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Redskins Recon: Hogan's Heroes?

The Redskins made an unexpected play for a young QB yesterday, but not via the NFL draft as expected – instead, swapping 2018 6th round picks with the Cleveland Browns to acquire 3rd year former Stanford standout Kevin Hogan.

Skins fans either cheering or booing the move, in truth, couldn't pick Hogan out of a lineup with a gun held to their head.

So what to make of young Mr. Hogan?

Cut by the Kansas City Chiefs who used a 5th rounder to draft him (1 round ahead of Nate Sudfeld btw…). Signed by the Browns and on their roster for 2 unspectacular seasons. Traded to the Redskins for a pick 15 minutes earlier in the 6th round.

The pre-draft scoop on Hogan seems to have been validated by his arc so far in the NFL. Super solid kid, very bright, great huddle leadership. But has horrible mechanics, poor arm strength, and probably at best, is a *potentially* serviceable backup (key words ‘at best'). Not exactly the ‘hidden gem' teams hope to find with a Hail Mary late round draft pick.

We thought it would be worth sending out a ‘Redskins Recon' intel patrol to see what those closest to Hogan, Browns fans themselves, had to say upon the news they were losing the young QB prospect. Before we get started, it's worth noting that finding active, enthusiastic Browns forums ain't easy. The first forum I found was lead off by a stickied thread titled ‘Why Should I support the Browns?!'.

But where Browns fan commentary could be found, it was fairly enthusiastic when it came to the Hogan deal. Let's start with those Browns devotees who felt the transaction was a big mistake (don't worry – this won't take long).

MLD Woody said:

We don't know exactly what MLD is thinking here, but clearly he may be a ‘Cult of Colt' kind of a fan. Hogan was going to take them to the Promised Land afterall.

PoeticG said:
Hogan is a young QB and he's ready to play now. He's sat for 2 years and he's continued to develop to the point where now he needs gametime experience. It's Hogan time... somewhere. It's typical for the Browns to develop talent and then just let it leave only to keep the trash only to rinse and repeat the cycle over and over and over and over and over and .....

‘It's Hogan Time … somewhere'. For a second, I got all excited, about it being Hogie Time.

PoeticG said:
Hogan will be a starter, he's as good as Joe Flacco- only younger.

hoorta said:
I wish him well wherever he winds up. If he plays his cards right, he could be a long term backup in the league- like Colt McCoy. Honestly, Kev may not even be as good as Colt.

Pssst. He's not.

jaydog said:
Hogan was a good soldier who wanted more and it likely wasn't happening here.

inliner311 said:
I guess the Redskins see him as a fixable project.

More commonly, Browns fans heaped scorn on young Mr. Hogan, and more specifically towards the Redskins who elected to give up 17 draft spots to acquire the QB.

Yerah Be Grand said:
Someone traded for Kevin Hogan....I am speechless.

Mr. Footwear said:
Why would Washington do that?!!

That question doesn't need Odor Eaters Mr. Footwear.

Nero said:
If Dorsey plays this cleverly, we can still get a bag of Doritos in exchange...

Mark O said:
And just a bag of regular doritos.. Not even the family size or even the special flavors like cool ranch or taco flavor.

hoorta said:
If Kevin had shown any hint of starting material, the Browns wouldn't have wasted a draft pick on Taylor. Hogan will soon follow our other similarly talented former third string quarterback Connor Shaw into oblivion.

Orion said:
Well, that trade is basically Hogan for a bag of chips. But, he wasn't going to make the team so......

Browns fans seem to be hungry for wins … and snack foods.

Canton Mike said:
He'd have been cut & we moved up 17 spots in the 6th round. We got somethin' for nothin', so I can't complain. I'm somewhat surprised we had a taker this soon after putting him on the trading block.

Flugel said:
Who was the hollow dome in KC that drafted this church mouse quiet but highly controversial Kevin Hogan anyway?

Church mouse? Ouch.

PortlandDawg said:
So we gain 17 spots in the 6th. Worth it. He was not making the roster.

FrontPageNews said:
We would have just cut him. Lmao Washington.

LBC Mike said:
Lol. 2020 7th round conditional?

LogicIsForSquares said:
A gift certificate to Arby's and you have a deal.

TexasAg1969 said:
And just when he was going to turn us around


Tony said:
I think we could've won 5 games last year if Hogan starts the whole time. Good luck Kevin!

Why is this a humorous post? Because he was dead serious. #BrownsFanLife

Real Deal said:
I'll miss the Hulk Hogan posts.

Pip said:
I'm gonna meet him at the airport and see if he'll autograph my ass.

Pip, Pip, Pip. What are we going to do with you?

On many Browns boards, there were only a smattering of posts of any kind, much less a thread about the latest Browns QB to be cut, released, or traded. Because Browns.

My take on the trade down to acquire Kevin Hogan? He was a good college QB. But like a lot of ‘good college QBs', he simply doesn't have the arm talent to make it at the NFL level. By all accounts, Hogan is a super solid citizen, a great teammate, and a motivated leader in the huddle. If only those things were enough in the NFL. The negatives on Hogan now are the same ones his pre-draft scouting reports were riddled with 3 years ago.

‘Does not have an NFL arm'.

‘Mechanics are God-awful.'

‘Not very adept at reading defenses'

It's true that the Redskins gave up very little to get Hogan. Dropping 17 spots in the 6th round to acquire a player – ANY player – is nothing to get yourself in a tizzy about. But the reason I hate this move is because I believe there's already enough data to determine that Hogan can't be a successful passer in the big leagues. You can't coach that up. He simply can't make the throws required – not even to be a competent back up. It's also clear that Hogan was not going to make the Browns roster. He could've been had for nothing. Those 17 spots in the 6th round may seem like nothing. But then again, they could prove to be the difference in getting or not getting a project QB in the 6th round who actually does have the physical tools worthy of taking a flyer on.

Browns fans, who've seen a lot more of Kevin Hogan than we have, seem to agree with me.
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