Ditto Brian Sipe on only a couple of good years.

There are a few of us on this board who are extremely unhappy H&H got caught asleep at the wheel, and let RGIII get away- to a potentially inferior bid, no less. With the exception of Tim Couch (who got beat to death behind an inferior o-line) it been an unending comedy of errors and tales of Cleveland quarterback suckage since '99. Maybe, possibly McCoy can develop into a adequate game manager with a perfect team around him ala Trent Dilfer with the Ravens, or your own Doug Williams. But to be good, and stay good over an extended period- you need something better.
1 more season
This whole fiasco is just typical browns regardless of the regime. Can't make a decision or a deal. Another year of irrelevancy to come. What I think RG3 was going to bring to the browns was at least a little excitement. Some reason for the fans to be excited or the rest of the league or football world even to take notice of the browns.

So what are the. Browns go'in with a QB who now knows he is not wanted or an unproven back up like Flynn or a failed back up like Kolb?

Even if they get some WR 's in the draft who's gonna throw to them? Colt taking aim at their ankles? If they take Richardson that won't scare anyone he'll fair no better than agent Hillis. No quality FA will want to be a Brown.

Oh well , same old browns. 6-12 top 5 pick in 2013
I partially agree with u. The Browns were lucky the deal did not fall through because by the time they were willing to offer the same picks to Rams the deal was already done. So the Browns FO were not SMART, they were Lucky/Unlucky. It is good to start with Colt - Not because we have a 'smart, tough, mobile qb' (I cant think of a QB more mobile than RG3) but because now we have a chance to get into the Barkley sweepstakes cos we are guaranteed a top 10 draft. And you are right - No One player is worth so many #1 & #2 picks unless he is an NFL player in his prime who has proved his worth. This opportunity gives us a chance to close many holes in the team if we get it right. I sure hope we get it right. We should start with Blackmon.
After thinking about it for a while it became fairly obvious that the skins were willing to forfeit whatever it took to win the bid and the browns need way to much to be throwing so many draft picks after one player..
We need to get our offense some weapons and squirmur needs to give colt a fair shot by changing the offense some and letting colt play to his strengths before they or we go dubbing him as not the guy, the offensive personnel and playcalling around colt sucked so bad it is not fair to individually point colt out just yet this was his first full season and with a new vanilla system and a newbie coach that calls sh*t plays..

Flynn would not realistically be able to beat colt or seneca out for the starting job and would be a huge waste of money for a 7th rounder that has only played 2 games in an effective system with legit targets bringing flynn in would prove to be a huge mistake..

We need to stay where we are at in the draft or move down some if its an offer so good we cant refuse but we could really use a potential stud WR or two..

general counsel
The ironic part of the deal (which i love) is that Rams fans have just gone from being the biggest RGIII fans in the world (ie cheering for him to have maximum value) to being fans that should be cheering awfully hard for him to do poorly (as that would greatly enhance the value of the two future first round picks)

Ramming speed to all (and he is to hoping that somehow clairborne or blackmon is there at 6.
This is amazing. Especially because i see the redskins picking top ten the next few years.
sosa39rams disagreed with lostsoul here...

I don't. Jimmy has done wonders with that great, tough D. Not to mention they were actually a pretty good offense last year when Rex was anything above horrendous.

I see them killing it immediately with a gifted talent like RG3. Possibly 7-9 next year, and that'll only get better in my opinion.

Lets hope for the best! Go Snead + Fisher!
First thoughts;

(1) Wow! That's a load of quality picks.

(2) The Redskins did not overpay. RG3 fills the biggest hole on their team and he has the potential to be very-very special. Seriously, this guy is uber talented and makes the Redskins relevant immediately. Is there risk? Sure. But if you don't have a quality QB its tough to win in this league... and let's face it; the NFC East is a monster division. They need this.

(3) I have to admit, more picks this year would be nice. But this trade sets us up for 3 years. Holy smokes; it feels like a Patriots strategy!

(4) Cleveland... wow! You were thiiiiis close and just showed why you are a perennial loser. RG3 was yours to lose, and you lost. Smh.

(5) At #6, it might be a good place to trade down again. This is going to be a fun draft.

