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Spy versus spy?

This was one of the more pleasant incursions into enemy territory for one big reason. There's not a lot of Redskins hate out west in Seahawksland. There isn't a whole lot of insulting name-calling but more a view of the Redskins as just the next opponent on the schedule. Refreshing-as was the tone of the Seahawks boards in general which was better that the typical adolescent chest-thumping of a lot of fan forums. I'd have to give their fans a "B" for overall demeanor-not up to BGO's level obviously but not too far below it either.

Something else I found, which I liked, was a good supply of match-up analyses.

Another-which inspired the "Spy versus spy?" title was an unusual number of their fans digging around in Redskins forums-mostly ES. :halo:

BlueThunderAnother Seahawks look-alike thread from the enemy board...

God, these threads are always the best! We should do these here! I always LMAO. Some are so spot on, or just plain ridiculous!

Seahawk Sailor
Yea, those are always funny. And some of the comparisons in that threads are pretty funny, but I've seen better look-alike threads for sure. They need to step up the game. And is it just me, or is it uncanny that nobody posted the obligatory Charlie Whitehurst / Jesus Christ photo comparison?

...extremeskins is the best fan forum ive seen except ours of course, most of the other ones look outdated and bland, these seahawk look alikes were great, they even got some coaches.

I would like to see that here as well. That was some funny brilliant stuff you gotta admit. Make fun of the opponents players lol. Classic.

uncle fseter
Some of the their fans aren't to complimentary about the 12th Man experience on extremeskins...

There is a goodly amount of OL comments and analysis

The Redskins LT Trent Williams is gonna miss next weeks game and guess who the skins backup LT is? Sean Locklear. I doubt that he will have the game that he did against a practice squad LT like yesterday but he should be getting some good pressure. Oh, and little Josh Wilson is one of the skins starting CB's.

Should be a fun game to watch!

I think Clem gets the outside pressure just fine on most teams, but since we have no middle pressure most QB's just have to step up into the pocket to avoid it. Until we can get that penetrating 3-tech DT to disrupt the front of the pocket this will continue to happen for the most part. The interesting thing to me was we started moving Big Red back to 3 tech late in the game yesterday, though for some reason they sometimes dropped him into coverage (we all saw that result). I know we tried him there long ago and was a failure before the genious move of him to DE. I just wonder if he could develope there into that pass rushing 3 tech w/ more practice on obvious passing downs. Then we would be in business.

I would almost just want to put Red on his side. Bullrush him into the QB every single time...

If Rex back pedals from pressure, Clem is goiing to eat him alive. Clem is an outside speed rusher who would probably have twice as many sacks if we could figure a way to get pressure up the middle. All year, the QB's have been able to step up into the pocket creating a lot of near misses for him. I think our D handles their O no problem; if we can continue to hammer the ball for some points this game is ours.

This part stuck out to me: "If the Redskins can hold Red Bryant at the point of attack"

That's a BIG "if". Like, 330lbs worth of defensive end, "if". I don't disagree with this point at all, and I'm not mocking Em's analysis here, but pushing Red Bryant out of the way is something beyond the means of most tackles in this league. He is an unstoppable force, an immovable object (that dwells up in yo' project), and he's going to throw around the Redskins RT like a rag doll.

Clemons is gonna go off on Locklear, I can't friggin wait.

Danny Darko
Well, Locklear and Polumbus eh?

We know Lock is a holding liability, terrible in the run game, and can sometimes play decent pass protection if he's on. I do expect Clem to have a big game and get close to last year total of 11 sacks, which he trails by 3.

The skins left side might be Locklear and Polumbus. That will be a huge advantage for us. Mebane will be such and incredibly tough assignment for Polumbus. Polumbus is not a great run blocker to begin with but Mebane will have such a leverage advantage over the 6 foot 8 Polumbus. I see no way that the skins can run against us at all. The game is gonna be on the arm of Rex Grossman for them. Advantage Hawks.

Wow, they are gonna get absolutely zero push with those too. I thought Polumbus did an admirable job at LT, but LG is very different spot, and by admirable he tried his best and was decent [in] pass blocking.

This will be interesting to say the least.

I think Clemons is having a great year. There is more to come and I think the outside world is starting to notice him finally.

Should be a good game they got Ryan Kerrigan and Orakpo going against our line it may be a long day. Rayan Kerrigan is good he may create some problems. This kid is tuff and for a rookie can bring it. Orakpo is no slouch either gonna be a tuff game dont under estimate these guys.

