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The 49ers: Is a wounded animl dangerous?

Believe it or not 49ers fans are mixed in their expectations about this game. Most think they'll win, but a lot of them think it will be tough.

Their own performance has been kind of underwhelming of late and that shows through in some of their posts.


THey played Dallas pretty well...I'm sure we won't overlook this team...they can be dangerous...especially w/ D jax.


Bob is gonna get sacked 3 times each by aldon and lynch


The most dysfunctional team in the NFL. We better pound these fools


we force 4 turnovers and win it on a Dawson FG after a Lynch, A. Smith combined strip sack deep in Redskin territory. Final score 9-7.


Man I hope not, I want to finally see a lopsided game from start to finish. But who am I kidding? The Niners always play down to the level of their opponent so even a game against Jacksonville would be a nail biter.


Again, should blow them out easily but offense will like always be the Achilles heal


With Trent Williams out of the game, Aldon might face a rookie LT... who was the last rookie LT to receive the Aldon treatment, like that? Jonathan Martin?


I tend to agree. the nfl is a tough league and every week is a different battle so just getting the win is huge. HOWEVER, this team needs to build momentum and confidence going into the stretch run. we need to find our rhythm on offense and put up at least 30 points on this team.

we should've scored 40 on the giants with all the INTs we got. I'd like to see the offense start living up to their end of the deal. we will not be able to win games against good teams if the offense is so woefully inconsistent.

this is the perfect opponent against whom we can find our stride.


Blowout, except we'll need our defense to make a final stand in the final moments for victory.


49ers win 13 - 10.

49ers D generates 5 - 6 takeaways; half of them with a short field. Somehow, the 49ers 3 and out on each takeaway. The pass protection reverts to pre-two games ago, and Kaep is running for his life. The receivers run combination of streak, post, and out patterns 80 percent of the time; only striking at the center of the field for their lone touchdown.


Probably lose, game planning to not show seattle anything will bite us in the ass


Seattle has already witnessed everything Roman has to offer. It's about execution now which is my concern because of how inconsistent we are. Redskins should be a blowout but I'm expecting another nail biter victory.

The Steve Young comment controversy got some mention...


I was watching the drama being played out in Washington...and then someone asks "Steve Young said you don't put in..." whatever.

I don't care about the Redskins or RGIII, but I hope this low balling by Steve Young stops someday. Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion, but sometimes "I heard, he told me, un-named sources" gets old. It becomes more about the media person than the actual story. The 49ers have been a victim of this crap as well.


Do you know what Robert Griffin thinks of Steve Young's comments? He is doing just one thing this week focusing on San Francisco. I was listening to his recent interview while driving around running errands, he must of answered 20 of the 25 questions with that exact same canned line. Even when asked if "focusing on San Francisco" is all he was going to say he said it again. I can understand a player acting smug or disrespecting a sportswriter they have a bad past with that has twisted their words, lied against them, stretched the truth etc,etc, but acting like a jackass for no good reason is uncalled for. For those of us that aren't into Twitter, Facebook, or whatever else player and coach interviews is where we get a lot of insight into what is going on. I never liked those that weren't open with the media. Last I checked without the fans there is no NFL.


I'm guessing the Niners are taking Washington a lot more seriously than a lot of fans around here are. I see their record. I also see a top ten defense and offense in yardage allowed and gained. I also see a QB who could blow up and have the game of his life any week now. I see one of the fastest most dynamic receivers in the game. I see a very tough run defense.


A major case where stats need to be interpreted and not taken for face value. First, points for-points against which the Skins are 22nd and 24th is a lot more indicative of a team's ability to win games than yardage. I watch all the Redskin games, trust me they suck bad on both sides of the ball. If they turn the ball over it seems to always be inside either 20 where it takes away Redskin points or gives the other team at least an automatic 3. They are way worse than they look on paper. They just got done losing at home against the 1-8 Buccaneers making Josh McCown look like a hall of famer.


Redskins play tough and mostly kept it close in the first half, until they fall apart in the late 3rd to 4th qtrs

which if we struggle on offense..then it will be a tough game all 4 qtrs


RG3 had been worse than jamarcus Russell, and he's going against the niner D.


I want at least two more INTs and about 5-6 sacks on Bob.

There is no way the skins should put up more than 10 points on us at home.


After this game, the media will be talking about the resurgence of the Redskins defense and RGIII. This team has a habit of doing that to opponents.


I hate saying that games are easy to win but really if we lose here then we might as well call it a year. The redskins are a mess right now but if you were to look at their stats, you would think they'd be a playoff team.

I think we win 27-13.


Looks about right to me. Their poor turnover and 3rd down ratio sure stand out. SF should have this one, unless they bumble it away with turnovers and an inept passing game.


I just hate how we have no HFA. Look seriously, does anyone think we play better at home? In a way it is good, but these should be close to guaranteed wins when someone comes here. Patriots, Seahawks, Saints, ect hardly ever lose at home.

Anyways, 34-10


They have no defense or team identity. This team is in a media S-storm right now they can't get out of their own way. I see this as another nail in their season's coffin 36-7


Not sure why you'd think Washington was a playoff team by their stats. 8th in total offense, 7th in passing, 29th in third down conversions, and 22nd in scoring tells me they're always playing from behind, and failing, a lot. Not to mention that -11, 29th-T ranked, give/take ratio. Ouch.

That being said....

Hopefully our defense continues to thrive. I think our offense continues to struggle, though, and we keep them in the game.

20-14 Niners. Defense bails us out with a pick six or a fumble recovery for a touchdown late in the game to give us all heart attacks.

Prove me wrong offense! Do it!


They blitz a LOT, so Roman, Kap, and the OLine better not let another Rams game situation happen again.

On the bright side, their OLine is awful, and they might even be without Trent Williams. Tampa practically lived in their backfield last week, so Aldon, Lynch, and baby Ahmad should all dominate.

Also, their safeties are horrendous, so this finally could be the game where Vernon breaks out.


Time for the 49ers offense to make another very bad defense look pretty good.
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