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Redskins Recon-The Packers, 0-1 versus 0-1

The last time the Packers and Redskins met, the Redskins won the game and the Packers won the Superbowl.

It was played at FedEx.

Now it's Lambeau field and both teams are coming off a loss in their first game.

Packer fans are confident-a lot of the comments came during the Monday night game-but there are mentions of dangers to watch out for from the Redskins.

Think Capers will play a lot of zone coverage again? Not sure the redskins have a receiver capable of abusing it the way Boldin did. Regardless I think this is a bounce back game for the Packers, 31-14.

Oh yes they do. Leonard Hankerson is an underrated WR, with big play capability. He did some damage to the eagles in the monday night game.

Griffin appears not to be physically back 100%, but he shook some of the rust off his throwing arm against the Eagles. I wouldn't sell out the pass to protect the read again.

My keys to the game are as follows:
- Can the packers defense generate positive possessions outside of three plays: Matthews athleticism, mlb blitz, micah hyde blitz from the slot?
- The 3rd down efficiency of the Packers defense

Outside of that I'm not really worried about special teams or the offense.

So Chips scheme had nothing to do with McCoy's success and the Redskins just flat out have a bad run defense? I don't believe that is the case. I think Lacy will def have more room to run then he did against SF but to think he will come anywhere near the production McCoy had is just far fetching. In 2012 they were ranked number 5 vs the run and number 30 vs the pass so It would be more logical to believe that Rodgers will be the one having a field day in this contest. I understand this is a new year but I can't recall any major changes in the depth chart aside from Orakpo being healthy this year.

Of course I hope I'm wrong and Lacy runs all over that defense which starts this incredible 100 yards a game streak which wont be broken until 2020 solidifying his ballot into the HOF as one of the greatest runners ever!!!

I would feel pretty good about this one. If you can stop the Skins from running the ball I think they can be had. My gut tells me that this years Packers are going to be real damn hard to run on as well with Pickett back at 1-tech and a combo of Raji, Wilson, and Jolly at end. Skins weak spot is their DB's also. If our tackles can stop 91 and 98 Rodgers should be able to pick them apart with little problem.

Still a bit stupefied... Today it seems the media spin on RGIII is that he really needed the preseason and by the end of the game was looking good. What I saw was a guy that was slow and had an unstable knee. Putting pressure on him and not letting him feel comfortable moving up in the pocket or driving his leg forward is key. I think the Pack can do that. I don't see any explosion out of him so I doubt he can kill us with his legs.

At the end the Eagles were only send 3 and dropping into zone. RGIII got comfortable and stepped into the throws. Guy has an arm and he's no dummy. I just don't think he is up to snuff with his defensive reads and the R/O allowed Washington to hide it last year. He can figure out the dead spots in zones with time (but most any starter can do that).

Now? Well, he's gonna have to learn quick and his legs ain't gonna buy him much. Worst was, I didn't see the straight line acceleration. I'd think most of that should be there, but it wasn't.

I don't know if there's anything physically wrong with his knee. It looks more mental to me. Keep in mind that the guy tore his ACL twice. That's going to make you tentative, especially your first game back in live fire. He'll get better as the year goes on. What we should be talking about is how terrible that OL played. RG3 got smoked by free rushing players numerous times last night. If the Packers can dial up blitzes like that, I don't think they'll have an issue keeping the offense grounded. We were terrible against the pass last week, but my goodness did that run D come to play.

We'll struggle against elite QBs this year without consistent pressure, but I think shutting down the run and going blitzkrieg on RG3 should be a comfy win.

I'll be honest that next to the Packers, I liked seeing the Redskins come out of the NFC east cellar last year. Unfortunately I'm afraid that blow to RG3's knee probably will never fully recover for him and he won't go exploding downfield on defenders the rest of his career. The way things will often go when a rookie phenom comes in only to have a sophomore slump.

Think the Redskins biggest concern right now would be their defense. Chip Kelly used the Eagles personnel pretty well last night, but the defense for Washington was caught out of position a lot. Against an offense like ours, that doesn't bode well for them. Also I expect to see Lacy get a lot more yards on the ground simply because the Redskins don't have an elite run stopping defense like the 9ers.

