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Redskins terror strikes again

It would just figure that the very first thread I looked at on a Giants fan forum would have the title

"Any chance we lose to Grossman twice?" and the first post would be this:

Damn im worried about the skins game!
I wonder if any other 4-9 team stirs up this much worry among division opponents? It turns out some Giants fans are seriously worried about this game. Some aren't so worried but they seem to be outnumbered.

This game is no gimme. The Skins have been losing, but playing very tough
Well I would ask u is there a chance we could lose to Vince Youngs Eagles at Home with the Saints and Packers coming up? Or could we lose to the Seahawks at home and make Charlie Whitehurst look like John Elway? So could we lose to a team that all ready beat us once this yr? Of course! Its gonna be a battle sunday and were gonna have to bring our A game!
A chance? of course there is...Likley to ..NO
These guys just went through two weeks of bonofied "metal testing" and came out stronger...the momemtum, "tude" adjuster, came in the G-Bay game...nobody. nobody...felt they would not have won that game had it gone to OT...Going into Dallas's house and beating them in front of 96 thousand screaming fans, on National TV with millions watching...surely LIFTED these guys to a better view of themselves...Nah,,they wont risk losing that HIGH now..they're getting to like this feeling of being the "underdog who wins: again..I see our boyz beating the Skins,,
Grossman occasionally puts together those games where it looks like he was deserving of a first round pick.. Then he follows it up with a game throwing mostly to the wrong team.

So yes, Grossman could have another really good outing
Joe Morison
Any NFC East game is a tough game, especially with the way the defense has been for 5 weeks.
COULD we lose to the Deadskins ? Of course -
But will we ? Probably not . They put up a good fight against the Patriots even without their left tackle and tight end who've been suspended for the rest of the year.
Grossman as usual is a mistake waiting to
happen and Deangelo Hall is either making great plays or totally *** ones.
My own pull out of my *** guess is 31-17
Not to mention this giant team has been prone to letting u down just as u get excited about them before I hope this game we come out knowing its a absoulute must WIN with 2 stronger teams to follow suit!
Oh goody, another "Must Win" comment.:rolleyes:

I always worry about the Giants disappointing after a great high. It's not like we beat the Cowboys easily, we barely squeaked it out there. So of course I'm nervous about being inconsistent and just really stinking it up on Sunday. Especially when we have the division in our hands.

I expect Grossman, like pretty much every QB we've played, to utterly abuse the Giants defense.

The Redksins have a decent defense.

This game is a huge worry.

Remember, Rex Grossman is extremely familiar with the Tampa-2. When he was in Chicago, he practiced against it every day.

I expect the same crap as Game 1 if Fewell refuses to dial up pressure on Rex.

It's very frustrating, because Grossman is very accurate hitting those 15-20 yard seams.....if the Giant just sit back and let him get comfortable, this could get ugly.

But, if you put pressure on Rex, he starts handing out gift-wrapped turnovers....fumbled snaps, INTs, etc.

Really couldn't get much more simple than this....bring extra guys and force him into mistakes. Or sit back and watch him light up the Giants like a pinball machine, as he did in Game 1.
One Giants fan actually echoed some Skins fans sentiments about the officiating in the Pats game.

...The Giants are damn lucky they are playing the Skins this week and not last and at home. The Patriots caught the Skins last week and got their best effort. I watched the game and was oh so impressed with the physicality of the Skins early on. I think last week's Redskin squad would have a decent shot against the Giants. However 4 qtrs of having Jeff Tripplette referee your game can take the fight out of anyone.... and that's what happened last Sunday as the pathetic crew who robbed the Giants took their act to the Country's capital and fixed the Redskins good...
He also commented on the run game.

The Skins Ground Game was clicking against the Patriots the holes were large and Helu was cutting back like crazy. The Giants have been bad on GAP AWARENESS this year, staying in their lanes... they MUST TIGHTEN UP that part of their game this week. Washington did average 4.29 yards per carry on 17 runs, but two of those runs were long ones, so take those away and the average is more like 3 yards a pop.

Some Giants fans aren't too thrilled with parts of their coaching staff. Sounds familiar.

As long as KG and Freehole are our OC and DC you have to worry
I honestly think it all starts and ends with Fewell. He needs to simplify things a bit. I'm tired of every other play guys standing around completely confused about what they're supposed to be doing.
any team that goes into foxboro and beats the Pats, then comes home and gets absolutely SMOKED by an eagles team with a backup QB should have you worried about playing the skins.
At this point we know how Eli is going to play.

I watched Grossman last week and he throws a nice deep ball. He kept the skins in the game against the Pats by beating them deep with a couple throws that could not be defensed.

