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Snooping and Pooping

Welcome to the inaugural entry of our new 'Redskins Recon' feature.

We know what Redskins fans think. Yesterday, today, tomorrow - our finger is on the pulse of Redskins Nation. Our fandom holds no secrets.

But this Sunday's opponent, and the rogue brutes who cheer them on? They remain a mystery.

In order to defeat the enemy, one must first know them. What do they believe? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How do they plan to exploit our own vulnerabilities? Where is the weakness in their line, through which our infantry might rush?

Our opponent is weak and undisciplined. His supporters speak openly and loudly for all to hear. We have but to creep close and listen...

I found him easily, drunken and laughing loudly and arrogantly around the campfire.

Tekeram said:
"The Skins may be better, but if they lost to a Cowboys team that was being dragged down the field offensively by a guy with one lung and wearing a bulletproof vest while they didn't know the snap count, what routes to run, or even where to line up, I think we can win.

The Cowboys offense right now is in shambles and only because our amazing former head coach Jim Haslett gave them a card that said, "Please rip apart my pass defense as I blitz 8, 7 and 8 against you," did the Cowboys win. If our guys can get any kind of separation, or if Sam will just sling the ball quickly, we have a very good chance at beating the Skins simply because they've gone blitz crazy.

As for our defense against their offense, I have every faith that as long as we actually cover the deep routes, we should be fine. We outplayed the Giants, we'll outplay the Skins. Let's just score this time."

Jockelite said:
"I also see the Rams pulling this one out. Living in Redskins land I am forced to watch all their games and I for one am not impressed. Rex Grossman is well Rex Grossman... Pressure him and he WILL make mistakes. Steven Jackson always seems to put up a nice performance against the Skins, and assuming he'll be full do I will expect him to come out hungry.

Final Score: Rams 24-13."

Tekeram said:
"This is what is so baffling for me at the moment, the Skins shouldnt be better.? They have Rex Grossman playing QB, yet the Rams have Sam Bradford.? The Redskins havent got a Steven Jackson either. Its about time these players gave the Rams some production.? GO RAMS"

jjigga3000 said:
"To be honest I don't have any faith in this particular team. We have no weapons, Steve Jackson is not enough. Our receivers constantly drop passes, not a few a lot. IF we win wow it would be great, but I won't hold my breath."

RebelYell said:
"The Rams were 0-2 last year when they met the Redskins and broke into the win column. I'm not sold that's happening this year. Rex Grossman is playing well enough to not be the reason when they lose. Rams have had problems containing Hightower in the past but Helu is the guy I'm worried about.

Redskins 27
Rams 31"

sosa39rams said:
"I think SJ plays hard this game. He will go beastmode. I'll predict a win here. LETS GO!"

Ground Dog 39 said:
"I hope so Sosa, this is what makes this game so interesting for me. This is a real make or break game for this season. I do expect the Rams to scratch and claw for everything. Chris Long has a chance going against Jammal Brown. If the Rams can play with that same intensity they had in the first quarter against the Eagles, the Rams will win.!"

Trammer035 said:
"Not sure I am ready to trust the offense to put up more than 20 points. Hopefully the D can hold Grossman and Co. to less than that and we can get the win. Obviously we are going to have to play smart for it to even be in the question though. (Like most of us, I'd be much happier and more optimistic long-term about a hard-fought loss than a roll-over dead loss.)"

St.Louis Ram 56 said:
"I agree I think Grossman is hot and cold and his inexperience shows alot, If Josh can put in some goodplays and get, us to do something in the redzone, we can pull it off.....Please pull it off Rams, Ilive within these Redskin blowhards....They are not consistant.... we cando it


Ram_Mas said:
"The Redskins are going to want to run early and often and hope they can contain the Rams' outside rushers. If they're successful, it will be another long day for the Rams' front four and secondary. On offense, the Rams just need to contain the Skins' outside rushers, as every Ram offensive lineman has a negative grade on the season pass blocking. Here are some key mismatches to look for:

James Hall and Robert Quinn vs Trent Williams
While Williams has been a stellar run blocker, Hall and Quinn have been the Rams' only bright spots on the line against the run. However, the advantage for the Rams here is with their pass rush. Hall and Quinn have a 1.9 and 2.0 grade when rushing the passer (which ranks them 21st and 22nd off all 4-3 DE's who have played 25% of their team's snaps) and Williams has a -4.6 grade trying to pass block (#57). Big advantage to the Rams here.

