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The Big Trade Part 1-NFCE Reaction

Well the Redskins have gone and done it again, grabbed the NFL's headline machine and given it a mighty spin-one that's reverberating throughout the league like so many moves the Redskins have made in the past.

Like the past there are reactions everywhere among the fans of every team in the NFL so I'm splitting this into two parts. Part 1 will be what our division rivals' fans think of the Redskins trading into the #2 draft slot-and grabbing RGIII-and Part 2 will have a small selection of what might be called "significant other teams" fans opinions.

First, the majority of the posts I've encountered out there are of the "The Redskins gave up what to get RGIII??" variety-a lot saying we got raped by the Rams, some saying RGIII is a 50/50 boom/bust prospect.

I went looking for posts that had something more substantial or informative than "**** the Skins" or comments that were just "haters in action."


Chris in Arizona
RG3 is an elite talent and an elite young human being. He's will breathe life into that organization. They paid a steep to get him but they are gambling on an amazing player. He will be the face of their franchise for the next decade.

I am going to hate hating him over the next several years.

Our defense struggled against Vick both games and now we get him twice and RG3 twice every year. We need to get faster on D immediately. Not saying we won't, just that we need to.

Congrats Redskins fans. You still suck.

Yeah man they are way under the cap. They'll surround RG3 with talent. Watch. It's going to change pretty quickly.

Wow, three first rounders and a second for a first round pick that was four spots above your original pick.

the scary thing is the Redskins have $40M in cap space. I can see vincent jackson and Nicks arriving in DC with RG.

This was a reply:

RG3 doesn't scare me as much as this! After they gel, the Skins should be deadly. We know the Eagles will be better, and the Giants just won the SB. Looks like 'The Least' will become 'The Beast' again. Hope the Boys did their homework for FA and the draft!

it will: man, to say it won't is to deny EVER paying attention to lil dan at FA time. Thing is, it isn't 'my cousin vinny' in the GM chair now: it's Bruce Allen who knows what he's doing. RG3, Nicks and a solid receiver like Jackson? Yikes would that SUCK.

He'll be more popular in DC than the president.

Also, Skins should have no problem bringing in receivers now.

Im hoping RG3 will be a bust. If not our division just got even harder.


i like how people are trying to act like they know whether this will be good or bad yet. Jury is out. RGIII has the potential to be an absolutely dominant player, and there is formidable WRs on the open market this year. Their defense is already quite good. Hope he doesn't turn out to be too good, but I can't say I'm not worried about this kid.

This trade will make or break the Skins for the next 6-10 years.

If RG3 turns out to be any good... watch out, rest of NFC East. It's now a 4-team party!

I dont like this deal. There are plenty of really good to great WR in the FA pool for them to pick up. This guys more talented on every level then Cam Newton. I really really didnt want him going into our division for us to face.

People are saying thats a super high price but if the guy pans out to be as good as people think.....well lets just say I wouldnt want to play a team with a QB that can run 4.3 and throw like Drew B.

Its a high price but if you look back at our last 3 first round draft picks I would have swapped those in a second for RGB III.

If the Skins don't step up and protect this guy, it will be a real shame. I genuinely like the way this kid presents himself and he seems to have all the tools. If the kid survives the first 3 years and is not beaten like Patrick Ramsey was in DC, the skins could be good for a long time. Sure the skins gave up there immediate future for the long term, only time will tell if the roll of the dice plays out well for them. Skins will win between 4 and 6 games next year but as long as RGIII is not concussed, consider it a good year.

PHEagles36 had another comment I liked.

you guys are kind of going off the deep end here. First of all, its not really 3 1sts. Its 2, because they're getting a first round pick for a first round pick, they cancel each other out. Second of all, 2 firsts is a price id gladly pay for a QB that could end up being as great as RGIII could end up being. This is a franchise that's been desperate for a QB for decades....if he fails that's one thing. I'd go all in for RGIII too though.

and just to add some perspective, our last 3 first round picks:

Maclin, Watson, Graham.

I'd trade those three for RGIII in a split second.

Everyone messing with the Redskins about the picks. They will just do what they always do.

Free Agency.

I expect them to throw a kings ransom at Vincent Jackson.

Honestly, if they are going RG3 then they would be better off focusing on the Oline and RB than WR. You have to protect the QB first.

One Eagles fan gave the Redskins some interesting props for the move.

as a Eagles fan I hate the fact that the skins got RGIII.

Them getting RGIII saved them from making a huge mistake taking Ryan Tannehil who now being rumored going to the Browns at 4.

Imagine if the Browns got RGIII, than the skins draft Ryan (who IMO will be below avg at best).

The skins would have screwed up another 1st round pick and I would have loved it.

Instead they finally did the right thing. They finally understand how important a franchise qb is and got one.

Kudos to them finally getting it right.


Interestingly, Giants' fans mostly thought it was a good trade

...I think its very smart, and if RG3 pans out, they will be a team to reckon with.. U put RG3 with Fred Davis, and Roy Helu, and they got a few young WR's as well, and watch out.. Not to mention, Santana Moss could have a Steve Smith type re-resurgance, like he did when Cam Newton became his QB.. I hate the fact they Got RG3.. I think the guys gonna be a beast..