They also got after Brady pretty well forcing a Pick and some other bad throws.

pressure on Eli won't help here because Eli actually plays better the more you knock him down. Unless the skins can put up 30 some odd points on us they're gonna lose
The first game was with our new line who barely had any time together, Eli had pressure in his face the whole game. Guys were running the wrong routes and dropping balls.

Tim Hightower is a beast, he gashed us good. Now he's hurt and that kid Helu is playing. Helu is good but he's no High Tower. Everything went wrong including a blocked FG.

It depends what Rex shows up. Last week good Rex showed up. If we can stop the run we should be just fine. Eli had DeMarcus Ware in his face the whole night he still threw for over 400.

Then you have our non-existent run game week 1. The past two games Jacobs and DJ Ware have been rumbling.

We tighten the D up just enough and stop the run we should be fine.
No divisional game is ever a gimme. However, even though this will be a tough fought game, we will come out on top. Don't think we will cover the spread, but I think Eli pulls it out again! As said though, MUCH tougher game than many may think.

My final score prediction,
Skins- 21
Damn good possibility that we can lose this game. Redskins are playing good ball. They had the Pats worried and Grossman was answering Brady's TD one on one.Now that's something to think about!!Our defense better play a hell of alot better than they did Sunday. Even Coughlin isn't happy with the way the defense is playing.
One fan did post a match-up analysis.


"The Washington Redskins may be 4-9, and they may be banged up – but the New York Giants haven't forgotten about week one of the NFL season and are looking for revenge in adding to the Redskins misery while helping their playoff chances as they head into the final stretch of the NFL regular season. At first glance, it looks like a game that is far more important to the Giants than it is to Washington. This is however an NFC East divisional matchup, and we all know how physical and hard-fought everyone of these games turn out to be.

Today, we look at some of the key matchups in the Giants big week 15 game.
Jason Pierre-Paul vs Willie Smith/Sean Locklear

Willie Smith and Sean Locklear alternated drives last week in the first half against New England, but Smith took over and played all the snaps in the second half. This week, expect Smith to get the start and the snaps, but his job will get a lot tougher against one of the most explosive young defensive players in football in Jason Pierre-Paul.

Coming off a signature game on Sunday night that will surely get the attention of teams across the league, particularly the Washington Redskins, Pierre-Paul has an opportunity for another big game against the team he recorded two sacks against in week one, and was extremely disruptive against the run. If Willie Smith doesn't get a lot of help on that left side right from the start of this game, it could get ugly in a hurry for the Redskins offense. And that's exactly what the G-Men want.

Should the Redskins get behind in this game and look to spread it out and throw the football, you can expect to see a lot of #90 flashing on your screen and making big-time plays for this New York defense.

Brandon Banks vs New York Giants Special Teams

It will be another big test for the Giants coverage teams, who have handled Dez Bryant, Randall Cobb, and DeSean Jackson well over the past few weeks. Banks averages over 10 yards a punt return, leads the NFL in kickoff return yardage, and will be the Redskins biggest threat to make this football game a dogfight heading into the final quarter. New York knows it can't give a battered Washington offense a field position advantage in this game, particularly coming off the Redskins performance against the Patriots which has given them a shot of confidence coming into this one.

Hakeem Nicks vs DeAngelo Hall/Josh Wilson

In week one, the Giants had not yet seen the emergence of Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard, and were still limited in the passing game as players grew into their roles in the offense. Naturally, the Redskins paid quite a bit of attention to the Giants biggest threat on the outside in Hakeem Nicks. Still, #88 torched the Washington secondary for 122 yards, including a huge 68 yard reception on a double move route that set up a Giants touchdown.

This time around, the Giants have an up and coming young playmaker in Victor Cruz, and Ballard has developed into a threat over the middle to go along with their #1 guy in Nicks and the explosive big play threat in Mario Manningham.

It will be very interesting to see how the Redskins approach their coverage to Nicks' side, as he is fully capable of dominating a football game when he sees one on one coverage. It is pick your poison with this Giants passing game, and if Nicks sees a lot of double coverage and safety help over the top in this game, you can expect the other Giants receivers to get opportunities for big plays through the air. "

They are a division rival. so right there that makes it a tough game. What makes it even tougher is the fact that they are eliminated from Playoff contention. They are now playing out the string. Playing Loose. Not scared to make mistakes which means they will take risks they would not normally take. They are in the spoilers role and would like nothing more then to ruin the giants chances of making the playoffs.

Yes this is a DANGEROUS TEAM. No if ands or buts about it.
Dangerous? Well, we probably are. Just how much so we'll find out Sunday.

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