Pack rebounds with a strong win, TD passes to Jones and Cobb, 141 yards for Lacy and a TD on a screen pass as well as one rushing. RGIII makes it interesting but Hyde gets his first NFL INT and Matthews continues in beast mode with two sacks. Pack 38, Redskins 24.

After watching how poorly Redskins tackled at time vs Eagles, this may be big chance for Lacy to have good game. Would be nice to see a Packers back finally get 100 yards.

Just to add... Packers last 100 yard rusher in a game came against the Redskins in 2010... Brandon Jackson did it.

Skids oline looked horrible against a pretty mediocre eagles pass rush
RGIII looked tenative to step into his throws and had lots of problems when guys were laying around his legs or in his face
Morris Looked down right awful
And the Skins weapons on the outside look extremely average.

I would expect big day from the D, but who knows what you will get with this D, or whether RGIII will all of a sudden start clicking

Always be cautious of a team that got beat the week before. They could be up for this game. They are hungry just like the Pack. This is going to be a close one. Does anyone know about the skins defensive backs? Are they good or average?

RGIII put on a clinic attacking the prevent defense in the 2nd half. Redskins' defense tightened up a lot in the 2nd half as well. Redskins are not pushovers.

Washington is a team who over-achieved last year. Green Bay by 2 TDs

This is the game for MM to let Lacy start showcasing his ability. I'm going to say he gets over a hundred rushing and a couple TD's

Some comments from Redskins game..

- Washington gave up 260 rushing yards nearly 450 total yards.
- Offense started very slow, RGIII looked rusty, he also looks like less of a threat to run right now. 2nd half he did well passing the ball and ended up with over 300 yards.
- Kerrigan left field late to have concussion testing. That would be big loss for Redskins if has to sit a week, he was very active and good early on in game. Riley also looked impressive early.
- Eagles were blitzing RGIII a lot to try and pressure him... many blitzes up the middle.
- Redskins looked almost as bad as Packers vs SF last year in trying to defend read/option... many miss tackles.

RGIII had a rough first half, but really got into a rhythm the second half. Right now, listening to sports talk radio, the Eagles are the toast of the NFL, Chip Kelly is a genius, and LeSean McCoy is going to be the MVP. After one game. Griffin looked like he had a hard time setting up and following through on his throws for a while, and definitely didn't seem to have a lot of excess mobility. And either the Washington OL is really bad, or the Eagles have a great defense, because Philly constantly had pressure on Griffin, especially on blitzes. In fact, this seemed like a game of two different halves. First half, Philly was going great and effectively couldn't be stopped. Second half, Washington started getting their act together. IF Capers treats RGIII like a regular QB, and doesn't overreact to the possibility of having him make some yards with running, the Packers should do fine. If, however, Capers decides he needs the entire defense to focus on Griffin, as he did with Kaepernick, this game could be closer that it should be.

R Man
What's the status on Kerrigan?

Reported doctors did not believe it was a concussion last night.

Tests were a precaution and he reportedly passed them, I would expect him to play based on this information.

I think if Philly can put up those offensive numbers, no reason we can't either. Key on defense will be containing Morris, he only had 12 carries last night (RG3 had 5). Unless our defense completely lets us down, I don't see us losing this game. Pack win this by at least 10.

Here's what I'm worried about against WAS.

1. Making Leonard Hankerson look like Anquan Boldin
2. Getting torched by RGIII running the ball because we don't game plan for it.
3. Protecting Rodgers (TYP)
4. Shanahan ripping off Clay's helmet and punching him in the face "with knuckles" during the game.

That said, I do believe Washington is better than they played for the first 3 quarters on Monday night. If we can shut down RGIII from running the ball and forcing him to throw we should be in great shape.

Dom never adjusted the defensive gameplan to what Quan was doing to us, and if h decides to do the same on sunday we will get torched again.

Philly D isn't Green Bay D and while I think Washington is a good team they aren't the Niners either.

I believe the Packers will want to respond to last week's loss and play a better overall game. If they do, I expect them to win handily- something like 31-17 Packers.

By the way, 30-17 was the most popular score prediction I saw across several Packers fan boards.
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