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Redskins Recon 2017: Week 4 at Kansas City

Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.

Most Chiefs fans like their chances against our Skins this week, and why shouldn't they? The Chiefs started out the 2017 NFL campaign by delivering a shocking thumping of the reigning Super Bowl Champion Patriots 42-27 in Foxboro. By all appearances, new Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy really has the Chiefs offense humming. The Chiefs have followed up that impressive opening day performance with wins against Philly and the Chargers. The Chiefs currently boast the 3rd ranked offense, and the 7th ranked defense. That's a little misleading as the Chiefs D has given up a ton of yards (27th in the NFL), but is very stingy in the red zone. The Redskins are underdogs, traveling West to face the 2nd 12-4 playoff team from 2017 in as many weeks.

This week's Recon listens in as fans of the Kansas City Chiefs wax poetically (and largely, optimistically) about their chances against the Burgundy and Gold this Monday night. In a large online poll, less than 4% of Chiefs fans favored the Redskins, but most have the win coming by less than a TD margin, which probably speaks to some grudging respect for the good guys.

A quick perusal of Chiefs Nation finds a fan base brimming with confidence…

arrwheader said:
MNF @ Arrowhead with the Chiefs sitting at 3-0. I predict a supreme dick stomp by the Chiefs. After Monday the talking heads will be forced to accept the Chiefs are the best team in the West and the NFL. For me if we dick stomp Pittsburgh then this really is our year.
Ewwwww. Our next Chiefs fan probably taps into a concern many Skins fans have…

IowaHawkeyeChief said:
Chiefs 34 redskins 17 Redskins are much improved but not ready for
Prime time as the have a letdown after the big Raiders beat down.
Dave Lane said:
We will destroy them 45-3
Dave, Dave, Dave…

BlackOp said:
Reid saved the entire game plan from the Chargers game...because he never needed it. KC is better at literally everything...from coaching to TE, RB, pass rushers, CB, Hill...(Norman is great but have to give Peters the nod)..Washington has a better LT.

I think Arrowhead at night will be too much for Cousins...It'll be nuts. He's never played there...

Chiefs by 10+...Redskins would have to play one for the ages to pull this off.

I think the Raiders are a play-off team...but just arent quite there yet. KC has won 25 out of 29 and this is their best iteration...beaten the Raiders x4, both NE and the Falcons on the road..and the Donks x3. That's a lot of pelts on the wall...
Lots of doubt evident that what the Redskins did to the Raiders was real…

Dan4Prez said:
I think it was the perfect storm. Washington was geeked up for playing in a national game and Oakland was flat as hell. It made the Redskins look like world beaters and Oakland look like dog crap. I don't think either one is true. Washington has some good pieces but I think Philly is still a better team and New England is still the best team we'll play this year.
ChiefsEnthusiast said:
I want to include a little anecdote here about why Reid is a much better coach than Gruden. After Kareem Hunt fumbled the ball on his first carry, the Chiefs coaching staff trusted him, feeding him the ball over and over to make sure he keeps his confidence. When Redskins rookie RB Samaje Perine fumbled the ball, Gruden benched him for the rest of the game, and made sure to say that they "don't forget fumbles." Getting that kind of mentality in a RB is a killer for their confidence, and Perine hasn't been able to perform well yet this season. Big Red lets his players succeed, while Gruden gets petty over minor failures. Andy Reid all day.
Not everyone is quite so optimistic in the ‘Paris of the Plains'...

Molitoth said:
Anytime the media sees highly prolific offenses going at it, they predict big scoring games and it seems like the opposite normally happens. I want to predict that this will be a slop-fest on both sides, turning it into a defensive battle. We've already seen Alex Smith go back into his cautious shell and I see a missed field goal or two by the chiefs. The skins will focus on stopping the run game.

13-10 Redskins.