The Seahawks QB situation with Jackson was a big topic also.

One more game and my mind will be made up on whether or not T-Jack might have what it takes to be our guy. I hated the T-Jack move originally, but must admit the kid has totally grown on me. He has taken a beating all year and just shut his mouth and worked hard to get better. He trusts his receivers more and seems to be getting rid of the ball sooner and with more authority. What I like most of all is that he has improved with almost every single game played, but...

He seems to be hitting a plateau. I haven't seen much improvement over the past few weeks and am worried that he may now be performing at his optimum level. If he doesn't show improvement this week it will be 2-3 weeks with similar play and no reason to think it gets better from here.
I would really love to see him seize the reins as our long term starter, but if I don't see marked improvement this Sunday I'll be his biggest fan--as our future back up.

He's grown on me like he has for a lot of us I guess because of his warrior mentality. How can you not respect this man?

But he takes too long to make a decision, which is why he takes so many brutal sacks. I don't think it's an intelligence thing or a football IQ thing, it's just an inability to process a lot of stuff in real time and be decisive.

Hardest thing to do at the NFL level I reckon.

I think the fact that he's substantially more effective when making half field reads on the move than he is when dropping back and surveying the field tells you everything you need to know.

This Sadhappy post got a reply from Bakergirl

It's kind of funny you mention this. I read this comment to my husband and he pretty much said this was the biggest knock on Alex Smith up to this year.

The difference is SF went from their normal offense to a lot and I mean a LOT of slants and screens, and it pretty much remade Smith as a QB. I wonder if Seattle would have similar success with Jackson this way?

JKent82I am curious how much the pectoral injury is affecting him. Obviously that shouldn't stop him from making quicker decisions, but I just wonder how much he is playing through right now.

He's an upper-tier, very durable backup, Wildcat possibility, and valuable stopgap to keep us competitive and growing while our QBOTF develops.

We shouldn't underestimate the importance of that, but neither is he a franchise QB who's going to be put us over the top. Draft a QB, start Tarvaris, then sign Tarvaris to another quiet 2-year backup deal and by all means keep him around. But we do need to draft someone.

Score predictions showed up everywhere.

I'll start it, the Hawks are starting to build a little momentum, and are FINALLY sticking with the run. I see a heavy dose of yet again, and a fired up team at home. Our D is just getting better and better. Skins are not horrible, but this is a game the Hawks have no business losing. The 12th Man and the Hawks D, along w/a solid running game on a wet Sunday.........

Hawks 26
Skins 10

Seahawks 21- Redskins 17 after we come from behind.

the ditch
Seahawks have a three game win streak

'Hawks 28
Redskins 13


T-jack 2 TD's to Rice, 250 yds

2 picks from our D off ol Grossy

Clink is to much to handle for the Redskins line who tally up at least 4 false starts!

Not sure if expecting the Hawks to win at home against an equally bad and probably worse Redskins team should really be considered high expectations.

west- 21
east- 17

Malik Hawk
Can we hold two teams in a row under 10 points? Hawks 18 Washington 9 1/2

9 1/2...uh......okay...

24-10 Hawks. Interceptercaurus Rex gets picked off three times, one for a td.

I think they are worse than us so, I say we win.

I'm going to be sorely tempted to post something similar this on some BGO thread at some point-especially that first sentence in bold.

run and shoot
It's easy to see wide open receivers while sitting in the stands or on a t.v. screen with the ability to see the whole field at one time, or being able to watch the replay as the crew shows you the wide open receiver. Just ask Brady, when his feet aren't planted firmly on turf he makes plenty of mistakes and misses plenty of open receivers. Teams have been starting to go after him with success lately and causing him to seem human.
Jackson by no means is nowhere near the qb Brady or Rodgers are but he isn't as bad as many are making him out to be. He has the ability to stretch the defense, or in last weeks game simply manage it. After throwing 2 ints' he regained composure and played a decent game.
It's been proven you don't "need" a superstar qb to win a Superbowl just for everything to fall into place at the right time. I do believe this regime is smarter than the last and will draft qb's but it won't be as a instant replacement as many are hoping.

And finally one that made me laugh.

I call this post "The Lament of a Mod." :rotflmao:

I just Read Every Post in this Thread....
A) Because as a Mod that is what we are supposed to do.
B) Because I couldn't believe the title of the Thread and wanted to hear the rationale.

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