Yup since Theisman...... can't wait for JPP to break his leg.

Mike L.
I always felt Shanahan was a great coach when he was in Denver. I've now realized these so called great coaches all have one thing in common - great QBs. W/O a great QB, hard to be anything other than pedestrian that goes for TC as well. Eli is the main factor in winning 2 Super Bowls. Washington is taking a shot, hopefully it fails, but it's the right thing to do. Time will tell.

I think it was a no brainer for them, especially for the system Shanahan would ideally like to operate. I guarantee you he's doing backflips at Redskins park. I would be if I were him.

I know we laugh at the Skins and their FA idiocy of the past, but things have been different under Shanahan, and them being 40 million under the cap now is a huge advantage for them as they will be able to chase FA's now that they consider at least short term core players in lieu of not having draft picks.

It's to their advantage they're so far under now, as opposed to a year from now when the cap balloons, as they can chase players that other teams will have a difficult time being competitive with in their offers as teams will be cap strapped this year as opposed to next when TV money rolls into the equation.

I will go on record as saying this is not a bad deal.

RG3 is literally everything you want in a QB. A potentially great QB is worth a lot.

Maybe they gave up one first round pick too many, but if Griffin can make an impact like Cam Newton did, the 'Skins will have gotten themselves a legit QB, and they have good people running the organization.

They can always trade back up into the first round if they have to.

The Skins also have cap room. Watch them go get a guy like Vincent Jackson.

This is a Great deal for the Rams too (Obviously).

Eh, had Landry Jones/Barkley not gone back to school, Griffin could fall to Washington or even Miami without trading up. Washington should put a bounty on those to when they finally make it to the pros.


This post really caught my eye also.

Osi Osi Osi OyOyOy
you have to realize the new CBA makes Top picks so much more valuable than they used to be, the Rams really trust Bradford so this is a good move for them based on that trust. Bradford really needs to prove himself vs. pass pressure before anything else regarding this matters. I used to be big on Bradford but the "he doesn't take pressure well" criticisms have looked very accurate thus far. He's a very good throwing talent, he's not a Matt Stafford like Franchise Changer yet but he could easily be Matt Schaub-like if not better if everything breaks right. Stafford has Calvin to work with the same way Shaub had Andre. I hate how he throws Calvin-like jump balls to Titus Young's short's frame though, tells me Stafford is still overly dependent on Calvin to win one on jump balls. Still, Stafford is a bigtime talent who is far ahead of Bradford at this point. Blackmon's possession receiving beastliness could be perfect with Bradford's short passing skills though, Oklahoma to Oklahoma State for the win. I really like Blackon, not as explosive as a AJ Green or Julio Jones but he has the talent to fall somehwere between Marshall and Fitzgerald in terms of being a reception racking up beast with monster red zone potential.

RGIII to the Redskins really sucks. This is a QB league, Eli has proven himself to be at least a Top 5 QB. Say what you want about him, but he's a player who s amazing in the clutch. I watch a ton of college football, I'm not one of these draft wannabees who talks sh*t based on one game and an "expert opinion". RGIII was a GREAT college QB, not very good but great. He was a high 4.3 40 running athlete who understood the QB position and the concept of pass first/run second earlier on than any other famous running QB out yet. That has a lot to do with the Big 12, where Colt McCoy was a great running threat vs. the overwhelmed defenses who couldn't adjust to QB running speed in the spread. The SEC did a better job at that because they have better defensive athletes and schemes, which is why comparing Newton to Grffin straight up is wrong. But RGIII is a revolutionary talent if everything breaks right, and a team that hasn't done sh*t in 20 years like Washington could easily rationalize wasting 2 more drafts if RGIII is a Franchise talent.

I can't hate on him because of situation, I like RGIII a lot. I hate how people have gone so the other way on Griffin, Cunningham and Vick are by far the best comparisons to him and its okay to admit it. But he's ahead of those guys as a passer at this point and he's also got a better head on his shoulders than both. He's a stud.

As a Giants fan I really don't care haha, we're Super Bowl f**king Champions. By the time RGIII starts tearing it up, Eli will probably be on the downside of his prime. It works out for both teams, the Giants will have a multiple year window coming up where the Skins are in rebuilding mode. This was a good move for the Skins that could make or break their Franchise, but it was also the kind of move that can haunt them for years if Grffin is a bust.

Morehead State
I think its a great move for the Skins. We've seen how valuable a franchise QB is. This kid is special. Plus he's a really good kid. He has as good a chance as any to make it big in the NFL.

I would expect to see a Skins ressurgence in the NFC East. I would have been very happy to see him go the Cleveland.

Great trade for the Rams of course because they didn't need a QB. Its a win/win deal as far as I'm concerned.

Part of me though can't help but wonder if the Giants fans are just glad it doesn't look like we're going to get Peyton. :rolleyes2:
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