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Redskins Recon: Da Bears-the silence is deafening

Da Bears-they're coming to D.C. but it's not part of most online conversations.

In checking six Bears fan forums only one had an actual thread about Sunday's game. There was a mention or two elsewhere but only incidental to the thread topic.


I did find one blog analysis I added that went into more depth.

This is most of what I found.

The most surprising thing is, even with the underachieving(!) play of the Redskins so far this season we still inspire some fear.


-RGIII says he's going to run more
-RGIII has pretty much been horrible this year, making mistakes to fall into first half deficits, before making things not look that bad in second half garbage time.
-At 1-4, the Redskins are only 1 game out of first in the NFC Least.
-The Skins have given up 27+ in 4 of their 5 games.
-The Skins defense is giving up an opponent passer rating of 105.
-The passing game is all about Pierre Garcon, who has Twice as many receptions (35) as the next leading receiver (Moss, 17)
-Roy Helu is somewhat of a receiving threat, with 11 receptions. Morris isn't going to catch anything.
-Deangelo Hall still plays for the Skins. I believe he picked off Cutler 3 times in one game a couple years ago. He's in a 3 way tie for the team lead in interceptions with 1.
-Ryan Kerrigan leads the team in sacks with 5, and Orakpo is 2nd with 3.
-The Skins have given up a punt return touchdown this year.
-Punter Sav Rocca has an unimpressive average but has 9 punts in the 20 and 0 touchbacks


Another week another shootout. ..word is RG3 is playing afraid/tentative. Not that our pass rush is anything but RG3 in the pocket is better than him on the run.

Henry Burris
With Washington, you want to make RGIII throw. He's obviously regressed from last year, be it injury, or not having a preseason, but that doesn't matter, compared to the fact that he's significantly less accurate than he was last year (going from 65 to 59 completion percentage means a lot for quarterbacks). If Bostic can help shut down the run, he will be a huge presence for us. I think RGIII, right now, is very vulnerable to a Charles Tillman or a Tim Jennings, if they decide to pass a lot. I just don't see them doing anything other than trying to run the ball as much as possible. If that's correct, Bostic won't be as much of a liability, as trying to test the middle of the field is a lot riskier to a Redskins team that's going up against what is still a pretty good secondary.


Because I have no confidence in our defense, I feel this game could go either way.
I don't think we'll have trouble scoring 24 or so, but I don't see us really pressuring RG3 much. Hope Bostic adds a spark to this D.


With our d-line in obvious disarray.. RG3 is going to go off, book it.. and no - McClellan can't shadow like Urlacher once did..

Hope I'm wrong :slick:


Morris and RG III are going to have monster games. Peppers will be (easily) stymied yet again and Shea stays in the bust-abyss.

The Bears can win...but their offense will need to play at least 3 quarters (rather than the customary 2) of explosive football


i'm uneasy about this game...road game-- huge, loud crowd...desperate team that isn't far out if the home Eagles beat the depleted Cowboys

they really didn't play that badly defensively last week and RG3 moved around better against the Cowboys...STs REALLY cost them last week

they are bad defensively against the run and pass, but their stats were skewed by an awful start...i think we can run and attack them down the middle--their safeties are weak in coverage...their OL has given up more pressure up the middle and offensive right side than last season...their LT is very good

RG3 still isn't sharp with his footwork, so it affects his accuracy, but he's dangerous making plays down the field...and they are sure to test our run D with Morris, a tough to tackle back...

btw Trev...Cutler connected with Hall 4x for 92 yards and a score, followed by his infamous "i'd go after him again" line...that's our genius Dr House

I did find one blog on a Chicago sports media site that analyzed the situation from the Bears' perspective

Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins: Five keys

By Bob Warja, Wednesday at 4:34 pm
Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins: Five keys
Unless they succumb to the pressure from Bob Costas, a team called the Washington Redskins will face the Chicago Bears on Sunday, fresh off their 31-16 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday night. The Bears, meanwhile, haven’t played since Thursday night.

The Bears had a very efficient game against a winless Giants team, taking the ball away and not committing any turnovers.

While the 'Skins dominated most of the stats vs. Dallas, they came up short where it counts. But as the Giants comeback showed, the Bears aren’t in position to take any team lightly.

So let’s get to the keys to the game.

Both run defenses will be tested

RB Alfred Morris and RGIII combined for 158 yards rushing on 25 carries/scrambles Sunday night, good for a 6.3 average. And after watching Brandon Jacobs dismantle the Bears’ D-line for 106 yards on Thursday, this is cause for concern.

According to Pro Football Focus, the Bears have the second-worst run defense in the league (behind only Jacksonville).

As for the Bears’ running game, after increasing his rushing average in each of his first three games of the season, Matt Forte’s average has declined in consecutive weeks. Still, I would like to see more of a commitment to the run, as Forte has carried the ball a touch over 16 times per game so far.

After a rough start, the Redskins have done a decent job of stopping the run over their last three games. Forte has had much better success in four games vs. NFC opponents this season than against the AFC.

More 'Good Jay’, please

Even though I called for more of a running game, the Redskins are the worst team in the NFL in pass coverage, so if the line continues to give Cutler protection, the Bears’ QB could have a good day.

'Good Jay, Bad Jay’ has only reared its head once this season (Week-4). His completion percentage is up and his picks are down.

He has been more willing to throw the ball away when necessary and running when no one is open. He has already thrown it away seven times this season vs. five for all of 2012.

Pass protection continues to be key for Cutler. As with most QBs, he’s performed much better when comfortable in the pocket (RGIII is somewhat unique in that he hasn’t fared much differently — pressure or no pressure — likely due to his escapability).

Only 92 of Cutler’s drop-backs have been under pressure vs. 144 with no pressure. While this is not as good a ratio as Washington, it is better than in past years. Washington is middle-of-the-pack with their pass rush, though clearly superior to the Bears’ pass rush.


Griffin fumbled twice, losing one, and also tossed an interception against the Cowboys. Now they face a Bears team that is one of the best at forcing turnovers, taking the ball away 17 times and forcing another five fumbles. In comparison, Washington’s defense has forced just five fumbles (recovering four) and has only three picks.

Defensive changes

Another key to the game will be the play of rookie Jon Bostic. While he got the fans’ attention in preseason with some big hits, he made typical rookie mistakes. In fact, enough mistakes that the Bears went with D.J. Williams to start the season, even though he was out of shape.

While Williams generally played well, there is a lot of upside to Bostic. Unfortunately, that upside can came with an early cost. Personally, I’m amped about the future of this kid and looking forward to watching him, though fans should expect some growing pains.

Meanwhile, another key will be if Stephen Paea can return and contribute. That would be very helpful for a thin DT position. Bears coaches are optimistic that both Charles Tillman, who was inactive against the Giants, and Paea will play on Sunday.


Although the Bears’ special teams unit has taken a formidable step backward under Joe DeCamillis, the Redskins’ ST have been the worst in the league.
While Cutler has often performed better as the game has gone on, Griffin got worse in each quarter vs. Dallas.
Cutler faces his old coach in Mike Shanahan, who is coaching the Redskins now. Shanahan has been criticized for his clock management and accused of not having his team ready to play.
The Bears’ coaching staff has had more time to prepare for this game, having played on Thursday while the Redskins played on Sunday night. The players have had more time to get rested as well. That could be a factor.

O.K. At home Redskins. Time to get off the pot and play real football.
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