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Talk about you? Let's talk about us.

Fans of NFL teams quite often prefer talking about themselves when discussing upcoming games rather than the opponent. Bucs fans are among them.

However, as is the case most of the time it seems, RG3 gets his own threads.

One had an ominous title.

"Let's hit RG3"

He thinks he has been hit ? Go after him get him boys

Bob should be on the list for the D this week.

Other comments showed up in other normal gamethreads

RGIII has passed well on everyone else so far. I'd say if he hits over 300 yards, or has over 60 yards rushing, then we have a problem.

I think we can weather even a 300 yard passing day from RG3 as long as we maintain the bend but don't break we did during the Panthers and Cowboys games. One good thing about Washington is that don't have the same formidable receiving weapons that the Giants or Dallas have so hopefully our secondary to stay on them long enough for the front 7 to get to RG3.

We must play RG3 like we did Newton. Make him unable to run and force him to throw. I have faith our defense can pick up on his game and snag a few.
I worry about our pass rush now. With Clayborn out, Teo'Neisem is pretty much a place holder on the line. Hes not going to do much but take up a blocker. McCoy is the key. As always.

Losing Clayborn is a concern for Bucs fans.

think the secondary looks weak now.. just wait until the games are played with Clayborn being out now..

I don't think we will miss Clayborn from pass rush perspective, because we already have been missing him from week 1. His run defense is very good however and may be missed. He does a very good job of containing the edge to allow LBs can make a play on RBs rushing on his side.

The biggest problem I see is that we are giving up 20 pounds on that end now. Those guys might be able to apply some sporadic pressure in passing situations but I'm not sure what they'll be able to do when teams run right at them.

I imagine we'll see Alfred Morris testing that side of the line more than a few times Sunday.

A few aren't all that worried, though...

Clayborn won't be missed in the pass rush department. Maybe the threat of how good he could be, but at best he is the 4th best pass rusher on this team. Run defense might suffer a bit but our LB production is as good as its been since a guy wearing #55 was roaming back there. Add to that the rest of the D-line has been outstanding this season

YES, more runs to his side, but to say we will be ran all over is a complete overstatement. Mccoy, and Bennett were the two Line-men who were doing most of the work. 2 sacks for both of them and a forced fumble. I have a lot of confidence that our line will hold up well. WE NEED TO FIND OFFENSIVE POINTS

DeAngelo gets mentioned too often in my Recon travels

If we can't get deep whenever DeAngelo Hall is on VJax then all kinds of people need to get cut/fired around here.

Their biggest concern?...Josh Freeman.

I hope i don't see any Raheem chest bumps this Sunday, probably means a Freeman INT...

Gulf Shore Steve
The concern with Freeman is that he hasn't improved on nearly all the concerns coming out of college. He may not be getting a lot of help from the sidelines but he's also incredibly deliberate with his entire game.

Freeman will probably make those bad Redskins CB's look like Night Train Lane. And after the picks he'll run over to Skins sideline to chestbump Raheem.

I don't see Tampa winning this one. No one knows Freeman better than R. Morris and we better believe he is preparing that secondary.

A few posters put more of the blame on HC Greg Schiano and/or OC Mike Sullivan.

Freeman has crazy talent and plays best when allowed to improvise and (especially) roll out, but he's clearly been told to stay in the pocket. When asked to stay put and go through his progressions he gets stiff and is too slow to react to pressure. He also broadcasts his throws, something he has done since he was at K-State. Can he get better? Of course. Can he get better if the new coaching staff is inflexible or unimaginative? Of course not.

As for the coaching, the second-half playcalling was the most putrid I have ever witnessed, including the dog days under Dungy's reign with the hapless Dilfer to overcome. The repeated runs up the gut — even before the team was down by two scores — were inexplicable. When they set up for a punt with two minutes remaining I cleared the coffee table. I mean, ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING? Then to follow up the timeout with more runs into oblivion? Sullivan wasted one of the most dominating defensive efforts by a Buc team in recent memory and embarrassed the franchise with
pee-wee football-caliber decision-making. If his ass is not in a sling right now then Schiano's should be.

