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Redskins Recon-The Preseason: First Up, the Browns

The first preseason game approaches and it couldn't come soon enough-I'm tired of the talk, rumors, speculations, high praise and hatchet jobs-I want to see, after
one of the busiest and face-changing off seasons I've seen the Redskins have in quite a while-just what have the Redskins wrought?

First up-the Browns. Their fans are wondering about the same things the Redskins and every other NFL team's fans are wondering about-new players, in some cases
new coaches-both in our 'Skins case-perhaps new schemes; who looks like a keeper, who doesn't-who might jump from backup to starter, or the other way

With the Browns, however, one question is dominating things-McCown or Manziel. They're talking about other players, of course, but with Johnny "Football" showing
apparent improvement in the off season the talk has turned to who might start now. (We'll probably see both in the game.)

To be honest I didn't have a lot of hope for finding anybody on a Browns fan forum saying much of anything about Thursday's game, it being the first preseason game and all.

And, much to my surprise, actually, a few actually had some comments about their preseason tilt with the Skins.

You'll notice a lot of the comments were about what they wanted to see from the Browns on the field but there were a couple of mentions of what they hoped to do to the Redskins-and, of course, a good many of the comments could be inverted into what we'd like the Redskins not to allow them to do.


1. No injuries. This is always the most important part of any preseason game. The Steelers suffered a few "significant" injuries last night (in the words of Tomlin) and we can't afford it.

2. Manziel to continue his progression. I thought he looked more comfortable in the pocket and a little more accurate, but he needs to "string them together" as he said after the scrimmage. Work through his progressions and hang in there.

3. More from Orchard. I thought he had a few nice glimpses last week and I have a feeling we'll be relying on him if/when Mingo struggles to return. It would be really nice to see him opposite Kruger ... then we could have a nice rotation of Kruger/Orchard/Solomon/Armonty/Mingo

4. Our DL put some heat on RGIII and limit them in the run game. I am cautiously optimistic about our (healthy) defensive line. Shelton has looked very nice and we all know about the "other" guys we've had. Another guy I'm intrigued with is Reilly (sp?) the DE ... he has a high motor and he stood out at TC.

5. Gilbert/Desir to separate. We know what we have in Haden, Tramon, and Kwan ... but I'd like to see one of these two make a big play and show progression. I have a feeling it'd be Desir, but either would work!


I want to see the redskins bring some pressure against McCown and I also want to see the skins spy and layoff Manziel make him beat them with his arm instead of legs.

I want to see Big Phil and Shelton in the game at the same time.

OLB is very interesting with Armonty, Nate Orchard and Solomon.

I hope the skins play some press coverage as well so we can see how these guys are getting off the Jam.

Most importantly lets we havnet really worked on running the ball in camp due to contact rules and injuries so this is big to see how our OL responds to run blocking and how these backs are progressing.

This is the week where competition truly begins. I hope to see both Greco and Erving get some first team reps. Would love to see Johnny get atleast one series with the first team but probably doesnt happen this week.


5 questions I want answered:

1) Will Manziel and McCown continue to look like capable NFL QBs?

2) Will we show an ability to run the ball with one or more of the RBs?

3) Will the defense be able to stop the run?

4) Will the pass rush be able to put consistent pressure on the Skin's QBs?

5) Does a WR really jump off the page?

Bonus #6: Does a returner stand out and separate from the pack?


1. I'd like to see Manziel continue with his progress of throwing in the pocket and making his progressions. I do felt like he stared down his first option a little too much at the scrimmage. Other than that, he displayed excellent touch and good accuracy.

2. I'd like to see Erving improve. I actually thought he struggled at the scrimmage.

3. I'd like to see more from our running game. I had high hopes for Crowell this year and I'd like to see him take the reigns as the starter and hold on to them.

4. I'd like to see our DL be disruptive, even though there will likely be a vanilla pass rush.


No injuries,, should go without saying but.....

I want to see both Manziel and McCown with the 1's. Would kinda like a taste of what we have. Yes, I know, it's Preseason.

Want to see Danny Shelton against an Oline that he doesn't know like he knows ours.

Want to see Nate Orchard show up big.

Would like to see T. West back to see what we have there

I don't believe we'll see Duke but it would be nice.

Really want to see if the talk we hear about Gilbert is anywhere near accurate (that he's improved)

I'd wanna see more of this TE we picked up as an UDFA.. I think EJ Bibbs?

Would love to see Bowe get some action as well.

I'm really way less worried about the D than I am about the O. I guess that's where I'd really like them to show me something to feel good about.

Oh, not sure how I forgot this, but I wanna know if Lenz is real.


1. A dominant run-blocking O-Line.

2. A dominant run-stuffing D-Line.

3. Murderleg.

4. Justin Gilbert returning punts and kickoffs.

5. A well-executed screen pass (by the Browns, not the 'Skins).


1. Alex Mack

2. Oline to consistently pass protect, run block, and a keep a tidy pocket for the QB's.

3. For one of the RB's to break one or two for long yardage.

4. 3 sacks on the Skins QB's

5. Win the game of field position.

Of course one Browns fan had to show some homer "bravado."

Mudfly's like getting a whiff of good food, when your completely starving......then having to wait till thurs just to get the first appetizer tray....

Will be snacking on some redskin taters soon enough...

Well I hope these redskins taters turn out to be a tough chew.

Redskins football is back!

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