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Redskins Recon-The Preseason: The Jaguars

After the intense interest shown by Ravens fans in the upcoming preseason game with the Skins, visiting Jags fan forums was like a visit to the Mojave desert.

Granted, they don't have the base in the NFL, but there was not much conversation about

playing the Redskins and what there was seemed to be about the merits of playing Blake Bortles or siting him (Does every NFL team seem to

have QB questions now?)

And the comments themselves? Well some were actually about real issues and some were...well, not.

Blake Bortles was the main question about the game- but there were a couple of mentions of Redskins players.


I can't imagine a second year QB coming off of a less than stellar first season would completely sit out any tune-up game.


Then he gets blind sided by Ryan Kerrigan and is out week 1.

Blake Bortles is ready to play week 1. He can sit and watch and learn from the sideline.


We have one more game of preseason shinanagins..

Chenne will shock the world!!


Henne has already shocked the world by remaining in the NFL for 8 years with all of his limitations at the QB position.


Don't like the Redskins and they always play dirty with cheap-shots. Don't want to see Bortles out there at all, and would rather him be in bubble wrap for the Panthers. What is half of the 1st Quarter really going to do? He's prepared for the season. Be smart and not risk a injury in a meaningless game.


How is he going to learn the beer prices if he does play?!


Is it still $10 for a Guinness bomber??


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We should sacrifice Henne. Not Bortles.


Maintain status quo. Respect the process. Bortles n co play one series. Quick live warm up after the road trip. Then pull em.

On D, 1s play based on Skins approach. If their 1s offer 1 qtr challenge, respond to it with your 1s...

Matt Jones is starting to acquire some cred among other team's fans I'm noticing.


Btw I remember saying Matt jones would be a good 2nd RB in the 6th rounds

You guys said he's not even worth UDFA(mainly jags4life)

Redskins got him in the 3rd

And there fans are already calling for him to start

He's an nfl back
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