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Redskins Recon-The Preseason: The Ravens

Maybe it's the fact that this is the third preseason game-the one where everyone gets a glimpse of what the current version of what the starting lineup will look like playing another teams version of what their starting lineup will look like.

It could be the geographical proximity of the Ravens and Redskins to each other.

Whatever it was, the problems of finding hardly anybody saying anything about the upcoming game with the Redskins for a Redskins Recon disappeared for this game. An entire thread on a Ravens forum was about this game and notable commentary specifically about the Skins, as well as the significance of preseason games and whatnot.

It felt like a real game Recon.

Glad to have it back too. :)


if we can't blow up the Redskins O-Line, we're in trouble


The Redskins are preseason super bowl champ so it's a hard task for us....


I would rather our first team defense face cousins. Griffin tends to make a defense look good.
Also, Washington can run the ball and will provide a good test in that regard.


I expect us to steamroll the Redskins. We usually play nasty after getting handed a tough loss. We usually take our frustration out on the

next team. Maybe this is all part of Kelly's master scheme. Piss off a team of Ravens and make them extract their revenge physically on a

divisional rival in the next game lol.


I'm interested to see how we "try" to stop their run game. Their RBs looked very strong their last game.


Agreed, also thought some of our players were "sack happy " giving up their gap trying for the qb


We must stop the run. Our second team guys, based on their two showings thus far cannot stop the run. I expect the Redskins to run the ball

heavily all game, get the ball out of Griffins hand quickly, focus on easier throws for him and probably try to run a version of the bengals

offense against us.
This has been a successful tactic of late and we need this week's first team defense to put a stop to it .


As long as the team learns and improves...I don't care who wins pre-season games.


So week 3 is when starters are suppose to play for most of the game; yet we're missing about 6 O-linemen and 3 starters. I wouldn't let Joe

play behind an O-line of bums, we all know how that went. Expect the redskin game to be boring, only defensive starters should play but they're

going against the WORST O-line in the NFL so it won't be much of a challenge, plus the Redskins are awful in every possible way.


I don't think the Redskins line is as bad as what you are saying. They have a couple of young guys they're bringing along but I wouldn't call

scherff and Moses bad players at all.


RG3 will be playing but we'll see if he survives the first quarter.

Pro Bowler

If their o-line performs like last week... rg3 wont last long.


He has never played a full season.

I suspect he never will.


You are correct, however he probably would have in 2013 if Shanahan hadn't benched him the final 3 games.


Can we have Ngata back just for this game? Please?
Okay.. That wouldn't be fair to Mr. RGKNEE(the third)..... On another note. Please don't use Flacco too much if the starters on the oline are

still hurt.

The Mom Gene

The Skins gotta be thinking.... Oh Crap, the Iggles went and ticked off the Ravens... We're gonna die!


RG3's coming off of a concussion and is working behind the worst O-line in the league. If Jay Gruden has an ounce of coaching prowess he'll

let Robert sit this game out. They saw what we did to Bradford, and the Eagles actually had a good O-line.

Neither starting QB's could play this week.


Flacco is definitely playing and rg3 would only not play because of injuries holding him back


Third game is typically the decision maker. The starters should play with conviction and second stringers for their place. The Washington

game will set up local rivalry quite like the Eagles game did. I hope we actually learned lessons and come into the game with a resilient

attitude. No RG3, so we should consider our circumstances and establish a Ravens team all the fans recognize. September is just a week away.

Tenacious Faulker

What I want to see is what they learned on how to stop the read option from their week 2 FAIL. Washington also runs a similar offense

although not as effectively. Gruden will have taken notice to what happened in Philly (mostly the tempo) and try to reproduce that, I'm sure.

Since Washington is looking like a top-5 draft pick candidate so far, I want to see the Ravens absolutely obliterate them from the 1's thru the

4's even if Gruden doesn't experiment with any of Kelly's schemes.

Preseason is not just about trying out new players and plays. Its also about building momentum going into the season. "Winning" is a

contagious thing. There's a reason that Harbaugh has only 2-3 losses in preseason. Anything less than a dominant performance in Week 3 might

not earn back enough player confidence for the Broncos Week 1.


This is such a horrible match up for our "dress rehearsal" haha.. honestly the Redskins are one of the most dysfunctional teams in football

right now. I really don't want us to get a false sense of confidence or get too comfortable against a lower level of competition. Their defense

is at least average, their offense is a joke, it will do next to nothing to prepare our defense for Peyton and the Broncos week 1. At least we

got torched by Philly and got exposed a little bit even if we were in base package.

The preseason is all about improving, you gain far more from getting exposed by a good team than whooping up on a bad team. The Broncos may not

be on the radar as much this year as they have been previously but they still have a damn good football team. Well rounded, can run the ball,

obviously pass the ball, one of the best defenses in the league. That's a tough game for this young group right out of the gate. I wish we

played a better team this week to help us get ready.


It doesn't really matter the caliber of team your playing against in this "dress rehearsal" becaus the purpose isn't to measure yourself

against that opponent but to start preparing for your 1st real opponent. It's labeled a dress rehearsal because it's a close to a real game as

you'll get before the real deal, not because you wanna impose your will on the other team. It's about your guys getting good work, getting back

in the habit of how the regular season will be on the practice side of things, not necessarily the game. The opponent does matter nearly as much

because players truly understand it's just rehearsal. That's why the regular season is played at a different speed then the preseason because

you're no longer just going through the motions

Ravens23 preobably gets it more right, IMO, than most.
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