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This has been a rough year to write a Redskins blog. Not much can be said at this point other than, "I think things are getting better", or "wait until next year", or "Wow! Helu looks like a keeper!". You know, the same things every other Skins blogger has been saying.

At this point, you're 10-14 episodes into a not-very funny sitcom, hoping that because of some cast members, things will get better and sticking through the crap in the middle will have a great payoff. Most of the time, quite honestly, it doesn't. The list of TV shows my wife and I have suffered through for several weeks too long because we felt some sort of strange loyalty to an actor/actress on the show is a long list, and one I have no desire to relive here.

Suffice to say, most shows start off slowly, with a cast generally unaccustomed to working with each other. It takes a while for the chemistry to set in and become palpable. Sometimes, the direction the show takes, or what the writers choose to focus on just doesn't work for one reason or another. You can't watch one or two episodes of something and give up on it (though that is exactly what we did with Community and Parks and Rec, something we both regret now. Thank God for Netflix); you have to give it 10-12 episodes to develop, to get better, to give the writers time to find their stride and figure out what works best with their cast.

Sometimes, the payoff is great. Take Cougartown, for instance. I know, I know, this is a blog about the Washington Redskins, and who among me regular 10 readers (I rounded up) is going to want to watch a show about Cougars? Legitimate question. But that's the thing. The show isn't about Cougars anymore. Now it's about a group of neighbors and friends who hang out, drink wine, make fun of each other, and have fun. And drink wine. A lot of wine, actually. Sound better?

It is. It has actually developed into being one of my favorite shows. I will be exceedingly happy when ABC brings it back from hiatus, whenever that happens. It reminds me of some great times with friends drinking wine or beer watching sports or just enjoying each other's company.

Why do I say all this? Well, seems to me that we may be starting to see some sort of a decent football team start to coalesce. Maybe. Against the Cowboys, Jets and Patriots, our offense has actually looked... comptetent at times (4th quarter against the Jets excluded). Our D has been playing pretty well all season really, and seems to be coming together nicely. Even special teams is playing better.

Those draft afficianados can still be pleased that we are losing games to improve our draft positioning; I am pleased that whoever our QB is next year, it looks like they will have a solid foundation with which to work. Particularly RB, WR, and at the very least, some depth along the OLine. A couple pieces on D and we might see a very powerful unit. Kyle Shanahan has called a couple of really nice games in a row now, and seems to be hitting his stride.

Might this be the beginning of something special? Could we be seeing the signs of something truly worth watching and, more importantly, enjoying next year?

I think so. And that is encouraging to me. Unlike most of this year, it may mean I get to enjoy a nice glass of wine (or beer) for itself, rather than to drown my misery.
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