So I'm not sure about Josh being the blame, as I truly didn't see many targets for him to hit. Admittedly, I could not see all the plays, but it really didn't seem that they were open receivers to hit.

Right. We all see Freeman's shortcomings, but what we cannot see or diagnose is the creativity of the playcalling or the quality of the position coaching. Logic dictates, however, that it's suspect when a team behind by a score or two repeatedly mashes a small back into an 8-man front, or a group of WRs with excellent size and speed seem blanketed on every play. The Bcus created most of their own misery yesterday. They can adjust, but only if Schiano relents a bit on the direction he was adamanant about in the pre-season: a power run game. The loss of Joseph immediately made the team less physical, so they must adjust or die. And by adjust I mean that they must place a greater emphais on the passing game instead of hoping the run game will somehow spring to life despite the presence of a relatively passive RG and RT. Not gonna happen. We're all down on Freeman, with just cause, but in the end he's guy who can save this team if they open up the passing game a bit and have some faith in his proven ability to create plays. I liken Freeman to Alex Smith, a QB who was considered a bust under a series of hapless coordinators in San Fran until Harbaugh took the HC job, and now Smith looks like a world-beater. We must assign context to his situation: he has not been coached very well in Tampa so far. I'd hate to see the Bucs give up on the kid only to see him blossom elsewhere. His combination of size, talent and character is very, very rare.

One thread was about the signing of Ryan Grant.

Not a bad signing for them. Smart, disciplined runner; dangerous if he's healthy. We need to be disciplined in our run lanes on D!

Well he hasn't practiced all year and the Redskins offense is much different than the Packers. I do question how effective he'll be with only a few days to learn the playbook

I do hope you're right. I seem to remember him having a good game or 2 against us as a Packer

blind melon
Saw the Grant signing last night... Helu went on IR and Royster has a bum knee.

It's not the back in Shanahan's system, it's the freakin' zone blocking system he's perfected...

Our LB's better have incredible gap discipline this Sunday. (Notice I did not even discuss Griffin.)

The Anti-Java
Agree with Blind Melon.

Shannys system you can just plug a guy in. I wouldn't be surprised if he saw quite a bit of action Sunday. If the Skins go up big, even more running for their RB's

And there was a poll taken on who will win.

Redskins 2 15.38%
Buccaneers 11 84.62%

I have to include some personal observations about NFL team fan sites and the fact that the quality varies considerably.

First there was this.

There was an interesting(?) side-story going on in a couple of the Bucs fan sites. It seems there is some back-and-forth trolling going on between some Skins fans and Bucs fans invading each other's respective fan forums.

One Bucs board had a thread monitoring how well they penetrated and sniped Skins boards and how quickly they got banned.

Below average is my grade for this bunch. I include whoever the Skins fans were that were involved as well-that's childish, IMO.

These were some of the worst fan boards I've been to in a while-either poorly moderated, or seemingly not moderated at all or way in the other direction-one of the Bucs fan boards was modded by a guy whose online name is "Quickdraw". He lives up to that by being the most micro-managing mod I think I've ever seen-he'd delete a post in a heartbeat if it sounded anything like some of the minor slapfights at BGO. Sheesh, I'd get banned from there just for being sarcastic, I think. Other boards were studded with comments like "you're a joke", "get out of here you piece of filth", you idiot", and my favorite came from the thread about Ryan Grant.

A poster calling himself Michael89156 started the thread about the Redskins signing Ryan Grant-the following convo ensued.

I hate the BS you throw on this board! It'd be much better without it. Just

I personally like his posts.

If you dont like them, then stop f*cking reading them you ungrateful little sh!t.

Classy, huh?

Maybe I'm being too much of a tone troll, maybe the reasonable comments from Bengals fans last week spoiled me, maybe I'm just an old curmudgeon, I don't know.

I do know this, however.

I had to sift through more than the usual amount of name-calling and personal insults to dig out the serious football discussion.

After the pleasant atmosphere of the Bengals boards last week this was a rude reminder that not all NFL team fans are as polite and decent like the ones we are fortunate enough to have here at BGO. My thanks to the owners and members alike here for continuing to make this a shining example of how a team fan site should operate.
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