Colts fans didn't really have a lot to say about it.

I'm glad we tanked it.

Hopefully Washington can recover to put something around RGIII. Snyder will have to pick his f/a's wisely.
colts 18
Very bad decision on the redskins part. They gave up way too much and got very little. They do not have enough weapons on offense so even if RGIII turns out to be decent they will still have a bad season.
There was some disagreement about this.

Flux Civilian
They did what they had to do to get their guy. You guys act like the Skins were the only team trying to move up to this spot, they had to beat the other team's offers and they had to be sure they would beat them. If RG3 pans out those first round picks won't be nearly as valuable as they would be with Grossman and/or Beck at QB, it's a risk but he gives them a better chance then those two regardless

Dolphins fans, on the other hand, did.

Big Dave
That is ridiculous amount of picks for an unproven rookie QB. What makes it so incredible is that this was to move up 5 spots in the draft.

Still, after watching Cam Newton this year here in NC, RGIII will fill the stands, sell merchandise, and win games.

The OL is terrible there, but the mark of a Shanahan team is a good OL and a good running game. It is just a matter of time before he is surrounded by talent. They'll have to go the free agent route as they do not have any first day picks.
Fisher schooled Shanahan but Shanahan is a desperate coach who screwed up the QB position twice already. If he works out however the price would be worth it to Redskins fans. That NFC East is by far the strongest division in the league.
The package the Dolphins would have had to give up would have been more than that because the Dolphins are 2 slots down further in the draft.

RGIII was not Plan B, that would be Matt Flynn. Griffin was Plan C.

Love RGIII, and I do think he is going to be a top caliber quarterback, but the cost to get him for Miami would have been PROHIBITIVE.
I have to echo the sentiments of NFLJunkie, FINesse and swerve13, I think Washington did the right thing. And with the money they saved by not having to sign two #1's and a #2, they can make up for their loss in free agency.

It's this kinda thinking " outside the box ", is what separates teams.
There is a reason that the Redskins have stunk for quite some time. This move might give them a quality QB, but they will have a hard time finding him some targets...and shoring up that awful O-line...without quality draft picks. Quality free agents cost a bundle. The rookie pay scale has recently become better for teams...

The Rams pulled off a great deal. Now can they use those picks wisely?
While I somewhat agree , here is the advantage of drafting a QB rather than borrowing one like Manning. The Redskins have time now to build. If the FO does its job right , they will find those targets & fix that O-line just as the Giants did when they did what they did to get Eli. The Redskins just have to learn not to be starstruck like they have been & like Ross is now. If you do your homework there are guys in the later rounds plus the non sexy free agents that you can build a team.
Assuming RG3 lives up to the hype , your window is alot more than 2-3 years.
This just might be a good deal for both teams & if the Rams rebound quickly because of this , we will be wishing Ross negotiated with Fisher a bit more than he did.

Some Jags fans think we messed up the cost of moving up in the draft.

the Redskins went up 4 spots by trading their 2nd round pick this year, 1st round for the next 2 years and swapping their first with the Rams... for 4 spots...

for the Jags to go up hmmm *4* spots.... it'd be almost the same amount to trade and I wouldn't trade that much to get Blackmon.
Ginger Jag
It's not the same. The Redskins didn't up the value of moving into the top 5 by giving up the farm, simply because they were trading for a QB. They paid a premium price because they were essentially trading the Rams for a franchise QB. Now, that's not to say it would be cheap or reasonable for us to trade from 7 to 3 for a WR, just sayin' it wouldn't cost us two 1st round picks to do it
I beg to differ - because the Rams got it, any other team will be "to move up that many spaces, it MUST be the same value. We want a ton of picks or else, you're not moving up." the NFL is a copycat league - from offenses, defenses - admit it because everyone wants the same offense and defense as the teams in the super bowl.. they will take players from those teams (when free agents or trade for them), try the same coaching styles.... and in the case of the draft, give up the same amounts of picks.
Well even if it's half as much to move up the same amount, one pick lower, do you want to give up a 1 and 2 this year, or a 1 and a 1 next year to move up for Blackmon?

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