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Redskins Recon-Ride 'Em Cowboys?

Off the bye week and into the monument to the Jerruh's megalomania in Dallas.

Are the Cowboy's fans delirious with anticipation, chomping at the bit to crush the struggling Redskins?

Well, actually, most aren't looking at it as a potential blowout but a serious tussle.. Some, after Romo's latest cover of Britany Spears' "Oops, I did it again", sound downright despondent.


Not confident they can beat the skins next week. Will likely be a letdown's difficult recover from a game like this

Romo will find a way to lose it.

If we beat the Redskins next week, won't we just go out and lose the next week? That's how a mediocre .500 team is. That's what we are.

I have no predictions but chances are good for the Redskins that they'll finally happen to pull things together against the Cowboys. Just being very realistic and pessimistic folks, sorry.

RG3 throws for 350, rushes for 115, 5 total TDs
anyone dare say the defense will do any good are just trolls
Not all were this pessimistic.

Dallas will beat the skins next week. After seeing 60 minutes of straight fight coming from the boys against a high powered Offense and a SB
contender team...

Boys 35- Skins 21
We can salvage the season in a weak nfc east by beating the skins and I think we will beat them. however, after the Broncos game, I think it could implode if we lose to Washington.

I believe Dallas wins this one by 10 or more. They have improved on offense and I believe the D will step it up this week. RG3 will be contained and I don't think his receiver make him look so good this time around.

34-24 Dallas wins this one and is on the move up after this win.

I don't think there will be an emotional letdown here.

The defense knows they got embarassed, and even if the DC didn't admit it to the public (pansy), at least the players admitted they let the entire team down (I have other adjectives for what they did to our team Sunday, but those aren't allowed).

Defense should come out good and ticked. If offense even has a little chip on their shoulder from scoring 48 and still not winning, I'm thinking we can wear out the Redskins defense good and early. I just want to see Hall burnt like a piece of toast, he's one of my least favorite players EVER.

Anyway. It'll be close as all NFCE games are, but I'm hoping - HOPING - that the Cowboys can get a big win at home in primetime before two tough road tests coming up.

Cowboys 31 Redskins 28
2 things worry me about the skins they are coming off a bye and a mobile QB vs kiffin's D other than that the skin's D sucks and we should be able to score on them like we did Denver and win
Some developed some...uh... interesting scenarios.

Defense regroups and shuts down the Redskins. However, the offense think they deserve a week off since the defense got one off against the Broncos, and the Cowboys lose 3-2. The only points the Cowboys score is a safety on the last play of the game. RG III takes a knee in the end zone to prevent a punt return.
Romo and the offense better brace themselves for a blitz-a-minute. Haslett's gonna bring the house to get Romo doing the happy dance in the pocket. Just sayin'...
One board has a thread with fans projecting what they think the outcome will be.

Answers varied.

I, as always, think we win this one. Close at half, but our offense becomes too lethal for their defense in the second half.

Dallas: 34
Washington: 17

Romo n Dez remain on fire w 2 Td connections; Romo finishes w 3. TWills gets in the end zone, aswell.
I think the opposite. We burst out scoring at will and put up 28 by the half. Then throttle down and run the 2nd while Wash comes back to make it closer that it was

Dallas 35
Wash 24

I think both teams will play terribly.
Dallas 13
Deadskins 10

Cowboys come out flat, resting on their moral victory from last week, allowing Redskin offense and RG3 to get on track.

Alfred goes for 120 and Jordan Reed gets a TD. Romo makes an effort late, but comes up short.

Wash 33
Dal 27

One trainwreck defense playing another trainwreck defense. Cowboys are slightly better, but that's not saying much.

Cowboys 45
Washington 44

I honestly don't have a clue who ends up on top in this one.

I do not have any expectations of this team coming out prepared because they have not been prepared on any kind of consistent basis in the past.

With the weapons we have, our offense should come out blazing every week. Instead I think they'll come out and clam up again.

The Redsk*ns will score points because this defense is terrible.

Here's to hoping we win and keep up the offensive explosiveness.

The Quest For Six
I didn't expect the Cowboys to beat San Diego or Denver, but the way they lost last week to Denver worries me and the way the Cowboys lost last year in week seventeen in a play and your in game against the Redsk*ns, turnovers has to be on their mindset and I'm concerned about the mental makeup of this team going into this game after such a heartbreaking loss last week.....Jim Haslett isn't going to sit back, I think he's going to bring pressure early and often up the middle to get Romo looking into the pass rush instead of down field...Division game so everything is out the window when it comes to these teams, Washington coming off a week off, two weeks to prepare and is starting to play better after their horrible start and RGIII is getting healthy which will open up their play book, I think it's a close game that could go either way......but

Washington 24
Dallas 20

I expect this game to be a hard hitting affair that goes down to the wire. Romo will keep us in the game, but the Cowboys defense will keep them in the game as well.


Washington has a better defense than the Broncos, they know us better, and it's divisional so they'll play much harder. And if our defense plays like it has been, then it's another shootout. I think the Cowboys will win, but by no means do I think it will be with ease.

Our hopes, their fears-two seasons on the brink....of what?

Being that it's the Cowboys, make it their nightmare Redskins.


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