I hope I am wrong.
mayanfootball said:
Per ESPN, Chiefs lead the NFL in sacks/drop back pass, giving up sacks at the rate of 12%. This is not a stat I feel good about. I know the Oline keeps changing personnel, but Alex can't keep taking some of these crushing hits.
Deberg 1990 said:
Butf**** costs us by missing 2 FG attempts. Medlock and Elliottt rejoice! Cousins goes off. 350 yards, 3TDs
Chief Pagan said:
The Redskins mount a late fourth quarter drive to take a one point lead with 60 seconds left. With no timeouts, Alex leads a drive to the 30. As time expires, KC attempts a 47 yard field goal, which is ???
Chief Pagan said:
I'm feeling more optimistic about the Chiefs, but let's not go overboard.
If the Jayhawks are down 4 with 2 minutes left, I still expect them to win, especially at home. Chiefs haven't yet shown the "we-are-never-out-of-the-game" like the Brady's of the world, just yet.
DC Chief said:
They better win. I'm in northern VA and all my friends/coworkers are skins fans. I'll never hear the end of it.
Hammock Parties said:
This feels a lot like the Steelers matchup.

I don't see KC taking this one unless NE Smith shows up on that ****ing white horse again.

Redskins 27, Chiefs 17
And in response…

Halfcan said:
Losing by 10 at HOME on Monday Night Football? :insane:

Evad said:
Too strong on defense and Cousins found his mojo, first loss of the season for the Chiefs
Evad rocking the ‘What me worry?' Alfred E. Newman avatar FTW!

Defensive Man said:
Chris Thompson. Do not let this guy go wild. He's a sleeper in fantasy as well.
As always, if you look hard enough, you can find thoughtful, reasoned NFL fans in any fan forum…

hometeam said:
Tough game, I think they will try and test us over the top, and be at least mildly successful if not better. We should still win, as I just really like the way the Reid offense matches up against them, we are at home, we are rolling, and Kareem the Dream's got a full head of steam
bobbything said:
I'm honestly so cautious with this team that I don't know what to make of it all. They look no different from any other team that Reid has coached here. Except, there just seems to be this level of confidence about them that hasn't been there in year's past. With Hill being a legitimate deep threat, Kelce being Steady Eddie, and Hunt seemingly emerging as a superstar, maybe that confidence is warranted.

That said, we've all been burned by this team come playoff time.

With regard to the Skins, I haven't seen much of them this year. What they did to the Raiders was incredibly impressive. However, I haven't really been on the Raid-train the last few years. They seem like the diet version of Green Bay from a few years ago. Maybe in another year or two, Carr will channel his inner Rogers and essentially carry them to a Super Bowl, but their defense just sucks.

From what I have seen of Washington, their QB is what we've all been clamoring for since the Blackledge debacle. They seem to have big-play ability and Cousins isn't afraid to toss it around out there. Their defense looks solid, if not spectacular. My prediction...

Since this is a MNF game at home, that really gives us an advantage. Our defense just seems to be be on another level right now. Not in terms of a pure shut-down defense, but they seem to pick and choose their times just perfectly to deny the other team. Yeah, they are prone to giving up a few chunks, but it's almost a bait tactic. They allow a team to get comfortable by rattling off 7, 8, 10 yard plays, and then they lock down, or force a turnover.

Our offense has been feast of famine—and perhaps that's by design. I'm glad that Hunt didn't get the brunt of the workload last week. We will need him in week 18/19/20. The old, "Get the lead, play conservative" plan seems to work. I just don't want too much pressure put on the defense. Each game, it seems that we get one big play from Hill and Hunt. Then we piecemeal another scoring drive with duct tape and bubble gum. Again, maybe by design, but against Washington, we might be forced to open it up a little more (ala New England).

Given how high-profile a game this is at Arrowhead, and that Cousins will not hesitate to spin it, I am going to say that this will be a (relatively) high scoring game, with a turnover from Cousins deciding it. Our front line has been getting better each week. They throw so many different looks out there. That stunt that was run to get Houston was great.

