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The Bengals: Showdown at Wembley

On to London for a tussle with the Bengals. Bengals fans are a point. Many are worried about the Redskins like most of the other teams fans we play.


I think the Bengals go to 4-4 with a win across the pond. The British will see a Dalton/Green show at Wimbley Stadium. I'm predicting the final score to be Bengals 27 Redskins 23 in a close game. Gio has a good day rushing and the Bengals D looks better this week.

Nicomo Cosca

Washington lost today. They'll be hungry.

I think we get the W though.


Is Marvin going to be left at home? If so, I predict a Bengals W. If Marvy makes the trip, the outcome is in doubt.


If Jordan Reid plays, the Redskins may win. Without him I think the Bengals kinda handle them. Neither team is great with or against the running game. Both teams have explosive receivers. The matchup looks close on paper. I think we have the much better QB, so I'll give us the edge.

24- 20 Bengals


Going to be a tight game, but Kirk Cousins and Co will be too much for our defense.

I don't like that.



Washington is very beatable, but they can score points. The defense can't shit the bed in London.


Look out for Dalton this week. Redskins have two good pass rushing DEs. If the line can't perform it could be a loss... or even serious injury to Dalton.


Without Norman our Receivers could go off if Kerrigan does not destroy Andy. Hopefully Winston is at RT
and we run it at him to wear him down than go Playaction to our guys. Eifert i predict will start to get more
comfortable and should get a TD in this one. Lafell, Green, Boyd and Eifert together is looking good.

The run game looked great against the Browns, i know it is the Browns but the Skins are not a good run
stopping team either. Been a bit since Jay has seen our team, it is not like Hue who knows us better right
now cause he was here more recent...



Kerrigan vs Ogb sounds like a nightmare. If the team can find a way to keep Dalton upright, we should have a nice game offensively.

Defense is gonna have to play well because Washington has an arsenal of weapons. We have to cause some turnovers, it would really help this team.

I think this is going to be one of those high scoring games like the Packers or Carolina games in the past few years.

38-35 Bengals


My biggest concern is the grass at Wembley which cuts up very easily. The redskins power run game will be well suited to it, and it's fair to say our defence has a few struggles against the run!!!

Whatever happens, am looking forward to a great day and hopefully night too!!!


Something tells me we might see a run option or two with Cousins in this game.

Defense does need to step up. I think the offense will play well. Eifert should be back to full strength this week, which i think will help both the pass and run offense.

I like the Bengals here to get back to .500. But this team is definitely not predictable, so who the heck really knows.

I seen and heard of "interestig" techniques used to predict a game outcome......this next one, however....smh.


I had fun doing this last week, so I figured I'd give it another go. If you're not sure what all this is about, here is a link to last week's super-awesome-accurate prediction. --not that it will really help to explain that much.
Without further ado, let's get to the "science"!
This week, since the Redskins defense is ranked 26th in rushing yards allowed, we will start with the combined rushing yards of Hill (439) and Gio (247) which gives us 676. Save that number.
The combined jersey numbers of Hill and Gio comes to 57. The Bengals first ever draft pick was Bob Johnson, who wore #54, so we will of course be dividing 676 by 3. Don't worry, I've got the calculator. This comes to 225.3, rounded down to an even 225. Save that one for later.
Now look at this. (Thanks to u/Vaquero_Pescador for showing me that a few weeks ago.)
Now, Andy has attempted 246 passes so far this season. 246-225 is 21. We currently have 5 players on IR, so our total points scored for this game will be 16.
"Third and short is better than short and long." A wonderful quote from Phil Simms.
The redskins have 10 players on IR (wow, that sucks) so we'll give them 10 points.
Final score: 16-10, Bengals


Washington threw the ball 39 times against the Lions and rushed it only 29 times. If the Bengals can keep them in that kind of balance, I think they will win. The Bengals have simply shown no improvement in stopping the run. Gruden will know this, but will he have the patience to try and grind it out? I hope not.

Bengals 24
Redskins 20


Marvin spends the week not coaching but spouting out Marvin lines, "Finish" "Do your job" and we come out in London while starvin' Marvin is on the sidelines with remanence of Sheppard's Pie on his face from his preparation of a pre game and resulting in a final score of

Redskins- 30
Bengals- 24

Fresno B

Bengals continue previous slump

Redskins 20

Bengals 17


This isn't going to come as a shock to anybody but this team (up to this point) has not been playing like a playoff team. And we've run out of places to hide. We simply can't drop 5 of our first 8 and have any reasonable expectation to make the dance.

The 3 teams we've beat have a combined record of 5 - 16 ! We very well could have lost the first one (Jets) and have not exactly set the world on fire against the other two. The numbers look good on the surface but the facts are we were very far away from firing on all cylinders in either of the other two.

Our defense will look good for a couple series then just totally break down making training camp type mistakes. Our offense has put up gash plays and looked great, then self destructs for the next two quarters ! And as it nearly always is it's several problems not just one or two.

Our game plans have to get better, our play calling has to get much better. Our RT HAS to get much better, as does our center. Our LBers have to ante up, our TE has to get on the field, our D -line has to get more pressure. To quote Marvin "we have to play much better" and right now.

Don't let the Cleveland game fool you. We should have blew them all the way out, 9 out of 10 times. If we don't come with our A game, and I don't even think we've had a C game yet. And we end up 3-5 this weekend. I don't think we've got the ability to dig outta that hole.
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