Chris Long vs. Jammal Brown
Long has been a huge disappointment against the run (-4.6), but Brown hasn't graded positively as a run blocker (-0.8). However, Long has been a beast as a push rusher (#3 overall with a 9.0 grade) and Brown has been a sieve. Long has a huge advantage with a grade differential of +12.8.

The Redskins will want to exploit some favorable matchups on the other side of the ball with their 3-4 pass rushers against the Rams dismally disappointing OL who have allowed the opposition get to Sam Bradford faster than Rosie O'Donnell can polish off a buffet line.

Smith/Saffold vs. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan
Saffold has been improving since a poor game in Week One but he'll have his hands full against Orakpo, who has a 3.0 grade advantage over the 2nd-year Saffold. The difference in good drafting over the God-awful will be further showcased on the other side of the line when Justin Smith and his -5.1 pass blocking grade (59th in NFL) tries to not play himself into a second-straight trip to the bench against the Skins' rookie stud Kerrigan. Kerrigan, who, like Quinn, was taken in the first round of this year's draft, already has earned a 4.4 pass rushing grade...good for 10th among all 4-3 DE's and 3-4 LB's. The Rams need to utilize some two-back or two TE sets to contain the Redskins' ends because Washington's other interior three haven't been able to get much of a rush up the middle.

Rams' Running Game vs. Skins' DL
The Rams haven't exactly been world-beaters on the ground but they are poised for success against the Redskins on Sunday. While RDE Stephen Bowen has been very strong against the run, London Fletcher is the only other member of the Redskins' front seven who has a positive grade here. If Smith, Harvey Dahl and Jason Brown can even have average games this week, the Rams should dominate the left side of the Redskins' OL as Kerrigan, Adam Carriker and Nose Tackle Barry Cofield have a collective grade of -8.8 against the run.

Rams WR's vs. Redskins CB's
While Washington's safeties have been great, their DB's leave a lot to be desired and if Bradford is afforded the time, Gibson, Sims-Walker and DA can have some success. Josh Wilson has been good in coverage this season but Deangelo Hall and Reed Doughty have been flat-out bad, combining for a -8.0 grade against the pass.

Rams DB's vs. Redskins WR's
As bad as the Redskins DB's have been this season, the Rams have been much worse. The crew of King, Fletcher, Harris, Dall and Mikell have combined for an embarrassing -15.1 grade against the pass, thanks in most part to Justin King's -11.3 disaster...and it is this +16 advantage for the Washington wide receivers that, on paper, give the Redskins a one to 4-point edge in this game.

On paper, the Redskins might have the advantage in this game, but one cannot predict it without considering some major intangibles here. First, the Redskins are following up a Monday Night road game with another road game against a hungry team playing their second-straight game at home. That alone is a huge advantage for the Rams who need this game in the worst way imaginable. They cannot into a bye week with an 0-4 record. They cannot game plan for their next game in Green Bay with questions of job losses looming in the back of their minds (are you listening, Devaney?). The Rams need to throw the kitchen sink at Washington on Sunday or the season is OVER. I don't care about the schedule in the second half. I don't care about the division the Rams play in. If they lay an egg against the Redskins, I repeat (and you repeat after me)....THE SEASON IS OVER. In what should be a high-scoring game, I see the Rams, like in 2010, getting their first victory against the Redskins. After a big first half, the Rams hang on to win 34-30."
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As we enjoy today's conversations, let's remember our dear friends 'Docsandy', Sandy Zier-Teitler, and 'Posse Lover', Michael Huffman, who would dearly love to be here with us today! We love and miss you guys ❤

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