If this were in Washington, I'd go with the Skins. But because it's at home, I'll pick KC.
chiefs82 said:
My questions include….Peters vs Norman; who makes the bigger impact on the game for their defense? Can our LB's cover a Chris Thompson out of the backfield unlike the raiders could? Can our pass rush get home? And can out O-line protect Alex? Is this too big a stage for the new kicker?
Glad to help!

CaliChief said:
Toughest opponent yet. They are excellent on defense.
jetlord said:
Worst beat down of the Raiders I've ever seen. Except for two gifts of fumbles, the Raiders barely made 100 yards. Can the 'Skins do it two weeks in a row? Don't think so. Different offense against them and no home field to fire them up. Still, it should be a tough game. All the games are tough. Love it the the Chiefs are the only AFC undefeated team.
CHiefSP said:
Weak teams don't dismantle the Raiders like the Redskins did. This will be a difficult game for the Chiefs no doubt.
Not everyone believes in Raiders DC Bob Sutton.

dhitter said:
The thing that concerns me about this game is the way Sutton plays defense. Rarely rushes more than 3. Likes to drop guys in coverage.

After watching the Philly-Redskins game it was apparent that Cousins is not that accurate when being pressured. The Eagles sacked Cousins 4 times and pressured him numerous other times. He barely completed 50% of his passes. To me this is the key to the game. Getting pressure on Cousins. But the way Sutton plays...I am just a little worried.
Mloe68 said:
You are correct that in this league even good teams will lay 1-2 eggs per year that you just need to throw out. That said Norman and Swearinger are a very formidable duo in that defensive backfield and that rookie they have is having a Chris Jones type impact. Very solid offensive team that will try to use whats been a lethal screen game to keep our pass rushers at bay. They really struggle actually running it though. Gotta adjust and capitalize on that. We are missing 40 percent of our ideal oline and that will continue to be create problems for us. No idea what to expect from rookie kicker in a tight game. Santos was REALLY good in those scenarios.
Another recurring theme is concern over the Chiefs replacement kicker, Harrison Butker – who paranoid Chiefs fans have already nicknamed ‘Butt****' before he's missed a single kick…

ChiefsEnthusiast said:
Cairo is a very good kicker, not elite, but good at all phases of the kicking game and cool under pressure. His replacement is Harrison Butker, formerly of the Panthers' practice squad. This is less than ideal, and while it's better than bringing back Sam Ficken, we have no idea how well Butker will fare in-game. Dave Toub has lost one of his aces in ST.
Knucklehead Alert! You know we can't wrap up this week's Recon without a little comic relief from some of KC's leading braniacs…

Dablueguy said:
For whatever reason, Oakland was flat as a pancake. I think Wash will be the weakest team we've played so far. We have played all good teams so far, and I'm including the Chargers in that.
Ya think the Redskins D may have had something to do with Oakland's ‘flatness'?

mex said:
heard there is a rumor floating around that the raiders front 5 were pissed at Carr for not kneeling, and they let him get pressured ala Burt Reynolds in the longest yard
See mex, this is what happens when you get your NFL info from Pinterest brother, prompting this response (did he just go ALL CAPS on your ass?)…

chiefmanZADA said:
Ah damn it who let this guy out of his cage? Sir, the Raiders got manhandled because they're a bunch of black and grey bitches. EXCUSES ARE FOR LOSERS
And then there is the guy that credits the CHIEFS for the Redskins dismantling of Oakland…

Mloe68 said:
Personally I think the Redskins watched film of how we have dismantled them the past few years and used that. Game plan was very similar to what we already do.
So there you have it Skins fans. Chiefs fans are very confident, but hedging their bets with most predicting a close hard fought game. Lots of paranoia regarding the reliability of Alex Smith, concern over the Redskins defense, and having to rely on a former and untested practice squad kicker.

We shall see what we shall see.

Here's to the good guys kicking ass and taking names for the 2nd week in a row!


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