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Redskins Recon 2017: Week 3 vs. Las Vegas Rayduhs

Las Vegas Rayduhs fans are a pretty confident, cocksure bunch. It's understandable given their recent history and success. The Rayduhs are coming off a 12-4 2016 campaign, and despite last year's 14-27 Wildcard loss to the Texans, their fans are confident their team is enroute to dominance. Much of that confidence stems from their belief in head coach Jack Del Rio, entering his 3rd season at the helm. Del Rio's first season was certainly an improvement over the previous 3 win campaign that saw Dennis Allen canned. The 5 win improvement in 2016 definitely has Rayduh fans salivating.

And of course, rising QB David Carr is also a big key to the rampant optimism of Rayduhhh Nation. Already a 2 time pro-bowler in his 4th NFL season, Carr has gotten better every year and put up impressive #'s in 2016, completing 63% of his passes for nearly 4000 yards, 28 touchdowns, and a paltry 6 interceptions.

Rayduh's fans believe, and their thoughts on this Sunday night's clash with the 1-1 Redskins at Fed Ex Field reflect their conviction.

Most Las Vegas…errr… Oakland fans oozed certainty about their team's chances against the B&G.

DarkMystique said:
We're 2-0 vs the spread this year, I think the raiders will be 3-0 after this game.

r8rfox said:
I smell 3-0 coming.. The foreskins don't scare me at all. Reed is out, their RB corp is banged up and Cousins has played sub par football thus far. We are clicking pretty well right now. Almost at mid-season form. Lets prep, do our job, and win another one... One game at a time! GO RAIDERS!!

mstrbass2000 said:
We should win this game but we must control their running attack,expect another huge game from crabtree as josh norman will be on cooper.

APROVO said:
we should dominate the redskins. we win 31 – 17

Rebellion said:
I say we cover the spread easily by double digits.

mstrbass2000 said:
outside of josh norman they got shit in the secondary,watch crabs,cooks,seth and cpat go off

There was lots of snarky reaction in response to this Zach Brown tweet
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