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Man, I can't stand Haskins. I really can't. His attitude, his speech, the way he acts like he doesn't care. He doesn't seem to take things nearly as serious as we do as fans here. He has had multiple chances to succeed and he has come up short most of them and just seemed aloof about it.

Today started off no differently. At one point he was -2 passing yards and they showed him on the sidelines trying to crack jokes with McLaurin. You could feel it just being another one of "those games".

He forced throws on the run and threw two touchdown killing interceptions. You could see it....he hadn't learned a F***ING thing!

But, then the second half happened. What was once was Haskins throwing on the run became him pulling it down and getting positive yards. That 100MPH bullet now had touch passes mixed in.

Don't get me wrong; he wasn't amazing or dominant in any way. But, it wasn't fair to ask him to be. That is Seattle. A constant playoff team and one that knows us as well as we know them.

Now lets move on to the rest. We will circle back on Haskins at the end.

What is Scott Turner calling now? Barber on a crossing route? 1st and goal from the 2 and we throw it with an empty backfield 2 times in a row? You call a game for basically a rookie off the bench and ask him to throw it 55 times?!! It feels to me like Scott is having classic OC-itis where he thinks he is smarter than the game itself.

Logan Thomas...stud. Man is turning out to be a heck of a pick up. He is a real lunch pail kind of guy who just catches the ball and runs up the field.

JD...I am on the fence with him. He is great at catching and the passing game. But, in the run game he will just run in to the pile. He has no vision. Several times during the game we were all screaming "if he just cut right!!" and things to that effect. But, get him in the flat and he is fire. Quick, great hands, all you want from a scat back!

Morgan Moses...he really just went back to his old ways here. Injured and had to be helped off the field. But, to me, the worst part of that was that he tried to come back in knowing he shouldn't have. He cost us the drive that was for the win there.

Dustin Hopkins....I am speechless yet again with this guy. 90% of the time I want to cut him, but then he has moments like the SF game and you hope he is back. He missed an XP and a FG. If he made either of those we kick the XP instead of going for 2 and we are tied at the worst. He cost us the game.

Oh yeah...why did Turner call Barber on a draw play instead of trying to get a head of steam going? Anything but....that.

Now, wrapping it up with a pretty little bow about Haskins. If Haskins from the second half shows up, I am all for it. I thought he took care of my biggest gripe with him which is the "I can fit that ball in there while on the run" that we saw in the offseason so much. He was pulling it down and running...getting between 7-11 yards at a time. That was GREAT! But, he still eyes down the receivers way too much. He didn't even look to the right several plays where McLaurin was wide open! Instead he stared down Thomas and got 2-3.

He has to release the ball quicker. You can't have the crossing pattern receiver get the ball right before the sidelines. The defender has time to crash in and he has no time to make ANY move.

Rivera needs to clean a lot of that up if Haskins is gonna keep being the starter. But, he needs to clean up Turner first. That was pretty sloppy.

And, this was one grumpy fan's take.
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